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Best New Indie Games October 2020 Week 2

By the end of the second week of October, we are just one month away from Cyberpunk 2077s release. Let that sink in for a moment. That means you only have a month left to play as many new indie games as you can before Cyberpunk draws us all into the void. This week’s list of the best new indie games for October 2020 is tasty, and it spoils you for choice with all the new games hitting Steam. 

1. Vigil: The Longest Night

Release Date: 14 October 2020

Developer/Publisher: Glass Heart Games & Another Indie

Our first game on this week’s list of the best new indie games for October 2020 is a 2D action platformer by Glass Heart Games. Just to be clear, this is not your average cute 2D action platformer. The mature content description on Steam mentions that the game includes frequent scenes of horror, violence, and gore.

Now we don’t mind a brutal 2D action platformer, and by the looks of Vigil: The Longest Night, we won’t be disappointed. The narrative follows Leila, a member of the Vigilant Order, in her quest to uncover the truth (or horrors) of the eternal darkness that plagues her village. 

Vigil: The Longest Night aims to challenge players with its difficulty and skill-based combat system while giving us an interesting and engaging narrative to drive us ever forward. The combat looks fantastic and you can look forward to mastering four weapon archetypes with multiple varieties for each. You also have access to a skill tree with which you can build your ultimate character.

To top it all off, Vigil: The Longest Night has a unique graphical style inspired by the art of Chinese Paper Cutting. We know little about this art style, but we look forward to learning more as we slay the horrors that fill Leila’s world. 

2. Ring of Pain

Release Date: 15 October 2020

Developer/Publisher: Simon Boxer/Twice Different & Humble Games

Ring of Pain takes our second spot for this week’s list and looks to innovate on the deck-building roguelike genre. We have had some fantastic games of this type during the last few years, and even just thinking of Slay the Spire or Monster Train has us salivating for more. Ring of Pain deviates from the deck-building formula these games use, and here everything is card-based. Therefore, you are not strictly speaking building a deck, but rather playing through a massive one.

In this iteration of the genre, you fight through a circular dungeon, bombarded by choices every step of the way. The game has quite a strong emphasis on dynamic gameplay, meaning you will make a lot of choices as you move through the dungeon. 

Each room has a carousel of possible encounters and choices to make. These include loot, combat encounters, exits, upgrades, and many other interactions. Combat encounters are telegraphed so you can see the damage you will take, and you will have to decide if you will take the risk to access the loot locked behind the combat encounter. 

Ring of Pain seems to have a lot of the right ingredients for a satisfying and even a “just one more try” experience. We will definitely check it out when it launches on Steam. 

3. Lucifer Within Us

Release Date: 15 October 2020

Developer/Publisher: Kitfox Games

If you are looking for a game filled with mystery where you play a detective role, Lucifer Within Us may be for you. In a world where humanity has been conditioned to speak only the truth and think only pure thoughts, you know better. Hidden beneath the facade of truthfulness, the dark side of humanity festers. 

In Lucifer Within Us, you are a digital exorcist. It is your work to find sinners and those who challenge the law and order of the church. These sinners are corrupted and possessed by digital daemons, who drive them to act on their repressed desires. The game has three cases where you have to solve the sinful mystery. 

As with any good detective narrative, this means you interview suspects, look for contradictions, confirm your suspicions, and eventually pull the trigger with an accusation. Accusation in this context means you exorcise the digital daemon from the suspect. 

Solving the mysteries in Lucifer Within Us is not a straightforward task, and you will have to have a good understanding of each case to read between the lines. Lucifer Within Us sounds like an interesting game with a satisfying story to tell. Pull in on October 15 to hear it for yourself.

4. Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials

Release Date: 15 October 2020

Developer/Publisher: Unspeakable Pixels & DANGEN Entertainment

The last game on our weekly list of the best new indie games for October 2020 is another platformer. With Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials, the experience is light-hearted with humor as a central aspect of the game. 

You are a barbarian with a bat companion named Pip, and together you strive to uncover the secrets of the primordials in the abyss. Batbarian has a lot of jumping, fighting, solving puzzles, and apparently, fruit throwing. So it doesn’t do much to grow the genre, but it gives us a new context to play with.

The developers boast some big numbers, citing that the game includes over 20 hours of evolving gameplay, over 10 bosses, and over 30 000 words of text to read for those who are so inclined. 

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials dodge-rolls onto steam the 15th of October for those who need some casual and friendly platforming in their lives.