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Doom Eternal: 5 reasons to spend time with Doom 2016

Doom 2016 Environment
Unsettling atmosphere [Image: Bethesda]

Doom Eternal is the next installment in the Doom franchise. Going back a couple years, we got our hands dirty with Doom back in 2016 and it was critically acclaimed for having a phenomenal single player experience. The game received favourable reviews and got a Metascore of 85 and a user score of 8,5. This is no small feat with gamers being known for having strong opinions about things they care about.

With Doom Eternal around the corner, there really isn’t a better time to pick up 2016’s Doom if you haven’t played it already. As I cannot wait to slay some demons in Doom Eternal, I decided to reinstall Doom to get a taste of the action. I already completed the campaign back in 2016 when the game came out, so I jumped straight into the arcade mode the game provides. The arcade mode gives you the chance to replay some of your favourite areas in the game and try to beat your high score. If the arcade mode alone doesn’t convince you to get back into the action, here are 5 more reasons to give Doom a go in 2020.


When Doom launched, it was a $60 title, and it was worth every penny I paid for it. You can now pick the game up for way less than its original price, it is on a 70% off special on Steam ending on the 2nd of March. If you judge a game’s worth on the fact that $1 should give you 1 hour of entertainment, then this purchase should be an even easier decision. The Doom campaign is designed to take players 13 hours to complete, so it will certainly entertain you if you’re looking for a 10 hours or more campaign experience.


While writing this post I was blasting the Doom soundtrack to get even more inspired and hyped for the game. Where do I even start with how well this soundtrack fits into the game? The way the developers and sound designers weaved the music into the chaos is a beautiful symphony of destruction. The music drives you into a blood rage, evoking your inner slaying tendencies. You might wonder what type of genre might this be? It’s metal, and it hits just as hard as the Doom guy. 

Wiping the blood off your visor and sticking your shotgun down a demon’s throat makes you feel like a badass, but add some of Mick Gordon’s music and you will reach a whole new level of badass. As you enter a huge room filled with ammo and health pickups, the music awakens in the background and it creates an air of anticipation like no other soundtrack. As soon as that first riff hits, you will go straight for the throat of the nearest demon and continue until the last note fades. 

If you are interested in this genre of music, I would suggest that you add the Doom soundtrack to your playlist, I have added it to my Spotify account. The soundtrack features 31 songs that will keep you head banging for about 2 hours and 8 minutes. Even if you don’t add it to your playlist, you will get enough of it when playing the game.


There are 16 different demons in the game, varying from flying, humanoid and mechanical. I won’t be covering every single demon, but here are some of my favourite demons to slay.


This is probably the most iconic demon in the Doom franchise, I remember when I was a kid playing Doom, this particular demon freaked me out the most. I believe it was because of its large presence and the fact that it’s not a humanoid type demon. Cacodemons are not the biggest threat in the game but they definitely create a dynamic where you cannot only scan the floor for threats you have to look above you to see if some of them are floating about.

Cacodemon [Image: Bethesda]

Hell Knight

I enjoyed fighting the Hell Knight the most because I felt like they are an equal match for the Doom guy. They are bigger than your character and way more primal, but they make a worthy opponent and damn it’s satisfying to bash in their skulls. The Hell Knight is also a very iconic demon in the Doom franchise, I mean hell they even featured on Doom 3’s cover.

There are many other demons to slay, and they all have something that makes them unique. I am sure you will recognise most of them if you played the first Doom game that was released in 1993. I recommend you head straight to mars and see all the different demons for yourself.

Hell Knight [Image: Bethesda]


Doom offers you an extensive arsenal of weapons to choose from. From a pistol to a BFG, there are so many to choose from and I am sure you will find one that fits your play style. Even better, almost every gun has an alternate special firing mode. You access the special firing mode when you right click, yes you heard me, right click. You might be used aiming down the sights when right clicking in a shooter, not in Doom. For example, the shotgun’s special shooting mode can either be a triple shot or an explosive round, both are equally powerful it just depends on what gameplay style you prefer. Two of my favourite guns in the game would be the combat shotgun and the chain gun.

Combat Shotgun

There is almost no better gun in a single player game than a shotgun in my opinion. The sheer power behind every slug is what gets me excited. Shotguns in single player games feel like the equivalent of axes in RPG games. They are brutal, loud and straight to the point. In Doom’s case, the shotgun feels powerful and seems like the right tool to get the job done in a dangerous world filled with hellspawn. In most of the Doom trailers you will see the Doom guy holding his trusty shotgun. 

Doom Eternal Combat Shotgun
Doom Combat Shotgun [Image: Bethesda]

Chain gun

The chain gun is a dangerous weapon. It is huge, and it feels like you ripped off a gun from a crashed battleship and now you are carrying it with you. The gun operates like you would expect any mini-gun to operate. The barrels spin to gain momentum, once it gains enough momentum it starts melting through the ammo in your inventory in no time. What I liked the most about the chain gun in Doom is when you add the mobile turret upgrade it becomes a weapon of mass destruction. It folds out and gets one extra barrel, barrel spin time almost gets eliminated and you can instantly begin melting through hordes of demons. You don’t have unlimited ammo so save the occasion for bigger foes.

Doom Chain Gun
Doom Chain Gun [Image: Bethesda]

Because it’s Doom

The game runs on the id Tech 6 engine and my computer maintained 144fps on a 1080ti on HD resolution. The gameplay is buttery smooth and any game running on this engine is always a delightful experience. When playing such an intense shooter game you don’t want to be dealing with lag at all, you want every frame to count as you mow down the demons in your path.

If you enjoy shooter games and you haven’t yet tried out Doom, I highly recommend you buy the game. A word of warning though, you might struggle to contain your excitement for Doom Eternal after dipping your toes into the Doom universe.