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Cloudpunk – How to get all the punch cards

Cloudpunk is set in a cyberpunk world filled with lots of sadness and inequality and is centred around the city of Nivalis. Nivalis is alive, breathtaking and ready to be explored. You are a delivery driver for a company that conspired against Corpsec, the corporate conglomerate in this game. The nature of your job as a driver means that you will get to see most parts of town because of the delivery locations you have to reach.

Cloudpunk punch cards
One. More. Punch card. [Image: ION LANDS]

The game offers a massive world to explore and every single section of Nivalis has different resources that you can pick up and access through your inventory. I stumbled upon a punch card. Little did I know what rabbit hole of exploration I would fall into next. The description of the punch card reads “”. As I explored the world I noticed that I am building up quite a collection of punch cards. This had me thinking, if there are so many of them lying around they must tie into some bigger mission or part of the story, right? In this guide we will show you where every single punch card is located throughout the city of Nivalis. At the end of the article we will reveal the conclusion which will contain spoiler content, we will give fair warning again, don’t worry.

Why do the punch cards matter?

As you progress with the main story of the game, there will be a time where you have to enter your apartment. Right in front of your apartment building you will see a lady called Evelin. As you converse with her, you find out that she is looking for punch cards. Finally, you realise why these punch cards have been scattered through the Cloudpunk world.

What will I need throughout your travels?

As you travel through the city, there are two things that you need to be concerned about. The damage your vehicle takes when you drive like a maniac and your fuel level. You might ask, is it free to repair my HOVA or to refuel? No, it’s not free to do these things, but lucky for you as you explore the edges of Nivalis in your pursuit to 80 punch cards, you will receive 50 coin payouts for every new location you explore. This will be enough to cover your maintenance cost and put some extra change in your pockets.

Cloupunk, where can I find all the punch cards?

We took a rather long trip around Navalis to get this data, and we would like to share it with you. As soon as you hand Evelin the first 20 punch cards you will receive a steam achievement and an order to get more. Back to scouring the city for more cards, I guess. Collect and hand over 80 punch cards in total to get her full side of the story. Let’s start searching! We have created 7 maps with all the punch card locations. No story quest will block entry to any of the punch card locations that you’ll need. You will however need some electronics to fix an elevator to get to one, but we will release a full item collection guide soon to help you with the collection of other resources.

Cloudpunk Albena Majorus map
Albena Majorus [Image: ION LANDS]
Cloupunk Caledon map
Caledon [Image: ION LANDS]
Cloudpunk - Diamond Hills map
Diamond Hills [Image: ION LANDS]
Cloudpunk Punch cards - The Marrow
The Marrow [Image: ION LANDS]
Cloudpunk Punch cards Midtown Map
Midtown [Image: ION LANDS]
Cloudpunk Punch cards Oldtown map
Oldtown [Image: ION LANDS]
Cloudpunk Punch cards Waterside map
Waterside [Image: ION LANDS]

We collected every single resource we could find on all seven of these maps and it took around seven hours to collect the items and capture the data. This guide will surely optimise your collection route to get all the punch cards.

Spoiler ahead

Warning! Spoiler ahead, if you don’t want to get a summary of what happens to Evelin, don’t read further. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of collecting the punch cards, please read further.

Evelin, please no more punch cards!

Once you have collected all the cards, you see Evelin’s story unfold. She starts off not trusting you and stating that the punch cards are more of an antique item that she likes to collect. After you hand her some punch cards, she reveals that the punch cards are actually her memory that is scattered across Nivalis. Evelin is an android, not a human. 

Her friend was a doctor, and she had all the punch cards with her the night of her tragic car accident. As her car went up in flames, all the punch cards flew off into the city. Evelin feels that it was her fault that her friend died, because her friend was on the way to secure the memories in a vault. The memories include some love affairs that hurt both Evelin and her friend. The reason the doctor used punch cards was because it’s such old technology that none of the corporation’s technology could understand or decode it. Giving Evelin her memory back brought back some sadness, but it also gave her a chance to start over. 

We hope you enjoyed this guide to collecting all the punch cards in Cloudpunk, exploring this beautiful game in such detail was such a pleasure. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Nivalis.