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Fishing in Craftopia

After exploring the beautiful world of Craftopia for a couple of hours, you’ll need some fish fillets to progress to the Renaissance age. You might wonder why you need to progress through the different ages in Craftopia, well every age brings new technology for you to explore. In this post we will show you how fishing works in Craftopia to help you rise through the ages!

For those that prefer the short and sweet version of how to fish in Craftopia, follow these steps:

  1. Craft a fishing rod
  2. Look for a spot in any body of water where you can see fish swimming
  3. Cast your line into the water close to the fish (no bait needed)
  4. Reel in your catch once you see the splashing animation

For those that want a more complete journey of fishing and what it can be used for in Craftopia, here is the longer version.

How to craft a fishing rod in Craftopia

  1. 10 Wooden Logs. You get logs from chopping down trees.
  2. 1 Stone. You can either hit rocks with your bare fists or with a pickaxe to gather stone.
  3. 3 Straw. When you chop down bushes in the world, they will drop straw.

How to fish in Craftopia

As with most games that have a fishing mechanic, fishing in Craftoptia feels familiar so you should have no trouble catching your first fish. Once you craft your fishing rod, you can either head over to the ocean or any pool where you can see fish swimming about to start. 

1. Equip your fishing rod by left clicking or assigning it to one of your hotkeys. You do not need to apply any bait before casting your line to catch fish.

2. Aim for a spot in the water where you can see fish swimming.

3. Cast your fishing rod into the area where you see the fish.

4. Wait for a little sparkle-splash animation, once you see the animation left click again to reel in the goodies!

How to fish in Craftopia
Got em! [Image Credit: Pocket Pair]

While fishing is a basic mechanic in Craftopia, it is extremely satisfying when you pull out some rare fish like Swordfish or Shrimp. It is important to note that you can deplete one fishing spot and will have to look for another when you need more fish.

How to process the fish you caught

Now that you have caught all the fish, it is time to process them. You will need to craft a Fillet Machine where you  process raw fish into delicious looking fillets. These fillets are used to maintain hunger levels or to progress to the next age. 

How to craft a Fillet Machine station

1. 3 Iron Ingots. Smelt 3 pieces of Iron ore.

2. 5 Wooden Logs. You get logs from chopping down trees.

3. 1 Bone. You can get bones from killing wild animals such as deer, bears or camels.

Once you have built the Fillet Machine, simply drag the fish of your choice into the empty slot to produce your very own fish fillets. One fish will produce between one and two fillets. Like we mentioned before, you can either eat the fillets or use them to progress to the Renaissance age. Eating a raw fish fillet will give you a 15% hunger bonus at the cost of 10 HP. Instead of consuming the fish, you can collect 10 fish fillets to help you progress to the Renaissance age. 

Hopefully this Craftopia fishing guide helps you progress through this beautiful game. Good luck catching all the fish you see!