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Escape From Tarkov Chemical Part 3

The Chemical Part 3 quest can be intimidating for two reasons, you have to play Factory, and well you have to play Factory. Factory is Escape From Tarkov’s close quarters map filled with a mix of veteran and new players alike. Because the map is so small, it’s easy to learn all the spawn points and know where to look, but if it’s easy for you, it’s easy for other players. 

Chemical Part 3 is a simple quest on paper, but the trick to this quest is, you have to collect the reagent in the office, one of the pvp hotspots of the map and successfully extract from this map. Once you spawn in, familiarise yourself with your spawn location and keep in mind the other possible player spawns. You have to make your way all the way to the top of the office. You can either rush there or wait for a fight to break out and use the sound distraction to your advantage.

To summarise the Escape From Tarkov Chemical Part 3 quest from Skier:

  1. Load into the Factory map;
  2. Make your way up to the top floor where the office is
  3. If you enter the hallway from the office side, you need to kick down the third door down the hallway. If you did not enter the hallway from the office side, kick down the second door.
  4. Grab the reagent from the drawer in the right side of the room as you enter
  5. Extract with reagent to complete the quest.
Escape From Tarkov Chemical Part 3
Quest room
Escape From Tarkov Chemical Part 3
Quest cabinet
Escape From Tarkov Chemical Part 3
Quest item

Breach the room next to the office and gain entry to the room. This will cause a massive noise letting every bloodthirsty chad know exactly where you are. Proceed with caution. Once you enter the room, you will see a cabinet to your right, the second drawer from the top will be slightly open, in there you will find the reagent you need. Pick up the reagent as quickly as possible, now all you have to do is extract from the map.

It took me a total of three runs to finish this quest. On my first run, I took in an SKS with BP rounds, a gun I am comfortable with, however in retrospect not an excellent choice for the close quarters of the Factory map. I did not make it out alive. I went in light on my second run, got destroyed in the hallway after I collected the reagent. As soon as I kicked in the door, I heard players rotate towards my location and I knew I was not ready for this fight. The third time I went in full sweaty, ready for a fight. I played about half pace slower compared to the rushed approaches of the two previous rounds. I waited for a firefight to break out, used that as my queue to rush into the room. 

When you get to this quest, try not to procrastinate, just get in there and get the job done, this is definitely one of the Escape From Tarkov quests that you can complete when you don’t have a long gaming session at your disposal.

Good luck out there,

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