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Atomicrops Boss Guide

Getting through each season without dying to the monsters roaming the unique areas is tough enough, but beating a boss at the end of each of these seasons means Atomicrops is a brutal experience. In this Atomicrops boss guide we will give you some tips and tricks to help you survive each season and take on the last boss to survive the year.

Our opinions and methods to beat the Atomicrops bosses are not the only way to do it, so if you have found a method that works for you, stick with it. But if you are having trouble, then this Atomicrops boss guide will help bring those bosses down.

Spring Boss: Monstropod

Atomicrops Boss Guide Spring Monstropod

The first boss you will face in Atomicrops is the slug-like Monstropod. This boss is a giant slow-moving slug that shoots a few random bullets and tries to munch on your plants. As first bosses go, Monstropod is very easy to beat. 

As with all the bosses, we recommend that you buy a weapon when you are in town on the round that boss spawns. That is every third day of a new season. All the guns bring this boss down quickly, but we found the Cattling Gun and Jackrabbit-12 shotgun to be most effective.

As far as tactics go, avoid the occasional few bullets the boss fires and stay away from its feet. Every now and again the boss will approach your fields and drop off two slugs to munch on your plants. This is the best time to do damage as it approaches quite slowly. Shoot it as much as you can and when it leaves kill all the monsters it left behind. Completing this loop 3 or 4 times means the boss will be dead. 

That’s it for the first boss of our Atomicrops boss guide. It is a very straightforward fight and shouldn’t give you too much trouble.

Summer Boss: Sol Crusher

Atomicrops Boss Guide Summer Sol Crusher

The Summer boss is a gigantic sun-like monster aptly named Sol Crusher. This boss is slightly more challenging than the Monstropod, but shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Sol Crusher is a two-phase fight with a lot of bullets to dodge. 

We found the best gun for this fight to be the sniper rifle and Cattling Gun. We would suggest doing at least one upgrade on the gun you take to the fight just to make it a bit easier.

The Sol Crusher fight is all about patience. The boss shoots an insane amount of bullets in all directions and if you are out of position, you will get hit. While he is spamming his mega-bullet attacks, take the time to defend your crops and kill any monsters hanging around until the boss moves again. Once he moves, attack him as hard as you can before he starts spamming bullets again. Once you deplete his health bar, phase one is complete.

Sol Crusher’s phase two is like its first phase, but he is enraged now. This means he fires even more bullets in his spam phase, and he also throws bombs at you. Circles will mark where the bombs fall on the ground so avoid standing in them. The strategy stays the same; don’t get too close to him to avoid the bullets and attack him when he moves. You can attack him while he is spitting out bullets but be sure to not get hit. Once you deplete his health bar for the second time, you defeat him. 

The fight sounds worse than it is, but take care to avoid the massive amount of bullets on-screen and you should have the win.

Fall Boss: Old Mech-Donald

Atomicrops Boss Guide Fall Old Mech-Donald

The third boss in Atomicrops, Old Mech-Donald, is where things start to get a bit more challenging. Old Mech-Donald moves much quicker than the first two bosses and has attacks that are difficult to dodge.

The best gun for defeating Old Mech-Donald is the sniper rifle or the Sriracha Soaker (flamethrower) as they allow you to keep your distance. The fire damage from the flamethrower is also very handy when Old Mech-Donald scoots around the place.

With Old Mech-Donald, you want to keep your distance as much as you can. He moves quickly and can hit you if you are too close. Apart from his high movement speed, he also shoots out exhaust gas clouds that move slowly but takes up a lot of space. Avoiding these while dodging bullets from the other monster can become hectic. His last attack cannot be dodged and you will have to move across the screen to avoid it. Old Mech-Donald summons a bunch of wheels that move across the screen, and they creep in from the direction they began. So if they start from the bottom and move to the left, they will continue spawning in this fashion. Run all the way to the opposite side to avoid this attack. If you can manage dodging all these attacks, use any downtime to damage the boss. It is useless to chase Old Mech-Donald around the arena. Once he drives off, stay with your crops and wait for him to come back, or if you have the sniper just shoot him while he drives around.

The third boss is definitely a challenge, so good luck with this fight. 

Winter Boss: Bundertaker

Atomicrops Boss Guide Winter Bundertaker

The last seasonal boss, Bundertaker, spawns at the end of Winter. Bundertaker is a massive rabbit that moves around the arena, spawning many additional monster rabbits as he goes. Bundertaker is the most difficult of the seasonal bosses, so don’t feel bad if you fail the fight every now and again.

The best weapon for the fight is the Blunderbloom. We would recommend you save enough cashews to upgrade the gun at least three times. If you have the increased projectile size, triple bullet, and damage upgrade, you are giving yourself the best chance to win the fight. 

The Bundertaker fight is actually quite simple mechanically. The boss moves around the arena shooting at you (and bumping into you), all the while summoning a large rabbit army. These rabbits charge toward you and crash into you for damage. The fight becomes unmanageable when you let the rabbits get out of hand. To keep them in check you need to damage the Bundertaker and after he takes a moderate amount of damage he and his army goes to sleep. As soon as they are asleep, Bundertaker becomes immune to damage, but you can kill his sleeping rabbits and destroy their rabbit holes to stop them spawning. Rinse and repeat this and you will win the fight. Avoid taking the Shallotgun (double shot shotgun) as the reload times mean the rabbits will swarm and kill you.

Final Boss: Corpse-a-copia

Atomicrops Boss Guide Corpse-a-copia

Atomicrops does a poor job explaining the final fight to survive the year, and Corpse-a-copia needs some explaining. After you defeat the Bundertaker, you will return to town and gather your rewards, but the celebration is short-lived. The earth shakes and back at your farm a new boss has spawned. 

It doesn’t really matter what gun you choose, as you won’t be using it too much. You see, Corpse-a-copia receives damage when you harvest crops. 

Yes, you read that right; you kill Corpse-a-copia by just farming. Corpse-a-copia makes life difficult with a range of attacks and summons, and you will have to speed farm while dodging bullets. There are three strategies that we have found that works well and we share them in this Atomicrops boss guide. Take note that they are not always viable as they require certain items, but here they are:

Corpse-a-copia strategy 1

Save three Anemochory (seed) and two Rain Cloud scrolls you collect during the game. Use the Anemochory scroll and then speed up the growth with a rain scroll. Doing this twice gets rid of a sizeable chunk of his health, and if you have more scrolls available, you can even kill him in this way. Once you run out of scrolls, it’s back to good old-fashioned manual farming.

Corpse-a-copia strategy 2

If you have the item that allows you to harvest weeds, and the Crampons (able to stomp weeds), you can do a lot of damage to Corpse-a-copia. Run across all the weeds you see and because you can harvest them, they will do damage to the boss. Combine this with either scrolls or normal farming and you can count on a win.

Corpse-a-copia strategy 3

Focus your farming on mega-trees. Throughout the seasons, try to get one or two mega-trees. You do this by planting four of the same trees in a 8×8 block and fertilizing them until they combine into a mega-tree. These trees yield a lot of crops and they do it fast, so that means you do massive damage to the boss. Plant normal crops around the trees and you should win the fight.

That’s it for our Atomicrops boss guide. We hope these tips and tricks help you survive your first year and get into the meat of this excellent indie game.