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Best new indie games for August Week 2 2020

As we head into the middle weeks of August, it’s time to see what games made our list of the best new indie games for this week. It will be difficult to top last week with the launch of the mega indie hit Fall Guys, but we have some good-looking games to choose from for this week. With that said, let’s get into the list.

1. Company of Crime

Release Date: 8 August 2020

Developer/Publisher: Resistance Games and 1C Entertainment

best new indie games august 2020 company of crime

About 8 years ago, a small crime management simulator with turn-based combat launched on Steam, and I was a massive fan of Omerta: City of Gangsters. When I saw Company of Crime, it immediately reminded me of my time with Omerta, and needless to say the nostalgia was real for another game in that vein. 

They describe Company of Crime as being a “criminal empire turn-based game” which sounds a lot like Omerta. The game does however have a strong emphasis on melee weapons and doing combat in tight spaces. In Company of Crime you can’t just walk into a place and destroy everything in sight, you have to ensure that you get rid of any evidence that may link you to the crimes.

If you fail at this, your heat level will rise. Dealing with heat is tough and resource intensive, so it’s better to be as sneaky as possible. Part of being sneaky is expanding your criminal activities by obtaining more locations to drive your various businesses. There are many ways to do this, from buying new property to operating out of the backroom of someone else’s establishment. 

You can also play the game from the perspective of the law, rooting out the various shady businesses in the game world. You still have to be sneaky as the gangsters will quickly destroy evidence if they know you are coming. Therefore, you need to use your sergeants and other officers to expose the criminals before they out maneuver you.

If Company of Crime is anything like Omerta was back in the day, I will be delighted!

2. Popup Dungeon

Release Date: 12 August 2020

Developer/Publisher: Triple B Titles and Humble Games

best new indie games august 2020 popup dungeon

Popup Dungeon looks very interesting and aims to bring something new to the roguelike experience. This is welcome as the landslide of indie roguelikes, while fun for the most part, struggle to bring something new to the table.

Out of the box the game has access to 1500 abilities, 420 items, 200 fully voiced enemies, and 36 playable characters. These can be used in the 25-level campaign of the base game, but the value and potential enjoyment of the game lies with its node and creation system.

Popup Dungeon is a sandbox where you can create your own abilities, cards, characters and even entire games with a smart AI that automatically balances the game for you. Because of the node-based creation system, you don’t need any programming knowledge to create whatever you can imagine in Popup Dungeon.

The developers mention that the game is very easy to play, but devious to master. Popup Dungeon looks like a great standalone or sandbox experience, and we will look to give it a go this week.

3. Bite the Bullet

Release Date: 13 August 2020

Developer/Publisher: Mega Cat Studios and Graffiti Games

best new indie games august 2020 bite the bullet

Yep, you guessed it. Our third game on the list is another roguelike. Bite the Bullet is a side scrolling, pixel based experience with a unique twist.

You are what you eat. Mega Cat Studios built the entire experience in Bite the Bullet around your diet. You choose your diet based on, well, eating the corpses of your enemies. Each type of enemy is a different kind of food and depending on the combination and amount you eat of that source, your skill tree develops. 

There are four overarching dietary types including carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, and robovore. Eating these will grant you unique abilities and ammunition, that you can use to blast through 50 levels the game offers. Slaying is hard work, and therefore you need to refill your calories to use your most powerful abilities and skills. Refilling calories is of course based on eating more corpses. 

Bite the Bullet seems like it can spice up the very congested indie roguelike scene. We have played a lot of roguelikes during 2020, but always keep our eyes peeled for another worthy entry into the genre.

4. Dreamscaper

Release Date: 14 August 2020 Early Access

Developer/Publisher: Afterburner Studios and Maple Whispering Limited

best new indie games august 2020 dreamscaper

Our last game for this week, it should be no surprise, is another roguelike! Dreamscaper is an ARPG roguelike where your dreams, or slumbers as it is called in-game, are dungeons.

The game uses a skill-based combat system, meaning you will be rewarded as you master the combat system. You can parry and dodge enemy attacks and doing so is important to enjoy the seemingly fluid combat in the game. Dreamscaper also boasts some great looking 3D graphics, which is great in the context of the current flood of 2D pixel-based roguelikes. 

You play the game in two distinct realities. The combat driven worlds of your dreams and nightmares (boss battles) and the relatively normal life when you are awake. In your dreams you fight monsters and solve puzzles to uncover small parts of your memory. You also collect resources in your dreams. These resources are used to craft things to use in the physical waking world. In this world you live the life of your character, meeting people and building relationships. In other words, the two worlds are in stark contrast to each other. 

We think Dreamscaper has a lot of potential with its unique approach to the roguelike genre. Hopefully, the Early Access release can help the game reach the heights it has the potential to reach. We will definitely keep our eye on this one.