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Drake Hollow Beginners Guide

With Drake Hollow on Xbox Games pass for PC, there really is no reason not to play it. Drake Hollow is set in a beautiful world where you build and protect a home for little plants called Drakes. The closest and most recent comparison we could make was that Drake Hollow feels somewhat similar to Grounded in the sense that it also has combat, survival and base building in an interesting world.

Although the tutorial in Drake Hollow is quite extensive, they left out some basics players had to figure out for themselves. In this Drake Hollow beginners guide, we will shed some light on some less obvious parts of the game.

1. Drake Hollow multiplayer

When we started playing Drake Hollow, we knew it would be a stellar multiplayer experience and we couldn’t wait to jump into a lobby and start building our new home. We did not see a host or join option in the game’s menu and that got us wondering how to play multiplayer in Drake Hollow? You must complete the tutorial until the point where your base gets attacked by the Feral, and in Drake Hollow this is called a raid. Once you finish your first raid, you can invite your friends to your game.

If you want to know whether you are eligible for multiplayer during the tutorial, press escape to find UI text telling you need to progress further into the campaign before you can play multiplayer. If there is no such text, you can invite your friends right away. The next time you load one of your saved games, there will be a multiplayer lobby where you can invite your friends.

2. How to dash in Drake hollow

One of the crucial movement controls that does not get explained in the tutorial of Drake Hollow is how to dash. Because we are playing on PC, we can press left ctrl to make our character dash forward. The dash ability is especially useful when you have to dash out of tight situations where enemies scatter bombs all over the floor.

3. How to block in Drake hollow

Another one of the crucial mechanics the tutorial skipped is how to block in Drake Hollow. You often find yourself in a combat situation, so blocking is an important ability to use. In chaotic battles we constantly got hit by enemy projectiles and we wondered, can you even block in Drake Hollow? You can block by pressing and holding the middle mouse button.

4. How to cross water in Drake Hollow

When playing Drake Hollow you can draw the conclusion that water is lava and lava kills you. What we mean is water is dangerous and you’ll need certain items to cross these blight-filled waters. Luckily there are multiple ways to safely cross water to get to a new island. As you explore the islands, you will find many items and amongst those items you will find glowstone shards and shoe laces. Open the crafting menu by pressing C and navigating to the curio crafting section by pressing tab to craft yourself some Aether Wards. When you press and hold “3” it will open the item wheel and when you want to cross water, select Aether Wards.

Once you have equipped Aether Wards, you can press Q to activate them. When Aether Wards are active, you will see a glow around your character and a timer of 16 seconds will start counting down. During the active period you can safely cross water, taking no damage. However, be careful when travelling over long distances through water because when the timer runs out and you are not on dry land, you will most likely die.

5. How to connect islands to each other

Connecting islands in Drake Hollow is the endgame for how you will move between islands compared to consuming Aether Wards. We say this because it is not sustainable to keep crafting Aether Wards to move through the water. You might wonder how do you connect islands? You need to place waypoints on the different islands to create a connected network of waypoints, allowing you to travel between islands. Let’s start with what you’ll need to craft a Waypoint:

  • 2 x Glowing stones
  • 1 x Duct tape

Once you have these, open your curio crafting menu and craft a Waypoint. Similar to when you selected the Aether Wards, press and hold “3” to equip the Waypoint. Place the Waypoint by pressing Q. Now, it is important to note that these waypoints do not have an infinite range, so you will have to place them in proximity to each other to connect them. Usually it’s a safe bet to place them on the shores of the islands you wish to connect.

Drake Hollow beginners guide

To connect two islands in Drake Hollow, you will need to have a waypoint on each island to connect them. Once you have placed them in proximity to each other, interact with the waypoint by pressing E and aim towards the one you wish to connect with. When it is in range, you can press the spacebar and a connection will form. You can now jump onto this line and skate from island to island, no longer needing to consume Aether Wards to cross the water.

6. Drake Hollow building supplies

Now that you know how to connect different islands to each other, it is time to bring some resources to your base. Scattered across the map, you will find supply vans. These vans contain specific materials needed to upgrade your base. You might wonder how you get supplies to your base in Drake Hollow? Every supply truck has a waypoint already installed, making it easy to connect the supply truck to your web of waypoints, no need to craft your own waypoints using your precious resources.

It is important that you attach your Depot in your base to your network of waypoints, otherwise the resource won’t automatically transfer from the supply vans to your base. When you have successfully connected the supply truck to your Depot, you will see resources literally travel across your waypoints.

Drake Hollow beginners guide

7. How to level up your camp in Drake Hollow

If you want to progress through the campaign, you need to upgrade your camp in Drake hollow. Why upgrade your camp you might wonder? When you upgrade your camp, you unlock new tiers of your tech tree that can be unlocked using schematics. You upgrade your base by aging up your drakes. How do you know if you have the resources required to upgrade your drakes? When you press tab it will bring up your camp menu. From your camp menu, navigate to the “drakes” tab. This tab is where you can manage your drakes. You can see their hunger, thirst, boredom and sleep here but most importantly you can see if you have any resources used to age them available.

When you select a specific drake and you look at the right bottom corner, you can see it has a message that reads “Age up with [insert material], You have [x] in your bag”. If you have any of the resources required to age a drake, find that drake in your camp, interact with him and give him the resources. With so many resources in Drake Hollow, it is difficult to keep track of what you have and what you don’t have. No more guessing if you have enough resources to level up your camp in Drake Hollow.

8. How to manage the needs of your Drakes

In Drake Hollow your main purpose is to protect, feed, and entertain your drakes. We will quickly do a breakdown of what you need to do to manage your drakes.

How to manage drake hunger?

The most basic item to curb their hunger is to build a cauldron and as you travel, you will pick up food items which you can throw into the pot. This will keep them from dying of hunger, but it is only temporary. A more sustainable method of providing your drakes with food is to build a couple of planters. You can plant a maximum of 8 seeds in these planters. As the seeds grow, the drakes eat them so you will have to check on the planters every now and again.

Drake Hollow beginners guide

You will need the following materials to build a planter:

  • 4 x Lumber
  • 4 x Stone
  • 20 x Charms

How to manage drake thirst?

As your drakes loiter around your camp they will get thirsty, while the cauldron is a temporary solution to their thirst we suggest you build a cleansing well to quench their thirst. One cleansing well will provide your camp with 4 units of water.

You will need the following materials to build a cleansing well:

  • 2 x Lumber
  • 5 x Stone
  • 20 Charms

How to manage drake boredom?

Idle hands are the devil’s playground, while this is at least not true for the drakes, they do get bored in your camp. Luckily, it does not take much to keep them entertained. Craft a couple of Yoga balls to keep these buggers busy. One Yoga ball will supply your camp with 4 entertainment.

You will need the following materials to build a yoga ball:

  • 2 x Stone
  • 5 x Fabric
  • 20 Charms

How to manage drake sleep?

The most basic bed, the thatched bed unfortunately is a once-off use item, so once the drakes have finished sleeping, the thatched bed will disintegrate. A better, more permanent solution would be to construct a bed.

You will need the following materials to build a bed:

  • 4 x Lumber
  • 4 x Fabric
  • 20 x Charms

9.  How to get charms in Drake Hollow?

Charms is a resource you will need for building most  things in Drake Hollow. Where do you find charms, you might wonder? Your drakes generate charms as you manage them, that’s the least they can do for the effort we put into keeping them happy. We found a nifty way to see which of your drakes has some charms to give you. When you are at your camp, press X to inspect, this will highlight your drakes and give you an indication of whether they have charms to give you. When they have charms, you can interact with them and it will automatically be collected.

We hope this Drake Hollow beginners guide helps you in keeping your drakes happy and progressing through the campaign.