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Bloodroots weapon tier list

Bloodroots is a high-octane top down brawler with lots of blood and action! To add even more adrenaline into the mix, you can basically pick up any weapon to slaughter anyone who stands in your way. You can knock down a house, take a plank or even harpoon your foes. In Bloodroots weapons are scattered throughout the battlefield, giving you endless choice.

Because there are so many to choose from, we decided to create a weapon tier list that will help you pick the best weapons for the situation. This tier list will evolve as we progress further through the game’s content. Don’t get too attached to any weapon though, most of them have a durability between 1 and 3 uses. You just need your weapon to be as efficient as possible in the moment until you pick a new one.

Bloodroots Weapon Tier List

S-Tier Scimitar Sword, Dual Swords, Ladder, Harpoon, Cart, Barrel, Lantern, Sickle, Bow, Fireworks, Propeller, Giant Match, Steam Roller, Chain & Ball
A-TierPlank, Pipe, Paddle, Gears, Chains, Turkey on a stick, Big anime sword, Chainsaw, Shovel, Skull, Pick Axe, Spear, Giant Hammer, Pistol
B-TierVase, Gun, Hay Bale, Hammer, Scythe, Tire, Plunger, Fists
C-TierFish, Cooked Chicken, Rake, Banjo, Bucket, Fishing Rod, Big Fish, Arrow, Bowling Pin, Mining helmet
F-TierFlamingo, Drum, Tankard, Rubber Duck, Handsaw, Egg, Pumpkin, Shoe, Corpse

Let me highlight some of the reasons why we choose the weapons we did to be part of the S-tier list.

Bloodroots S-Tier explained

Scimitar SwordScimitar Sword has 3 uses and your attack dashes you forward giving you the ability to kill multiple enemies at once and dodge traps.
Dual SwordsScimitar Sword has 3 uses and your attack dashes you forward.
LadderWhen you hold the attack button you create a whirlwind attack and you can kill up to 3 enemies without having to time your attacks.
HarpoonThis weapon has three ranged attacks, the Harpoon pulls you towards an enemy and instantly kill the enemy. High mobility weapon
CartCarts trample enemies in a straight line.
BarrelYou can balance on a barrel and run over up to 3 enemies, as well as roll through spikes on the ground without dying.
LanternThis made the S-Tier purely because of fire damage. The lantern has one ranged attack and sets the surrounding area on Fire, fire can spread and kill multiple enemies.
SickleSickle attacks pull you towards enemies and has 3 ranged attacks.
BowYou can pick up as many arrows as there are available, making the bow an excellent ranged weapon with many uses.
FireworksThink of fireworks as a shotgun that breathes fire. Fireworks has 3 close ranged attacks setting enemies and surrounding areas on fire.
PropellerSimilar to the ladder, the propeller becomes a whirlwind attack killing up to 3 enemies.
Giant MatchProbably our favourite weapon, the Giant Match creates a wall of wire, setting fire to multiple enemies at once. The Giant Match has 3 charges.
Steam RollerSimilar to the Barrel, the Steam Roller can crush up to 3 enemies and roll through spiked areas.
Chain & BallRare and powerful. The Chain & Ball’s attack pulls you towards your enemies. Kills up to 3 enemies.

We hope this Bloodroots Weapon tier list helps you decide which weapon will be your favourite.