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Craftopia Dungeon Guide

We have covered lots of topics in Craftopia, but we have never talked about what you can expect from the dungeons in Craftopia. Yes, just when you thought this game was about building anything, they add the ability to complete dungeons and fight bosses. In this Craftopia dungeon guide we will show you what you can expect from dungeons and how to prepare before embarking on your journey.

Craftopia craft helicopter

What you’ll need before setting off on your dungeon quest:

How to find dungeons in Craftopia with the Dungeon Detector (Optional)

In our minds, this tool is only somewhat useful. The idea is that the dungeon detector lets you know when a dungeon is nearby. However, it does not show the dungeon on the map, so you’ll have to get accustomed to how a dungeon looks from the outside so you can easily spot them. The good thing is that as you unlock higher tier islands, they will have similar layouts to the lower level ones. This makes finding dungeons easier because you already know where they are located. 

Build a helicopter

We would recommend that you build yourself a helicopter when exploring a new island in search of a dungeon. You can follow our guide on how to build a motorcycle here, because the helicopter requires the same parts. What you will need to build a Helicopter in Craftopia:

  • 5 Cogwheels
  • 5 Bioethanol
  • 2 Batteries


Once you have entered the dungeon you will need something to deal damage with. We recommend crafting yourself a simple sword. After you have cleared your first low level dungeon, you will most likely pick up a new weapon to use in the future.

Something important to note, one of the dungeons we entered required us to have a bow and shoot a set amount of targets in a certain time. We recommend you craft yourself a bow to carry with you on your travels in case you run into a dungeon like this.

Craftopia Weapons

Magic abilities

Who doesn’t love being a powerful mage? We certainly love magic abilities, so we took some magic skills, and they sure came in handy. Apart from a thunderstorm dealing lots of damage, the most obvious spell was self healing, meaning we could heal ourselves at the cost of some mana. This was convenient because we did not need to craft any foods or potions with healing attributes to keep us alive.

Craftopia Magic


Cook some nutritious food to take with you on these travels, they can become quite the journey when you travel by foot. Besides not dying of hunger, some abilities will require your character to be satiated.

How to access different islands

Building an altar of teleportation is necessary to travel to new islands, you only have to provide the needed requirements (usually some materials and gold). Once you meet the requirements to unlock a new island, you can freely travel to that island and back at no additional cost.

In Craftopia, your character progresses by gaining experience and levelling up. It just makes sense that as you get stronger, the islands you visit keep up with your level. You can use the altar of teleportation to gain access to more difficult islands with high tier materials and high level dungeons.

What can you expect from inside a dungeon in Craftopia?

Let’s start off by saying the dungeons we have done so far were not challenging at all. No need to worry about dying in a dungeon, even against the bosses. You might wonder what the point of the dungeons are then? As you enter a dungeon, you will have to clear the mobs leading up to the boss. In our how to make money post we talked about how to make some decent money. In dungeons you will find lots of the materials needed to make money, so be sure to destroy all the crates and jugs along the way to scoop up the goodies.

Once you have cleared the mobs, you will enter the boss room. After a great battle where you defeat the boss, you will progress to the treasure room. The most valuable item you can get in a dungeon is a slate of growth. You might wonder how  you permanently upgrade your stats in Craftopia, well slates of growth are used to permanently upgrade Life, Mana and Stamina. Once you have 4 of these slates, head up to the Anubis in the sky (on any island) and claim your upgrades! Apart from the slate of growth, there will also be 5 chests containing valuables ranging from seeds to unique weapons, so make sure you enter the dungeon with an empty inventory!

Craftopia Dungeon loot

Once you go through the exit portal, it will take you back to the entrance of the dungeon. At first we thought we could farm slates of growth and easily increase our stats. It turns out, while  you can do a dungeon an infinite number of times and collect loot and resources, you cannot get more than one slate of growth from a dungeon. So if it is slates you’re after, you will have to unlock multiple islands where you need to find and complete dungeons. 

Craftopia Anubis Slate of growth

We hope this Craftopia dungeon guide was useful, let us know if you found the dungeons to be difficult or a walk in the park!