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5 Tips when starting Legends of Runeterra

Maximizing your time with Riot’s latest offering

Riot’s much anticipated digital collectible card game Legends of Runeterra is finally in the hands of the public. The game entered open beta on the 24th of January or the 23rd if you pre-registered or played the closed beta. 

As with any new entry into CCG genre, Legends of Runeterra has its own set of systems for players to get used to. These systems are not overly complex but some prior knowledge on how to optimize your time with the game always comes in handy. In this short guide I will share 5 tips and tricks for Legends of Runeterra to help you get the best possible start on your journey from Iron to Master. If you are interested in tips on the best decks you can check them out here and here we have some tips and information on the weekly vault.

Legends of Runeterra tip 1: Allocate quest experience to the regions you want leveled up

This one is easy to miss in the initial rush to get through the tutorial and prologue into the meat of the game. Once you complete the prologue and unlock all the rewards, you will enter the main progression system of the game. Here you can activate one of the 6 regions the game has to offer and unlock rewards specific to this region.

Legends of Runeterra tips: Daily Quests
These come in handy when leveling up your regions. [Image: Riot Games]

To get your first deck up and running you would ideally target the regions you want to play, in my case I started with Freljord. The experience you gain from battling other players and AI contribute toward your progression through each regions tier. While the first few rewards are unlocked with relative ease, the experience required to level up increases as you unlock more rewards. 

Because of the increase in experience needed for each reward, it is more effective to be deliberate about where your hard earned experience ends up. I would suggest that you ensure your desired region is selected when you complete your daily quests. The daily quests award exponentially more experience than the experience you earn from battles and will greatly help your journey through any given tier.

Legends of Runeterra tips: region
My active region for daily quest experience. [Image: Riot Games]

Legends of Runeterra tip 2: Don’t forget the tutorials

This is a limited capacity resource but doing the tutorials can net you some easy experience to level up your region and weekly vault. The tutorial missions doesn’t take much time to complete and they award 100xp upon completion. Doing all of them rewards you with a quick and easy 1000xp toward your region and vault.

Apart from the juicy experience gain you might just learn some valuable tactics and combo’s!

Legends of Runeterra tip 3: When crafting your first deck, pay attention to your mana curve

The mana curve of your deck is an important aspect of any card game. Ideally you want your deck to ramp up in power until you win the game. To do this, your deck will need some low mana cost cards to help you start out. Then you want some mid game cards to ensure you don’t fall behind and finally the core cards to support the strategy of your deck.

A common mistake made by those new to the CCG genre is to create a deck that is top heavy. In other words, a deck that includes a lot of high mana cost cards. Remember, by the time you have enough mana to play one of those powerful cards your enemy will have a whole board filled with threats. In this scenario you are unlikely to come out on top.

Legends of Runeterra tips: mana curve
One of the starter decks with its mana curve displayed on the right. [Image: Riot Games]

I use two, perhaps overly simple rules to help me identify good cards for the early game. The first rule: does this card support the strategy of the deck? If the answer is yes, then I will most likely add it to the deck. Sometimes there are no cards that perfectly fit the strategy and you need some low cost cards. This leads to the second rule: does this card have a good value for its cost? I use the classic formula of multiplying the mana cost of the card by two. If the power and health of the card combined is more than the cost multiplied by two, I will consider it. This is very context dependent but serves as a good rule of thumb.

Legends of Runeterra tip 4: Don’t hoard, craft!

As an RPG fan, I am almost always guilty of hoarding everything I get my hands on in a game. This leads to me finishing a game with an inventory, stash and random containers filled with things. These things would have made the game easier and more enjoyable if I didn’t hoard them. Legends of Runeterra provides ample opportunity for hoarding. 

As part of the rewards you receive in the various unlocks you will find wildcards of different rarities. Wildcards are basically an empty template for you to create a card of the matching rarity for your deck. Because of wildcards, it is possible to get a good deck up and running early in the game by crafting specific cards that fit your strategy. The earlier you have a decent deck, the more experience you will earn because of a higher win rate.

Legends of Runeterra tips: crafting cards
Use the collections tab to access and craft cards for your decks. [Image: Riot Games]

Legends of Runeterra tip 5: Challenge your friends

You have 6 emotes at your disposal to react to your enemies on the battlefield. When you play against your friends, you can use Discord or any other communication software to troll or learn from each other. Winning against friends also award experience so all effort is not for naught. 

Testing out new decks is more effective when playing against friends as you can discuss your strategy, or even test your deck against certain archetypes. You can also gloat in the success you will have against them when you follow these tips to get ahead of the curve. This is one of the more fun Legends of Runeterra tips!

To challenge friends, you will need to access the friends menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen next to the settings option. Once you find the friend you want to play against, click on their name and then click on the challenge button. Voila, you can now brawl to your heart’s content.

In the upper right-hand corner you can find the friends menu. [Image: Riot Games]

Go forth and be victorious 

Armed with these tips you will give yourself a good chance of maximizing your time in Legends of Runeterra. So far the game is shaping up to be a worthy entry into the digital collectible card game genre. It is worth a look if you are interested in the genre.