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Drake Hollow Base Building Guide

Building a solid base that can feed, protect, and entertain your Drakes is a fundamental part of the gameplay loop in Drake Hollow. There are lots of options for each of the needs your Drakes have, and in this Drake Hollow base building guide we discuss the best options as you progress through the game. We also provide some tips and tricks for building your base and getting your village up and running with things like water and electricity. 

Drake Hollow base building – the basics

Before we dive into the best building options and other advanced tips, we discuss the basics of base building in Drake Hollow as it isn’t as straightforward as you would think. 

Build Mode

The default controls on PC to enter build mode uses the ‘C’ button. When you are in build mode you can place, rotate, and start construction on buildings you have unlocked. Build mode in Drake Hollow works quite well, and it is easy to place your buildings and objects precisely where and as you want them. 

Inspect Mode

While build mode is necessary to place whatever you want to build, inspect mode (the ‘X’ key) allows you to interact with what you have already built. This is an important function to dismantle or destroy buildings you want to move or remove. It is also how you connect water and electricity in Drake Hollow, but more on that later. Don’t be afraid to dismantle buildings to get your base perfect as you recover the materials you used to build something when it is dismantled. 

Inspect mode also shows you the durability of your buildings and defences, and interacting with damaged buildings allows you to order repairs to be done. It is always a good idea to do a quick round of your base after a raid to ensure you don’t lose a building to an attack. 

Camp Status

When you press the ‘TAB’ key to enter the in-game options in Drake Hollow there are two important categories, the first one is your camp status. Camp status is your management dashboard in Drake Hollow, and central to effective base building. Here you can see an overview of all your buildings and you can get more information on their condition, output, whether they are working, how many improvement budget points they require, and their operating cost. 

Having a balance between these stats is important to have an effective and well defended base. Another important stat in the camp status window is your improvement budget. Each building in Drake Hollow (apart from walls and relays) costs a certain amount of points to build and use in your base. You cannot exceed the amount of points you have available, and the only way to increase your points is by leveling up your camp. You Level up your camp in Drake Hollow by finding additional Drakes in the wilderness and upgrading these Drakes by giving them crystals. 

Another important part of your camp status window is the consumption indicator beneath the improvement budget bar. Here you can see how much of each resource is being consumed by your Drakes and how many of that resource you are producing. There is no need to produce more than your Drakes use, so try to keep the supply and demand balanced.

Drake Hollow Base Building Guide Camp Status

Tech Tree

A second important category in the in-game options is the tech tree. Here you can explore all the building options Drake Hollow offers and plan your upgrades accordingly. Each time you level up your camp, you gain access to new buildings. These are unlocked with schematics you find throughout the world. Schematics is a limited resource so plan ahead to decide which buildings you will unlock as you won’t have enough to unlock everything each time you gain a level. 

Tech Tree Drake Hollow

Drake Hollow base building – the best buildings to build

Now that you have an understanding of the basic elements of base building in Drake Hollow, we can discuss the best buildings to build for each category as you move through the different camp levels. Drake Hollow is dynamic enough that you can build whatever you want and be fine, but following our base building guide means you have a lot of extra points to build cool stuff in your base.


Lobster Pen Drake Hollow
Some of my Lobster Pens.

Drakes need to eat. You don’t but your drakes definitely need to, otherwise they will lose health and leave your camp. There are many options for food in Drake Hollow, but we will list the best ones for each level:

Level 1 – Cleansing Cauldron

Level 2 – Planter

Level 4 – Tub Planter

Level 5 – Lobster Pen

Level 10 – Hydroponic Greenhouse (optional)

Up to Level 4, you will have to make regular trips to your base to either refill your cauldron(s) or plant new seeds in your planters. Once you build a Lobster Pen and supply it with electricity and water, your food process is automated and you will never have to worry about feeding your Drakes as long as you build more Lobster Pens as you get more Drakes. You can build a Hydroponic Greenhouse at level 10, but you will have to plant seeds again. The Hydroponic Greenhouse supplies an insane amount of food if you want to go back and tend to the crops every now and again.


Drake Hollow Base Building Guide Water
Gotta stay hydrated.

Like food, your Drakes need water, otherwise they will wither. Water is split into two types, blighted water used to power different buildings and cleansed water, which is gulped up by your Drakes. Here is the best water-based buildings for your base:

Level 1 – Cleansing Cauldron

Level 2 – Cleansing Well

Level 5 – Electric Water Pump & Cleansing Water Cooler

Level 9 – Cleansed Water Alchemizer & Cleansing Water Tank

The Cleansing Cauldron uses Juice Boxes to create water for your Drakes, but this is not a long-term solution. As soon as you hit level 2 build a few Cleansing Wells and you should be fine regarding water. When you hit level 5, route some water from an Electric Water Pump to your newly built Cleansing Water Coolers. Depending on your number of Drakes, two Electric Water Pumps should be fine to supply your Water Coolers and Lobster Pens. When you hit level 9, replace your Electric Water Pumps with Cleansed Water Alchemizers and your Cleansing Water Coolers with Cleansing Water Tanks. You shouldn’t have any water problems using this method. 


Drakes are fragile creatures, and if they become bored, they will leave your camp. Therefore, you need entertainment to keep them occupied. Here are our suggestions:

Level 1 – Poppet

Level 2 – Yoga Ball

Level 7 – Hot Tub

Entertainment is pretty easy to manage, although you will have an army of Yoga Balls with our method for a little while. Poppets are limited use items you unlock in level 1. Only use them until you can build Yoga Balls when you hit level 2. I think I had around 13 Yoga Balls before I dismantled them and built Hot Tubs when I reached level 7. Yoga Balls have the added fun-factor that you can jump around on them when you yourself become bored.


During nighttime your Drakes go to bed, if they have one. If they become sleep deprived they will run out of your camp and bury themselves in the ground somewhere near your base. It is a hassle to find them so rather build them a place to sleep.

Level 1 – Thatched Bed

Level 2 – Bed

Level 3 – Bunk Bed

Like Poppets, the level 1 Thatched Beds are a limited use item, and it’s best to build beds as soon as you reach level 2. The normal level 2 beds only have space for one Drake so it’s much more effective to build Bunk Beds as soon as you hit level 3. Bunk Beds is all you need to get to the end with plenty of points to spare.


Tesla Coil Drake Hollow
No one is getting through my Tesla Coils.

Raids are something you have to live with in Drake Hollow, and an important part of base building is building defences. When the Feral raid your base, waves of enemies spawn that destroy the buildings in your base. This is not what we want, so follow our tips below to keep them out, and unlock some achievements if you are lucky.

Level 3 – Wood Fence

Level 4 – Tall Wood Fence

Level 7 – Tesla Coil

I only used Wood Fences throughout the game, and the enemy never breached my base. You can use stone or iron fences if you want to keep exploring while your defences take care of the raid, but I preferred to return to base when there was a raid. There are quite a few options when it comes to offensive structures, but the Tesla Coils are by far the best and most reliable. They do however take up a good chunk of improvement points, so be aware of the fact that you may need to dismantle them to level up at some point. 

With four Tesla Coils defending your base, nothing will get in. The Bunker and Ballista are also good options, but at the time of writing this guide, the Drakes are sometimes buggy and abandon these defences, leaving you to get rid of the enemies, manually. 

Drake Hollow base building – how to connect power and water

You now know the basics of base building in Drake Hollow, and you know which buildings are the best to build as progress through the game. Feel free to deviate from our formula, there are many other efficient ways to build an efficient base. 

There is, however, only one way to connect power and water in Drake Hollow. At the start of the guide we shortly discussed inspect mode. Inspect mode enables you to interact with buildings and access all their functions. 

When in inspect mode you can access your power and water generating buildings by holding the ‘E’ button when standing next to them. You will then see a connected pipe icon for water buildings and a plugged-in cable icon for power buildings (see screenshots below). When you select the option to connect water or power your character will have either a power cord or a water pipe in their hands and you have to walk to the building requiring the resource and hold ‘E’ again to connect the resource. Just like that, you have successfully connected either water or power to buildings in your Drake Hollow base. 

You can also use power and water relays to keep your base tidy, but they are not necessary.

Start building!

That is it for our Drake Hollow base building guide. We hope you have learned something from our guide and perhaps even use some of our tips and tricks to build an epic base for your Drakes. Base building is truly one of the standout parts of Drake Hollow, so take your time and enjoy the process.