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Best New Indie Games June Week 4 2020

Welcome to our best new indie games list for the week of June 21-27 2020. After last week’s absolute blockbuster release roster this week is a bit more subdued but there are a few games that look interesting. If you have some extra time and cash on your hands, give one of these a spin!

Danger Scavenger

Release Date: 22 June 2020

Developer: Piotr Wolk & Star Drifters

best new indie games june 21-27 2020

The last few weeks have been jam-packed with deck-building roguelike games. We are certainly not against this trend as we love these games, but it is a welcome change of pace to see games from other roguelike genres. 

Danger Scavenger is a top-down looter-shooter focusing heavily on being an action-packed experience. In Danger Scavenger you are part of the Scavengers, a once rejected group who have now become admired and even glorified by the public in their battle against a rogue artificial intelligence.

You will battle the rogue artificial intelligence across the rooftops of a beautifully realised cyberpunk city. The developer mentions that times have changed and adventures have moved from dark and dusty dungeons to the sprawling rooftops of the cities of the future.

The game is characterised by a dynamic risk versus reward type of gameplay (as is common with roguelikes) and you can play up to four different characters on release. These characters all have their own strengths and weaknesses that will shape your experience. You can play solo or team up with friends to battle enemies and loot tables.

Greedy corporates are the puppets of the rogue artificial intelligence and you will encounter 5 of these in your battles. This means the game has over 30 unique enemy types, 30 weapon types and a host of active and passive items to enhance your build.

If you haven’t had your fill of the roguelike genre yet, Danger Scavenger promises to be a worthwhile experience.

The Almost Gone

Release Date: 25 June 2020

Developer: Happy Volcano

best new indie games june 21-27 2020

If you have had enough action from your games and you are looking for something less involved but not less engaging, The Almost Gone may be something you can check out.

The Almost Gone is a point and click adventure exploring themes of death, loss, and mental health. From this description it may seem a bit heavy, and after The Last of Us 2 you may need a break from heavy narratives. While the narrative is undoubtedly one that explores uncomfortable topics, it is accompanied by beautiful isometric graphics that soothes rather than burdens the player.

In the game you are poised between life and death and you must unravel the mystery that reveals what led to your fate. You do this by interacting with the different beautiful environments and as a result you engage existential questions such as: Why am I here? Why am I trapped? Will I ever get home?

Games are a wonderful medium to introduce, engage and transform players through emotional and immersive narratives, and this is exactly what The Almost Gone wants to do. If you are looking for something else than slaying hordes of enemies for loot (nothing wrong with that), The Almost Home promises a memorable and even enlightening experience.

The game comes from a Belgian developer. We know they have the best beer, and therefore it is only logical that they tell great stories.

Truck and Logistics Simulator

Release Date: 23 June 2020 Early Access

Developer: Simula Games

best new indie games june 21-27 2020

Our third game on this week’s list is another entry in the simulation and management genre. In Truck and Logistics Simulator you are tasked with executing deliveries to perfection.

While other truck and transportation simulators have their primary focus on simulating the actual driving of the vehicle, Truck and Logistics Simulator zooms out to provide players with a holistic experience of the entire process of making a delivery.

It remains to be seen whether the game manages to convey this experience, but on paper it sounds good. Instead of driving a truck from point A to B, you will have to use complex machinery to load the truck. After the truck is loaded, you will have to drive it to its destination making use of the game’s unique physics system, dynamic tire deformation and vehicle damage.

For fans of the transportation simulation genre, Truck and Logistics Simulator promises to be more of the same with a unique sprinkling of logistics to enhance the experience.

Happy gaming

We don’t have a lengthy list this week, but even with just a few entries, these games offer a wide variety of gaming experiences. June was a fantastic month for new indies and you can check out our picks for each week here. Until next week, happy gaming!