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Best New Indie Games September 2020 Week 1

August is basically done and gave us some memorable indie experiences with Spiritfarer leading the pack. This week we breach September and the first week is loaded with new AAA titles such as Crusader Kings 3, Iron Harvest, and Marvel’s Avengers. While we are certainly drawn to the AAA flame like moths, there are some new indie games you should take note of. Let us push the AAA’s to the side for the moment and focus on this week’s list of the best new indie games for September 2020 Week 1.

1. Dungeon No Dungeon

Release Date: 4 September 2020 Early Access

Developer/Publisher: 302 Studio & 302 Games INC

Turn-based strategy, roguelike elements, procedural generation, and begging at the feet of the RNG-gods is what you can expect from Dungeon No Dungeon.

It is evident that Dungeon No Dungeon takes inspiration from other games in the genre like Darkest Dungeon and Slay the Spire. This is not a problem, as these games have delivered fantastic gaming experiences for many gamers around the world. The question is how Dungeon No Dungeon will iterate on this recipe to provide a unique experience.

The first way in which they do this is by what the developer refers to as “location damage”. Probably not the best use of language to describe the unique gameplay mechanic, but let us explain. It may appear that location damage refers to the physical location of the character in the battle. We find this in Darkest Dungeon where the location of a character determines what abilities they can use. But in Dungeon No Dungeon this refers to locations on the body of a character. So if you lose an arm in battle, you will lose access to abilities that require the use of that arm. If armour is damaged, flesh is exposed, and that opens up different combat strategies. We think this system is interesting and look forward to experiencing its implementation.

The game further relies on a heavy emphasis on randomness. I, for one, don’t mind a good dose of RNG, but there is still a desirable balance between RNG and predictability. If they can manage to give us a lot of random events while not frustrating players on a good run, it can add a lot of fun to the game.

We have high hopes for Dungeon No Dungeon, and on Friday we can experience the ideas in Early Access.

2. Craftopia

Release Date: 4 September 2020 Early Access (Tentative)

Developer/Publisher: Pocket Pair

Craftopia is quite an ambitious new co-op survival game, implementing a sizeable amount of game mechanics to create an interesting game and world for players to explore.

Some of the smorgasbord of mechanics you can expect from Craftopia include:

  • Farming – is the lifeblood of your building operation. While you will certainly start by doing a lot of manual labor to gather resources, you automate everything by building custom machines to help you harvest. 
  • Automation – as your operations start to grow in scale, automation is key to get more in less time. You can build massive conveyor systems to get your resources where they need to be. Eventually you won’t need to lift a finger as your empire farms and collects itself.
  • Breeding – yes, you can even breed animals by catching them in a Pokemon style. This even extends to many of the monsters in the world. Gotta catch em all.
  • Combat – you can explore vast dungeons and engage in action combat to explore and gather some of the most valuable loot in the game. Dungeons have bosses, and each dungeon is different to the previous one.
  • Vehicles – how you explore the world is in your hands. Build whatever you want to explore with. If you can gather the correct resources, you build some insane means of transportation.

Craftopia has a lot of potential and was already delayed to ensure a better Early Access experience. We are always up for a creative sandbox, and with Craftopia’s charming graphics we are looking forward to interesting experiences.

3. Bleeding Moons

Release Date: 3 September 2020 

Developer/Publisher: IAN Games & Phoenix Online Publishing

For those looking for a laid-back narrative experience, Bleeding Moons is one to look out for.

The game is based around an interactive story with an emphasis on themes such as fate, duty, and free will. Quite heavy, but within a beautifully crafted world with over 100 hand-drawn locations it may be worthwhile. There are also over 170 characters to interact with, so better prepare for a lot of reading. 

Because the world is interactive, it means that your choices have an influence on the game world. There are multiple endings to discover and even some romance options as you play through the game. The game has already won a bunch of Alex d’Or awards. Unfortunately, I don’t understand French, but at least the game has found some recognition for what it tries to do.

The graphics are like older Final Fantasy games and look like what you would create in a game engine such as RPG Maker. The style is easy on the eyes and will focus the attention on world design and narrative.

4. Evergate

Release Date: 1 September 2020 

Developer/Publisher: Stone Lantern Games LLC & PQube Limited

If you enjoy games like the Ori series and Neversong, Evergate should interest you. It is a puzzle platformer with an engaging narrative set in a dreamy kind of world and exploring themes such as life, death, space, and time.

The game has already received praise at previous PAX events, and offers cleverly designed levels with multiple approaches to solving the puzzles. In Evergate, you follow the story of Ki through the afterlife and you wield the so-called Soulflame, which enables you to engage the various puzzles in the game.

The reward for beating a puzzle and progressing in the game is unlocking bits and pieces of Ki’s memories and exploring her bond with a kindred spirit.

If platformers are your jam, Evergate should be on your radar.

That’s it for our list of the best new indie games for September 2020 Week 1. We hope some of these titles make their way to your libraries!