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Best New Indie Games July Week 5 2020

With July’s dying breath, it gives us a few new indie games to savour. We have four great looking games this week, and almost all of them are cheerful. One is absolute horror, just for balance. With that said, let’s get into our list for the best new indie games for the last week of July 2020.

1. Cardaclysm

Release Date: 29 July 2020 Early Access

Developer/Publisher: Elder Games and Headup

Best New indie games july 2020 Cardaclysm

For those who are frequent readers of our articles, you know that here at Beards Swords Shotguns we absolutely love card games. Whether they are roguelike, RPGs, turn-based strategy or even casual games, we will throw our money at them.

Cardaclysm is a new cardbattler from Elder Games and puts you in the shoes of a dark wizard who has (by accident) unleashed the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on the world. You now have to contain them and send them back to where they came from before the council of wizards find out.

On your journey, you will encounter 5 different factions and have access to over 200 cards. You will need to use these to fix your mistake and banish the Four Horsemen. Apart from the juicy amount of cards you can collect, you also have access to over 40 artifacts that buff your hero in unique ways. All said, it’s nothing new in the genre. But if a recipe that clearly works, can be re-skinned, and given some new and interesting scenarios, we are all for it.

The game’s world is procedurally generated, meaning you will always have something new to explore. The game does however feature four mythical bosses that you will have to defeat, each with their own unique mechanics.

In between all the slaying and exploring, you can visit the Interdimensional Pub. Here you can take on new quests, trade cards, and store your spells for later battles.

As a last note, the game’s graphics look gorgeous with a saturated low-poly style. We have grown accustomed to this art style with indies, but some studios bring the low-poly assets to life with fantastic lighting and effects. Cardaclysm seems to be one of these.

We are very excited for Cardaclysm’s launch into Early Access and we will see you in the pub.

2. Travellers Rest

Release Date: 28 July 2020 Early Access

Developer/Publisher: Louquo and Metaboli Publishing

Travellers Rest july 2020

We haven’t had a charming simulation game in the vein of Stardew Valley in quite a while, and it looks like Travellers Rest is trying to give us just that.

In Travellers Rest you manage a tavern based in a fantasy setting, where travellers from all over come to rest. The tavern is run-down and you will have to restore it to be a place where these travellers can have cheerful social interaction to take a break from their endeavours.

On your quest to restore the tavern, you will have to craft a variety of foods and beverages to serve your customers. You will discover new recipes as progress through the game and crafting will help you level up. You can spend your level-up points in a technology tree that includes six branches ranging from increased brewing skills to learning new magic.

To serve your array of products, you will need a tavern. You can build, customise, and enhance your tavern to increase its reputation and connect with your guests. There is also a community management element where you build social ties with your guest, and you can even send some of your adventurer guests on quests!

Lastly, you will have to explore the world around your tavern and use the environment to farm and forage for the ingredients you need to take your tavern to the next level.

Travellers Rest sounds like an interesting new addition to the management and simulation genre, one we will certainly add to our pile of games.

3. Maid of Sker

Release Date: 28 July 2020

Developer/Publisher: Wales Interactive

Maid of sker new indie game list

Apart from Maid of Sker, our games for this week’s list of new indie game releases are actually very colorful and upbeat. But we need some balance and there is nothing like a first-person survival horror game to drain all the colour from your life.

Maid of Sker is based on British Folklore and set in a hotel with macabre history. The graphics are really good, meaning the horror is also nice and detailed. If you are looking for a similar experience to eating an entire bag of Haribo sugar free gummy bears, Maid of Sker has you covered.

The game is based around a 3D sound-based AI system. You are equipped with some sort of sound device which you employ to misdirect and fool the enemy monstrosities. Fighting will be minimal, meaning if you cannot manipulate the enemies by using sound, you will probably die in a gory fashion.

Apart from the obvious horror elements, the game seems to have an interesting narrative. It is also backed by the Creative Europe Programme: Media of the European Union, which hopefully means that we can expect a quality horror narrative that leaves us in that awkward spot where we have just soiled ourselves but kind of enjoyed it.

4. Blightbound

Release Date: 29 July 2020 Early Access

Developer/Publisher: Ronimo Games and Devolver Digital


Our last game on this week’s list of new indie game releases is another game published by Devolver Digital. It seems they have been busy in providing us with a steady stream of releases during the traditional mid-year slump.

Blightbound is a multiplayer focused game where three players can enjoy the experience together. Three is quite a small number and the customary “fourth guy/girl” will unfortunately lose out with this game. You and the two friends who made the cut will engage in a dungeon crawling experience where you fulfil the roles of a mage, warrior, and assassin to slay ‘colossal’ bosses and solve the different puzzles that block your progress.

The game features handcrafted dungeons that stretch across three distinct areas that include Gravemark, the Underhold, and Blood Ridge. Judging by the names alone, the areas sound epic. The game also features loot for your character and unique unlockable heroes as you progress.

Blightbound certainly won’t redefine the classic dungeon crawling experience, but with its focus on multiplayer and its gorgeous graphics, it may well be worth your time. It is also mentioned that the game will receive free updates during its lifetime to build on the initial experience, meaning you and your friends will have plenty of opportunities to jump back into the action.

From the gameplay videos, the game looks superb, and it seems that it can also be a lot of fun. The art style is easy on the eyes, and the different combat effects are satisfying to observe and stand out on the screen. We are optimistic about Blightbound’s potential and will definitely check it out!