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Best New Indie Games September 2020 Week 5

The last week of September would have been the moment thousands of us got our sweaty gamer paws on Baldur’s Gate 3, leaving everything but the essential functions for survival behind. With the delay to Baldur’s Gate 3, you can now instead play some fantastic new indie games being released this week. Let’s take a look at the best new indie games for September 2020 week 5.

Spelunky 2

Release Date: 29 September 2020

Developer/Publisher: Mossmouth & BlitWorks

Spelunky hardly needs an introduction, as the original game is one of the best roguelike experiences we have had to date. It is also a pioneer that helped shape many of the games that now populate the genre. 

This week we see the release of Spelunky 2, a new adventure based on the fantastic randomised platforming that made the original game a hit. This time we head to the Moon to explore and find treasure and also make some new friends.

Spelunky 2 boasts a much larger world for players to explore, not only in size but in how densely it is packed with things to find and do. It promises to be quite an engaging experience and each run will see lots of new NPCs that you can interact with, making it feel like a unique story every time you play. 

The game also has improved lighting and effects, adding even more charm to its unique graphical styling. Graphics is not the only thing that is improved, lava and water also now looks cooler according to the devs. Outside of your adventures, you can have a permanent home at your base camp. Upgrading your home will give you plenty of reasons to keep grinding the game. 

This is only a few of the improvements to the original experience, and if you liked the first game, you will surely like the second one. If you missed the original game and enjoy roguelike experiences, Spelunky 2 is likely to deliver one of the best you can find.

Drake Hollow

Release Date: 1 October 2020

Developer/Publisher: The Molasses Flood

Drake Hollow has been available for a few months on console but is being released on PC this week. The game is an exciting mixture of colony simulation, base building, exploration and open-world combat. 

In Drake Hollow you have to look after Drakes (not the flying ones), who are vegetable people native to The Hollow. Like most colony simulation games, it requires you to look after their basic needs such as hunger, hydration, entertainment, and many other categories. You also have to protect them by building villages with walls and other defences to ward off the other inhabitants of the world, the Feral.

Most of the combat is against the Feral, and you have a wide variety of weapons you can use against them. These include golf clubs, rackets, and even bows and guns. Killing the Feral and exploring the world will yield the resources you need to build and manage your Drake village.

Drake Hollow really shines when played in co-op, where you team up with a few of your buddies to protect and grow your Drake village. Similar to other base building games, it is a lot of fun in co-op.

Graphically, Drake Hollow reminds us a lot of Fortnite with its high fidelity cartoony style graphics. It works great here, and the Drakes look cute while the enemies look imposing. 

If you wanted Grounded to have more content at launch and are aching for a satisfying base building experience, Drake Hollow may be what you are looking for.

Circadian City

Release Date: 1 October 2020 Early Access

Developer/Publisher: Nowhere Studios & Way Down Deep

Circadian City’s slogan probably says everything you need to know about the game, “Everything you hate about your real life is now playable”. 

In Circadian City you simulate normal life, you have to eat, sleep, and try to be happy. You earn a living by doing a job, develop new interests, make friends, and cope with the stress of your choices. This all changes when you go to sleep, where you now simulate your dreamworld. Here you can aspire to be whatever you want to be, and you can build another life inside of your dreams. This life is affected by the choices you make in your normal life and has an influence on the way your personality develops.

The concept of Circadian City sounds very exciting to us, and we hope the devs find success with their ambitious indie game. The game launches in Early Access and will stay there for quite some time. If you find the concept enticing, buying the game early means you can help build something great from Circadian City’s foundations. 

If you want to check the game out before buying there is a demo available where you can spend 5 days in-game and see what it is all about.

That is it for our list of the best new indie games for September 2020 week 5, we hope you find one of these games interesting enough to support the devs and have some great gaming experiences. 

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