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Best New Indie Games August Week 3 2020

As we move into the third week of August 2020, one date stands out from the rest, the 20th. This is not only the release date of the highly anticipated Battletoads but also the window for four of the games on our list for the best new indie games of August 2020 week 3. There are some juicy new indie games on offer so let’s get into the list. 

1. Big Farm Story

Release Date: 20 August 2020

Developer/Publisher: Goodgame Studios

This week gives us a break from the rogue-lite onslaught, and we start our list with a charming farming simulation game. 

Now, Goodgame Studios are by no means a “small” development company and they are one of Germany’s largest tech and gaming exports. Big Farm Story is however their first venture into the world of hardcore PC gaming, with their other games either being browser-based or on mobile platforms. The game releases into Early Access on the 20th and will allow players to purchase the game, although the final release is planned to be free-2-play. Because of this, our alarms went off for predatory micro-transactions and pay-to-win mechanics. Based on the details of the “Pioneer Package” it seems that xp boosts to help grow your crops will be a thing. Will this, and similar boosts taint the entire experience? We hope not.

The game itself looks gorgeous, with charming graphics and relaxing environments. You inherit a farm from your grandpa, and work to rebuild it to its former glory. On this journey you meet different people from the town, tend to your crops, and care for your animals. Nothing new and heavily reliant on the recipe that Stardew Valley put on the table. But an experience like Stardew Valley with the look and feel of Big Farm Story would be epic.

We are cautiously optimistic for Big Farm Story, and if they manage to monetise the game in ways which are not predatory and disruptive to the balance of a connected economy, the game has a lot of potential. Otherwise, the primarily mobile developer will have a rather uncomfortable introduction to the reaction of PC gamers to predatory tactics in games. 

2. Gleamlight

Release Date: 20 August 2020

Developer/Publisher: DICO & D3 Publisher

We don’t have a lot of knowledge about this game, but looking at its premise on Steam, minimalism is what the developer intends.

Gleamlight is a platforming game set in a world made from stained glass that has somehow been tainted. The game plays with the tension between light and dark, light warms the glass and darkness takes away the heat and replaces it with bitter cold. Based on screenshots of the game, the world looks gorgeous and the stained glass inspired art style is both unique and uniquely captivating. The most interesting part of the game though is the complete absence of a UI.

How this will work is still a mystery to us, but if they manage to drive immersion by taking away the UI, it can make for a unique gaming experience. For this to work the game design must be masterful and the game must therefore speak for itself. 

We are looking forward to Gleamlight and the unique experience it promises.  

3. Griefhelm

Release Date: 20 August 2020

Developer/Publisher: Johnny Dale Lonack & Thorrnet Publishing

Griefhelm is an upcoming tactical dueling game that will keep you on the edge of your seat whether you are dominating the battlefield in solo-play or slaying (with) your friends.

Griefhelm is a skill-based game where you duel hordes of enemies in a side-scrolling environment. You are rewarded for mastering the combat system and using the different combos and parry stances to defeat your opponents. Every kill is displayed in glorious slow motion with the bodies of your enemies flailing as you crush them in battle. 

The environments look fantastic and channels a little bit of the feeling you have while playing Ghost of Tsushima. The character models are also visually striking and the focus is squarely on the duel taking place in the middle of your screen. The devs also mention that the campaign is replayable and the challenging nature of combat will keep each playthrough fresh and give you more opportunities to display your battle prowess.

If you are looking for a gritty, engaging, and brutal combat experience, Griefhelm has got you covered. 

4. Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse Ep2: Caged

Release Date: 20 August 2020

Developer/Publisher: Entertainment Forge & GrabTheGames

The last game for this week’s list of best new indie games is quite a mouthful – Scheming Through the Zombie Apocalypse Ep2: Caged. Phew.

You follow Hank and Larry as they navigate a post-apocalyptic landscape by manipulating other animals to do the heavy lifting in their stead. The game is all about maximum gain with minimal risk and during this adventure you will have to bargain, trade, gamble, influence and manipulate other survivors to flourish in the new post-apocalyptic economy. All without having to do the work yourself, of course. 

The game continues from the first episode in the series and it’s unclear if you need to play the first one to get up to speed on Hank and Larry’s journey. The game boasts some good-looking graphics with hand-drawn characters and environments, and based on the videos of the game there seems to be voice acting, at least for the main characters. 

We like playing visual novel type games, and hope that SCTTZA Ep 2 can provide a fun if not memorable experience.