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9 Beginner Tips for Neon Abyss

Neon Abyss is a roguelite run-and-gun game with an overload of neon colours and blood splatter, and yes, it is as amazing as it sounds. From hatching pets to randomly generated dungeons, Neon Abyss really feels like it has it all. In this guide, we will share  8 tips to help you get started with Neon Abyss.

Neon Abyss Bar
Neon Abyss – Let’s dance! [Image Credit: Team17]

Explore the whole level

The levels in Neon Abyss are randomly generated, so no two levels will play the same. This also means that the loot spread across each level won’t be the same, keeping things fresh and exciting. Every level has a natural progression towards a boss room. After you kill the boss, you don’t have to jump straight into the portal and make your way to the next level. You can go back and explore the rest of the current level if you wish to do so. We found it to be worth our while to explore the whole level, especially on the first levels because they are easier. The more loot you can get on the easier levels, the better. Maybe you left a shield or some health behind that you did not need before the boss fight. You can see if there is anything left in certain rooms by opening your map. All items that you haven’t picked up yet will be displayed on the map, look out for the shield or heart icons.

Yes, your gun has an active ability

I am playing the game with my Playstation controller, and I had to remap my key bindings to suit my playstyle. While I was busy remapping, I noticed there is an ACTIVE binding. You can check if your gun has an active ability by pausing the game and reading your weapon’s description. In my case, my gun has the ability to upgrade my weapon in the current room that I’m in at the cost of a crystal. We have seen weapons that use both crystals and hearts to trigger their active abilities. Using the active ability might get you out of a sticky situation.

What are these eggs?

As you progress through every level, you will undoubtedly pick up lots of random little eggs that will float behind you. These eggs can hatch into a companion that may prove useful to your survival. Although, we have seen a companion that blocks  bullets,both from the enemies and our own, let’s just say explosive bullets were the end of us. You might wonder, how do you hatch these eggs? Whenever you clear a room of all threats, the eggs have a chance to hatch. We haven’t seen a limit to followers yet, although some of them will die or go away after a while.

Neon Abyss Eggs
Neon Abyss – Eggs [Image Credit: Team17]

How do you upgrade your character?

When you are not in a level slaying monsters, you find yourself in a club and as clubs go, there is a bar. Head over to the bartender to buy permanent upgrades for your characters. Once you talk to the bartender you will see your skill tree. After you defeat a boss, you will receive a Faith gem. These gems are used to buy characters and new item sets. We are currently trying to save 15 Faith gems to buy a new character.

Neon Abyss Characters
Neon Abyss – Characters [Image Credit: Team17]

Break everything

In every level you will see wooden boxes and barrels, but also stone walls and stone chests. Is it worth my time to break everything in a room? Yes, we have seen shields, health and even weapons drop from breaking boxes. You can break the wooden items with your gun or run up to them and melee them. However, it is a different story for the stone items, they cannot break from normal weapon or melee attacks. Use explosives such as grenades or even some weapons that fire rockets to destroy the stone walls and chests.

What do I do with coins?

When you kill monsters, notice that they drop coins, these coins come in three varieties: bronze, silver, and gold.. A bronze coin has a value of 1, a silver coin has a value of 5, and a golden coin has a value of 10. You can use these coins at shops that will randomly spawn on a level where you can either buy survival items such as shields and health or if you have a bit of coin to spare, you can buy a weapon or an item. I recommend you spend it as often as possible because you never know when your run will come to an end.

What do I use keys for?

Keys can be used to unlock a secret room, a golden chest and even a door where you can access that level’s shop. I always keep one key on me to open those hidden levels which is a guaranteed item pickup. If you are worried about never finding a key, both Anna and Wade spawns with one key in their inventory.

Neon Abyss difficulty

You start the game on normal difficulty. If you feel normal is either too easy or too hard, do not despair because you can change the difficulty settings. Where do you change the settings, you might wonder? You will find the difficulty options to the left of the bar, interact with the flickering sign to switch between the difficulty settings.

Neon Abyss Difficulty
Neon Abyss – Difficulty [Image Credit: Team17]

Did you have the perfect run with the perfect synergies?

If you feel you had the perfect combination of items and weapons, you can continue that run when you input your seed id into the console at the club. When you die in Neon Abyss, you will see a summary of all the items you collected, as well as a unique number at the bottom of the screen. If you wish to play with the same setup you had before dying, do not worry. Write down the number and when you enter the club, go to the terminal. Once you’re at the terminal you can input your seed number and it will let you continue the run you had. It is important to note that you will not receive any achievements or Faith gems during your run..

Neon Abyss – Death [Image Credit: Team17]

We hope you found these tips useful, let us know in the comments if there are any other tips you feel could be useful when starting out with Neon Abyss.