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Cryofall Early Access Review

Fighting radioactive creatures while controlling a mech, trading with actual players, seeing how far you can push your negotiation skill and building a place you can call home. Do these sound like things you want to do? That is just a couple of things that you will be able to do in Cryofall’s early access.

What is Cryofall?

Cryofall is a multiplayer base building simulation where you and your friends get the chance to fight, survive and build a base together. Cryofall plays off in an enormous world filled with players, threats and opportunities. With five distinct biomes to explore and five tech tiers to master, there is no shortage of things to do in Cryofall. Like any survival base building game, you start off in the middle of nowhere with only the skin on your back. In this early access review of Cryofall, we go over some things that stood out to us.

Choosing a server

Before starting your exciting journey in Cryofall, you must make a choice whether to join a PVE or a PVP server. What is the difference you might wonder? In PVE players cannot destroy your property, the only damage they can really do is offering you a raw deal in a trade that went sour. For the most part, PVE is a casual experience where you and your friends can build and explore at your own pace without too many interruptions. For PVP, it is a different story. Luckily, you get warned before joining a PVP server. When you join a PVP server, you will get a message from the server telling you that a group of three is mandatory because you will encounter brutal attacks or even complete wipe outs, yikes. We were two people playing so PVP was a no go and we opted for the PVE server.

Where to start in Cryofall?

After we made our choice to join a PVE server, it was time to brave this unknown world. Although Cryofall has millions of activities, they did a great job of easing us into the game with a well laid out bunch of objectives. These objectives are optional, but it feels like the game designers carefully considered them. We completed about 30 of the 50 objectives until we went off in our direction and explored what the game has to offer. The objectives ranged from constructing the basics of a base to exploring all 5 biomes.

Cryofall early access review

Did we just lose all our stuff?

Once we set up our base and had a decent amount of resources to keep everything running, we didn’t play for a couple of days. Although the servers give you fair warning that your land claim will start decaying after a certain amount of inactivity. We had quite a bit planned IRL, so we forgot to log back into Cryofall. Do you lose your base when you were away for too long in Cryofall? Yes, because we had the most basic land claim, it reached a decaying status quicker. Losing your base because of inactivity makes complete sense from the game’s mechanic point of view, because you can’t have people never playing take up real estate. Even having that in mind, we were still quite bummed out that we had lost our base and everything we built, at least we kept whatever was on our characters before decay swept our base away. It is also worth mentioning that we did not lose our character progress, so getting up and running will be quicker the second time around.

Is a 100-350 person server lonely?

We joined one of the official EU servers and we noticed that the maximum capacity for that server is 300 people. That sure sounds amazing. It will be a vibrant land with lots of new people to meet and trade with, right? While you can see there is life on the planet because of everyone’s bases, we did not encounter too many players. Luckily, every now and again there are world events that bring players together. In conclusion it did feel a bit lonely passing by hundreds of player owned buildings but while the players were afk the world felt kind of empty.


Combat in Cryofalls is simple and solid. You can craft melee and ranged weapons to get the job done or even destroy the enemies while commandeering a walker if you wish. We rocked a simple hatchet for the melee attacks and a musket for ranged combat. Because we played on the PVE server, combat did not feel like the most dominant activity that we had to do to survive. Yes, we had to kill turtles to harvest meat and fat, but you don’t really need a battleaxe to take care of a turtle.

Cryofall early access review

Building and harvesting

We spent most of our time building our base and hoarding the resource that we harvested. When we were not on a mission to mine iron ore we looked for ways to manage our hunger and thirst. It really feels like they nailed the time you need to spend keeping your character alive and expanding your base. It didn’t hurt that the harvesting activity is extremely satisfying, and it immediately reminded me of my carpenting days in Ultima Online.

Early access review conclusion

In conclusion, if you are looking for a relaxing experience with vast areas to explore and massive tech trees to conquer all while building your own fortress, then Cryofall is the right game for you. If you are still not convinced, they even offer an 8 hour free demo via Steam that gives you access to the whole game. We had a blast in the world of Cryofall and will surely return when it sees a full release.