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Destiny 2 Item Manager (DIM) – Answering your questions on how to use it and how safe it is to use.

When Hunters, Warlock and Titans come together as Guardians, we can stop the greatest threats in the universe, pile up bodies in the Crucible and be ruthlessly efficient in the Gambit. Despite all of this, we are absolutely crippled when it comes to switching relevant gear between our different characters and the vault. It’s just no fun to leave a raid or other activity to return to the Tower to pick up a piece of gear needed for whatever you are busy with. Luckily, a fantastic little application named Destiny Item Manager or DIM exists to help us reduce the time wasted in loading screens while we play Destiny 2. 

Destiny Item Manager is a third-party application and with this being the case we naturally have some questions and concerns. I am quite skeptical, so I rarely install third-party applications unless I am 100% sure I will not regret it somewhere down the line. In this Destiny 2 Item Manager guide we will take a look at how DIM works and give our thoughts around how safe it is to use.

1. How does the Destiny 2 Item Manager work?

2. Is the Destiny 2 Item Manager safe to use?

3. Cool things you can do with the Destiny 2 Item Manager.

How does the Destiny Item Manager work with Destiny 2?

Destiny Item Manager is not a new application and has been around for quite some time, even since the days of Destiny 1. The folks from Bungie had an interview with some of the programmers that helped to build DIM, and this was already back in 2016. So it should be clear that the application has existed and has been used for quite some time by millions of Guardians. Naturally it has changed (mostly for the better) during its lifetime and what we have today is an easy-to-use system that allows us to switch between gear without having to visit the Tower and our vaults, saving us a lot of time.

Step 1 – Visit the Destiny Item Manager website and click on the “Launch App” button

The Destiny Item Manager is a web app, and that means it runs in your browser. This is fantastic, as you can use it on any device that has a browser. I usually have DIM open on my second screen, but I have used it on my smartphone and it worked like a charm. 

In the picture below you can see how the “Launch App” button looks. To start the process, simply click on it.

Destiny 2 Item Manager 1
[Image: DIM]

Step 2 – Authorize your account details with Bungie

For the Destiny Item Manager to work it requires access to your Destiny 2 characters, vault and progression. If you are fine with this, you can click on the “Authorize with” button. Should you have security concerns with this step, you can check out the second part of this guide to read our opinion on the matter. If you decide not to authorize your account, you unfortunately can not use the Destiny Item Manager. 

Destiny 2 Item Manager 2
[Image: DIM]

Step 3 – Select the platform you use to play Destiny 2

There are a bunch to choose from and you simply have to select the one relevant to your account. Take note that the accounts moved to Steam so if you haven’t migrated your account yet now might be a splendid time to do so.

Destiny 2 Item Manager 3
[Image: Bungie]

Step 4 – Log into the relevant platform with your login details

I use Steam so it redirected me to the Steam login page where I had to log in with my details. Once you enter your login details, you will be redirected back to the Destiny Item Manager website with full access to your characters, their items and many other useful categories.

Step 5 – Have fun never having to travel to the Tower just to switch gear again!

You now have full access to everything you need to switch gear between your characters from the comfort of your browser. Say goodbye to wasting time because of your gear related travels.

Destiny 2 Item Manager 4
[Image: DIM]

Is the Destiny Item Manager safe to use?

As a disclaimer, here at Beards Swords Shotguns we are not security experts at all so we express our own opinions and reflect those of the gaming communities we are part of.

1. Logging in to your connected accounts is done through each individual provider and not through the Destiny Item Manager website

Entering login details for anything is a scary experience in any online context. With all the risks of fraud and other nefarious activities, it is good that we are careful. Because DIM requires you to log in via the platform you are using to play Destiny 2, you are not providing your details to them. You are only telling Steam or whichever platform you use to share some data.

2. Destiny Item Manager does not have access to your personal information stored on the platform you use to play Destiny 2

They make this clear in their privacy statement saying:

In order to display and manipulate Destiny game information, DIM uses the API. You must grant permission for DIM to use this API through The only information DIM receives, or has access to, is your game information (items, characters, etc.) and basic account information including your membership ID, and the identifiers of any linked services such as your public PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, Stadia, Blizzard or usernames. We do not have access to your email, name, address, payment information, or any other personal information held by Bungie or the game platforms.

DIM only stores your Destiny and Bungie information locally on your own device and in memory, in order to provide DIM’s functionality. We do not store any of this information anywhere that the DIM maintainers and contributors can access it.

Use of the API is governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for

3. The community is positive about DIM and it has over 5 million users

With a dedicated and passionate community such as the one we find with Destiny 2, fraud and extortion will be called out as soon as the community notices it. Until now there have been no outcries from the community regarding the Destiny Item Manager. The opposite is actually true and the community heavily endorses its use and the quality of life it brings to Destiny 2.

4. Is the Destiny Item Manager safe to use – our opinion

Based on our experience using the application, we have had no reason to be concerned. The platforms connected to our accounts have never seen any dodgy activity as a result of DIM, and we use it without feeling uneasy. So based on our experience, we feel that the Destiny Item Manager is safe to use. But it is never a terrible idea to ensure your passwords are strong and that you have additional authentication measures on your accounts where they are available.

Some cool things you can do with the Destiny Item Manager

1. Maximize your power

This is especially useful if you are leveling up your characters. With the click of a button, you can transfer your highest level gear straight to the character of your choice. No more sorting through everything that you have hoarded in your vault!

DIM maximize power
[Image: DIM]

2. View your progress

It is well documented that Destiny 2’s menus are not the best and that navigating through them is a chore. With the Destiny Item Manager, you can view all your progress in one place and get a good picture of how far you’ve come and what you still need to do.

DIM progress
[Image: DIM]

3. Vendor view

For new and returning players, the amount of vendors and their bounties can be quite overwhelming. One of the Destiny Item Manager’s features helps you see all the vendors in the game, their available bounties and other stock they have. This is very useful to help you plan your time and get the most out of each visit to a vendor.

DIM vendors
[Image: DIM]

4. Loadout Optimizer

For those that want to build custom optimized loadouts to be ready for any type of encounter, the Destiny 2 Item Manager has you sorted. You can use the available inputs to determine the stats you need for a specific loadout, the desired light level, and lock in the exotic pieces you want to use. The Destiny Item Manager will then sort through your items to optimize your loadout based on your requirements.

DIM loadout optimizer
[Image: DIM]

Final thoughts

The Destiny Item Manager is a superb add-on and will most certainly enhance your Destiny 2 experience. It is very easy to use and based on our experience and those of millions of other Destiny 2 players, it is also safe to use. By using the Destiny Item Manager, you will save lots of time that you would have spent traveling to your vault and back. You can now use this time on other more productive activities and become the most sweaty Guardian on the block! If you are a new or returning Destiny 2 player be sure to check out our Destiny 2 in 2020 guide.