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Best New Indie Games For October 2020 Week 1

It’s finally October, and this means 2020 is almost committed to the history books. The last three months of the year are massive for gamers as some truly exciting AAA games are coming our way. But in between Cyberpunk, Watchdogs Legion, AC Valhalla, and all the others there is still time for some indie game goodness.

1. The Survivalists

Release Date: 9 October 2020

Developer/Publisher: Team17 Digital

The first new indie game on our list for this week is the exciting new entry by Team17, The Survivalists. Do you like the words, open-world, sandbox, and procedurally generated? I think you came to the right place as The Survivalists is an open-world survival sandbox here to claim your time.

The game places you on a wild and mysterious island and you have to survive, either by playing solo or co-op with friends. It includes many of the survival game tropes in the experience with the crafting of basic tools and weapons, ever-increasing building options, and the gathering of resources forming the basis of your operations.

The Survivalists innovate by giving you the ability to train monkeys as the workforce of your up-and-coming empire. Yes, monkeys are central to the success of your settlement, and you have to train them to help with a variety of tasks around the settlement. There is a mimic system where they learn from your actions to perform these actions themselves with some practice.

We think this sounds like a lot of fun, and can’t wait to see how deep this management system goes. Everything doesn’t just revolve around your settlement. There is a wonderful world to explore with different biomes and quests to guide your adventures. Of course you will have to be prepared to defend yourself in this wild new world, and the search for loot is exciting with temples and other gauntlets you can brave to gain access to the best loot.

The Survivalists look fantastic and with its Escapists esque graphics we are in for a great time later this week.

2. I Am Dead

Release Date: 8 October 2020

Developer/Publisher:  Hollow Pond, Richard Hogg & Annapuma Interactive

2020 is an interesting year, and certainly no stranger to death and dying. This is reflected in some of the games that released this year like Necrobarista, Spiritfarer, and now I Am Dead. Death has always fascinated humankind, as it is a frontier we struggle to understand and lack the access to explore.

In I Am Dead is a puzzle-adventure game where death is explored through the eyes of Morris Lupton, the recently deceased museum curator of a quaint little island society. Morris meets the ghost of his dog Sparky, and together they adventure through an interpretation of death where they uncover a disaster heading for the town they once formed part of.

Like Spiritfarer, you meet the ghosts of other people who lived in the town, and have to uncover their stories and memories to stop the disaster heading for those still living in the town. The art style is soft on the eyes and uses pastel palette, perhaps to soften the harsh touch of the reality of death.

In the afterlife, Morris gains the ability to peer through objects and explore what’s inside of them. With the stories and memories of the other ghosts, and armed with your x-ray ability the adventure begins.

Games are a powerful medium for telling stories and helping us reflect on some of the tougher and more uncomfortable situations in life. We hope that I Am Dead tells a story worthy of our time.

3. The Solitaire Conspiracy

Release Date: 6 October 2020

Developer/Publisher: Bithell Games

Solitaire, a game so popular it comes with Windows. Solitaire, a game so mind-numbingly passive billions have been lost as office workers plow away at their cards. Solitaire, apparently also part of a cyberpunk conspiracy now?

Solitaire Conspiracy is a fresh take on a classic game, falling into the Streets and Alleys variant. The developer mentions that there are some further changes to the games formula as different suits grant different powers. By playing games of Solitaire you progress the story, which promises to be a short and intense tale of spy versus villain.

In the Solitaire Conspiracy, a lot of effort went into the UI and graphics, and based on the screenshots, the game is almost unrecognizable when the classic is kept in mind. The cyberpunk aesthetic looks fantastic and if you are looking for a casual gaming experience, based on a classic game, The Solitaire Conspiracy may be what you are looking for.

That’s it for our list of the best new indie games releasing during the first week of October 2020, check back next week for the games out during the second week.

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