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Deep Rock Galactic class guide

One of the first choices you will make when diving into Deep Rock Galactic, is selecting a class. There are four different classes to choose from, each representing their own distinct strengths and weaknesses. These classes include the Driller, Gunner, Scout, and Engineer. In this guide we touch on the basics of each class and suggest which one you should choose based on your play style. 

Driller Class

Deep Rock Galactic Driller Class
Driller Class Deep Rock Galactic


If you love heavy weapons, fire, explosives and well destruction in general, the Driller Class in Deep Rock Galactic is made just for you. This is my preferred class at the moment.

Primary weapon – Crspr Flamethrower

I have enjoyed the Driller class the most because of his ability to scorch bugs with his intimidating flamethrower. The Driller is extremely efficient with crowd control because he sprays an area with fire and hits multiple bugs, setting them ablaze. As for smaller creatures that require only one hit, the same applies, he annihilates them. 

As fun as it is painting the world with flames, you have to be cognisant of your allies whereabouts at all times. I cannot tell you how many times my friends told me to stop scorching them! It doesn’t pose a massive threat, but it can send them into an unnecessary panic amidst an already intense situation.

Secondary weapon – Subata 120

The Subata is a semi-automatic pistol, so if you can click at hyper speeds, this is the perfect secondary gun. It does decent enough damage to finish off the last creatures of a swarm when your fuel tanks are empty. Don’t expect this secondary gun to get you through a swarm from start to finish, though.

Throwables – Impact Axe

I am absolutely in love with this weapon. At first I expected every throwable to be a grenade, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I am indeed able to throw axes. These axes do incredibly high damage when you hit the bugs on their weak spots. The impressive thing about these axes are you have eight of them, if you miss the shot you can go pick them back up and try again. However, the axe will be consumed when you hit the target. 

Special item – Satchel Charge

Who doesn’t love a massive explosion that removes a huge chunk of earth? This is another item that makes me love the Driller class. You can use the Satchel Charge to deal with grouped enemies or even to remove a significant amount of health from tougher enemies. Be careful when using the Satchel Charges to get out of a tricky situation. If you detonate them too soon, you will go down with your foes, once again, putting your allies in a tough spot.

Traversal Item – Reinforced Power Drills

The Reinforced Power Drills are why this class is called the Driller. You feel like Kratos with his Lion Fists when you have the Power Drills equipped. You can easily traverse up and down any area, enabling you to reach those rare resources or to create a shortcut to an unexplored part of the map. Your teammates will get lazy with you around, when there is an area you need to pass through they will call on you to do the heavy lifting. Don’t worry though, this makes the Driller class shine, so punch down those walls with pride!

Scout Class

Deep Rock Galactic Scout Class
Scout Class Deep Rock Galactic


Are you the type of player that heads straight for the character with an SMG in most games? Well then, the Scout class is for you. You can move around freely and swing from wall to wall, collecting all those out of reach resources while your teammates are still trying to figure out how to get to the top. 

Primary weapon – Deepcore GK2

Have you ever played Overwatch and chose Soldier 76? This gun feels just as satisfying as Soldier’s gun, with the looks to fit. It’s a pretty stock standard assault rifle that gets the job done. This gun rewards accuracy, so if you believe you are a fairly accurate shot this gun will fit you like a glove.

Secondary weapon – Jury-Rigger Boomstick

This probably one of the prettiest guns in Deep Rock galactic, nothing like the look of a sawed-off shotgun. And what better secondary gun to accommodate the assault rifle than a good ol’shotty. Because the Scout class is so versatile and light on his feet, you can easily land two shots up close and immediately zip away to reload. The damage of the Boomstick isn’t significant, but it has a 30% stun chance which can stall your imminent death.

Throwables – IFG

The IFG (inhibitor-field-generator) is a must utility grenade. When a swarm approaches, simply throw one of these IFG’s where the swarm funnels, resulting in more time to kill them. This grenade greatly slows down enemy movement. We have seen how this grenade saves dire situations more than once now.

Special item – Flare Gun

Again, this is such a great utility item, your teammates will love you for the light that you bring to the party. Literally. Shooting one of these flares into a massive dark hole suddenly brings clarity, and you can easily spot the objective resources and entrances to new areas. Remember to use these regularly, you will be surprised how much it helps to not worry about lighting when the next swarm is on your doorstep.

Traversal Item – Grappling Hook

Grappling is what makes the Scout class such a versatile class. The Scout is already effectively equipped and light on his feet, now they even give you a Grappling Hook? The grappling hook is great for escaping tight situations and even better for collecting those fossils or flowers at hard-to-reach places in the map.

Gunner Class

Deep Rock Galactic Gunner Class
Gunner Class Deep Rock Galactic


Do you love being in charge? Well look no further, lead your pack with a minigun and one badass revolver. The sheer sound of the revolver speaks leadership. Hold down swarms while your teammates hide behind a storm of lead. 

Primary weapon – Lead Storm Powered Minigun

Don’t worry, you have plenty of ammo with this absolute destroyer of a weapon. The Gunner class in Deep Rock Galactic really makes you feel like the person responsible to hold the line just before a great battle breaks out. Holding the line is exactly what the Gunner class does best. When you start firing, the minigun spins up and the more you shoot the more accurate it becomes. Similar to the Driller class, the Gunner is great for clearing a swarm in glorious fashion.

Secondary weapon – Bulldog Heavy Revolver

Think of the revolver Rick from The Walking Dead uses, this revolver feels and sounds just as solid and it has the damage to match the intimidating display. When your minigun is all gassed out, switch to the Bulldog Heavy Revolver to send the spiders back to wherever it is they came from. In terms of equipment, the revolver secures the Gunner class to be the class with the most lethal weapons of choice.

Throwables – Sticky Grenade

When it comes to the Gunner class, the grenade is nothing fancy. You start off with a sticky grenade that does the trick. Be sure to land the sticky on the weak spots of enemies to inflict maximum damage.

Support item – Shield Generator

We already said that the Gunner class can hold the line, well it turns out that the Gunner class can also be a key pick when you want to support your team. Placing the Shield Generator strategically allows the Gunner to resurrect downed players safely until the shield’s timer runs out. The same applies when you quickly have to resupply your ammo, throw down a shield and fill those pockets!

Traversal Item – Zipline Launcher

This item really makes you feel like you’re on an expedition that involves heights and “don’t look down” areas. And that is exactly why the Gunner’s Zipline Launcher works so great. If you need to cross a ravine, simply shoot a line across, your whole team can benefit from your zipline too. Similar to the Scout class, you can also use the Zipline Launcher to reach minerals in obscure places. The Zipline Launcher also comes in handy in combat, because most of the creatures cannot fly, if you use your zipline strategically in a swarm you can reign death from above!

Engineer Class

Deep Rock Galactic Engineer Class
Scout Class Deep Rock Galactic


Are you more of a reserved player, lower risks, and everything should be within your control? The Engineer class is perfect for controlling the situation with his command over automated guns and the creation of platforms.

Primary weapon – Warthog Auto 210

A semi-automatic shotgun, this is the ideal up close and personal primary weapon in Deep Rock Galactic. Because the Engineer class is so reliant with his LMG Gun Platform turret, it’s a no brainer to stick around the turret with your shotty. The Warthog Auto 210 isn’t leading the pack when it comes to damage, but it can take care of any stragglers that cross the line.

Secondary weapon – Deepcore 40MM PGL

The grenade launcher is an absolute banger of a weapon. Starting out with a maximum ammo of eight grenades, it isn’t much but you can bet your ass it will clear out a bunch of spiders like its nothing. Because a shotgun is usually a secondary gun, I feel that it’s a refreshing change of pace to have a grenade launcher as a secondary gun for the Engineer class in Deep Rock Galactic.

Throwables – L.U.R.E

It’s in the name. You spawn a dancing hologram that represents a piece of lure. The hologram is a dwarf dancing and taunting the bloodthirsty spiders. While it’s certainly entertaining to watch the hologram dance, it also does a brilliant job of guiding the horde of spiders away from you, giving you and your turret more time to gun them down. This is a necessary item to survive swarms when playing with the Engineer class.

Support item – LMG Gun Platform

The LMG Gun Platform is the bread and butter of the Engineer class in Deep Rock Galactic. One thing that I didn’t notice right away was the fact that you have to manually resupply the turret with ammo. I would advise that you hang around your turret when swarms approach. It is also worth noting that you have to build your turret before it can start mowing down enemies.

Traversal Item – Platform Gun

Engineers are usually good at building things, with the power of the Platform Gun, you too can build things in Deep Rock Galactic. You can build platforms all the way to the ceiling of the cave or way down to the deepest darkest pits of the cave. Your teammates will be ever grateful when you place a neat walkway when they have to run away when they are being overrun by the swarm. Don’t be shy when using the Platform Gun, build all the platforms!

That wraps up all the classes and their starting equipment in Deep Rock Galactic. Let us know which class you prefer in the comments!