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Best New Indie Games For October 2020 Week 3

Another week, another weekly list of the best new indie games for October 2020 week 3. This week we have four exciting new indie games hitting Steam, offering a wide variety of genres for you to choose from.

1. Afterparty

Release Date: 22 October 2020

Developer/Publisher: Night School Studio

2020 is not a fantastic year for most things in life, but it is a fantastic year for narrative-based indie games. Interestingly, it seems that many of these games are developed around the theme of death and the afterlife.

We give you Afterparty, a narrative-based game where you die and the only way to escape from hell is to battle Satan himself in who-can-drink-the-most battle of epic proportions. You control Milo and Lola and through the eyes of these characters you explore the nightlife of hell, meeting a large cast of characters and exploring the underworld.

Afterparty boasts an intelligent conversation system, meaning that your dialogue choices impact both the direction of the narrative and also the relationships you have with the denizens of the underworld. We think Afterparty looks great, and offers yet another exploration of death, this time from a humorous perspective.

2. Pumpkin Jack

Release Date: 23 October 2020

Developer/Publisher: Nicolas Meyssonnier & Headup

The second game on our weekly list of the best new indie games for October 2020 is right on time for Halloween. In Pumpkin Jack, you play as Jack, the mythical pumpkin lord, and your ultimate aim is to destroy good and have evil reign supreme.

Gameplay in Pumpkin Jack takes the form of a hardcore 3D platformer. Each level has a variety of fiendish puzzles you have to solve, and the focus is really on solving these puzzles. Combat is not the primary focus of the experience, although you will have to fight on your journey.

Puzzles focus on problems that include gravity, physics, and reflection. These puzzles will definitely challenge your ability to solve them and promise a rewarding experience. At least you are not confined to puzzle purgatory as the game is a vivid and colorful experience keeping things interesting both in your brain and on your eyes.

3. Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Release Date: 20 October 2020 Early Access

Developer/Publisher: Tactical Adventures

Solasta: Crown of the Magister has the potential to be an experience that Dungeons and Dragons fans will remember for years to come. Solasta is a turn-based RPG based on the SRD 5.1 rule set, and faithfully so. The developers mention that Solasta will strive to bring this rule set to your digital gaming life as faithfully as possible.

Solasta’s visual style is very reminiscent of the Divinity Orignal Sin games, and while this is not a bad thing, we hope it has enough of its own character to carve out a unique spot in the market. With the release of Baldur’s Gate 3, competition is going to be tough.

4. DwarfHeim

Release Date: 22 October 2020 Early Access

Developer/Publisher: Pineleaf Studio & Merge Games

If the recent release of Age of Empire 3 Definitive Edition on Xbox Games Pass reawakened your desire for a solid RTS experience, DwarfHeim is here to serve. Developer Pineleaf Studio has been working hard to bring players a solid RTS experience with some innovative new gameplay systems to renew the age-old formula.

DwarfHeim centres around the co-op Conquest mode, where you and two other players play together to reclaim DwarfHeim, the ancestral home of the dwarves. In this mode, each player has a specific class they play and therefore they are responsible for specific functions of your dwarven empire.  These classes include builders, miners, and warriors. It is quite self-evident which tasks each class excels in.

For those who desire a classic RTS experience, there are also the normal skirmish and sandbox modes where you can build your dwarven empire at your own pace. We think DwarfHeim has the potential to be a lot of fun, and with its charming graphics may just capture the attention of RTS fans around the world.

That’s it for our weekly list of the best new indie games for October 2020 Week 3. We hope you find something to play among these exciting new titles.