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Best New Indie Games June Week 1 2020

June is shaping up to be a slow month for big name AAA releases and therefore indie games have a chance to claim a lot of your gaming hours this month. There are some great-looking indie games planned for release during June 2020, although the first week of June is not packed with releases. Nevertheless, we present to you our list of the best new indie games releasing in this first week of June 2020.

Command and Conquer Remastered Collection

Release Date: 5 June 2020

Best New Indie Games June 2020
Image: EA

The Command and Conquer Remastered Collection is a welcome blast from the past and brings a classic RTS experience back to life. For those that grew up in the 90s, Red Alert is likely a fond memory of gaming in a simpler time. I for one vividly remember the absolute pleasure to be had in a Tesla Coil obliterating incoming enemy troops. It just never got old.

The Command and Conquer Remastered Collection includes remasters of two games including Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert along with three expansion packs that includes Covert Ops, The Aftermath, and Counterstrike. This is a massive, and arguably the best, chunk of the franchise has to offer and now we can experience it with some modern day enhancements.

These include:

  • A rebuilt multiplayer experience allowing you to take part in 1 versus 1 quick matches where you can climb leaderboards;
  • An optimized and modernized UI which translates to a streamlined experience;
  • A map editor to create some outstanding new and interesting maps;
  • Upscaled cinematics and new audio allows you to view the dated cinematics in a higher resolution and they have recorded some audio from scratch;
  • With the best for last, mod support. This should make for some creative iterations of a classic RTS experience.

There are many reasons to buy the Command and Conquer Remastered Collection, maybe you want a hit of dopamine as nostalgia takes the wheel, maybe you want to experience a classic RTS game or maybe you just want to have fun as a first time player of the series. Either way, you will have a blast!

Survivalist: Invisible Strain

Release Date: 1 June 2020 Early Access

Best New Indie Games June 2020
Image: Ginormocorp Holdings Ltd

Back in 2015, an underrated indie game titled “Survivalist” released and found relative success on Steam. At the time of writing, Survivalist stands at just below 2000 reviews with a mostly positive rating. Fast forward five years to 2020 and you will find the next game by Developer Bob titled “Survivalist: Invisible Strain”.

While the post-apocalyptic zombie survival genre is quite saturated, there is always room for few gems to emerge from the mass of games available. If 2015’s Survivalist is anything to go by, then its 2020 follow-up can potentially be a great indie title.

For those who like the idea of rebuilding society while surviving the harsh realities of the post-apocalyptic life, Survivalist: Invisible Strain is one to watch. The game is set in an open world that is randomly generated, meaning every playthrough should theoretically offer players with fresh challenges. This open world is filled with characters that you can interact with and they have their own personalities, meaning they will remember how you treat them. It is not clear if they are also randomly generated, as far as we can see they will reappear in your randomly generated world. 

Apart from having an open world to explore and people to meet in this world, you will have to fight, hunt, and build to survive. The game will receive a story mode, but the current Early Access release only includes the sandbox experience. 

Survivalist: Invisible Strain has an unique cell-shaded graphical style that really sets it apart from the sizeable amount of other post-apocalyptic indie games that use low-poly, and most times, Synty assets. 

We are definitely keeping our eye on this one and if the Early Access launch doesn’t result in mostly negative reviews, we will jump right in!

Burn Me Twice

Release Date: 29 May 2020

Best New Indie Games June 2020
Image: Null Reference Studio

Burn Me Twice is a narrative driven game that takes you on an adventure through the town of Dustenburg. You fill the shoes of the witch Abigail von Rattenhartz and to avoid being burned at the stake you need to help the authorities solve supernatural crimes.

In helping the authorities you will need to investigate the crimes and the developer mentions that even the smallest mistake will cause Abigail’s death. Luckily you can revisit your last day and use this mechanic to ensure you have solid evidence to avoid your fiery end. 

Null Reference Studio mentions that the game has three chapters and based on the evidence you gather you will need to take part in certain medieval trials to solve the cases. From a narrative perspective the game looks interesting and a few of the early player reviews seem to affirm this.

Burn Me Twice makes use of a low-poly art style to tell its story and hopefully manages to give life to the assets which we see in many new indie releases.


Release Date: 1 June 2020 Early Access

Best New Indie Games June 2020
Image: Kazakov Oleg

Our final game on the list for his week is touted to be a classic open world RPG, complete with character building, exploration and questing. A few years ago this description would have had us frothing at the mouth, unable to sleep or concentrate until we play the game. 

But a decade of broken open world promises have led to disappointment instead of early morning gaming sessions. Based on the Steam store page, Gedonia looks pretty and definitely has us curious about its rather brave promise and premise. It has bosses, loot, classless characters, non-linear quests and even house building and farming!

Gedonia is on our list because we take a positivistic approach to new indie game launches and we always hold out hope that they turn out to be great. Considering this statement, Gedonia and developer Kazakov Oleg promises a lot for an indie game and small studio. Hopefully, the Early Access release will give the developer time to build a game that delivers on most of these promises and has fun gameplay to carry it all. 

It seems that Gedonia also uses the same low-poly assets and art style that we have discussed in other games on the list. Although, it looks like the assets are shaded in a way that makes them slightly more unique looking. All the more reason for the gameplay to be fantastic, otherwise the game will probably not emerge from the highly competitive indie game scene.

We will follow the game as it releases into Early Access and hope that it can be as great as the developer describes it to be.

Give indies some love during the AAA drought

If you find yourselves bored or aching to try something new, give indie games some love while we wait for the giants like Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk to consume our souls. We hope this list of the best new indie game releases for the first week of June helped you find something new to play.