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Escape From Tarkov Customs key guide

Customs is one of the most popular maps that Escape From Tarkov has to offer. If you are looking for some quick action and medium to close quarter battles, you’ll love the Customs map. Currently, the maximum number of players that can spawn on the Customs map per session is 12 and this is exactly why it makes for a great PvP map. Customs is also epic because it is not only a PvP map, but it also has really good loot spots. But we are not here to talk about PvP, we came here to talk about loot!

This Escape From Tarkov Customs key guide will help you maximize the amount of loot you can take to your hideout after you extract from the map. If you are not familiar with the Customs map, you can use this map as reference to see where you are on the map.


Dorms is a hotspot on Customs because of the high-value loot and a chance for the scav boss, Reshala, to spawn. Players tend to flock towards the dorms area for a great challenge in PvP combat and of course for some good loot. This guide is not about combat though, it’s about what keys you need to open the rooms of highest value.

Lay the land

It is important to note that there are two different dorm buildings. You get the three-story dorms building and right across from it you will find a two story dorm building. If you want to maximize your loot you have to familiarize yourself with both. If you don’t know these yet I would suggest that you drop into an offline match without any AI and head straight to the dorms. Explore both the buildings and get a feel for their routes, rooms and corners. Also, take a look at the different entrances and exits to prepare for situations where you will need to make a quick escape with your loot. Once you are familiar with the layout of the two dorms buildings, you can head back into a real match and build upon your newly gained knowledge. You have to get there quick though as a lot of players rush to the dorms immediately after they spawn. 

On the customs map, you will always spawn on either the far side of the two story dorms or the far side of the three story dorms. Even If you spawn on the far side of the two-story dorms building, I would suggest you head straight for the three-story dorms building because it has a higher chance for better loot. 

Both dorm buildings have multiple rooms that you can enter. The contents of these rooms vary from quests, loot and even a place to take cover while you are being suppressed by enemy PMC’s. As you can imagine the rooms that require keys must surely have something of value inside them.

Let’s have a look at the rooms that need keys and what loot they hold as we progress through this Escape From Tarkov Customs key guide .

Dorms three-story building

Escape From Tarkov three story dorms

Room 314 or better known as the Marked room

This is the highest value room on the map, which means that most players will gravitate towards this room. This room has the potential to spawn keybars, item cases, gun cases and high-end guns. When rushing up to this room, always check the bathroom opposite the entrance as I have been camped multiple times out of this bathroom. 

Marked Room

Room 303

This room has a chance to spawn a gun on the table and has a military crate which can spawn some weapon mods. I have even got a BEAR med kit from this crate so don’t skip this one.

Room 303

Room 214

This room has a vault so be sure to get your grubby paws on its locking mechanism. One thing to notice about room 214 is that it is close to one of the exits. This is a blessing and a curse because you can either make a quick getaway if you end your loot run with this room or you can be caught with your pants down when players enter the building from this angle.

Escape From Tarkov 214

Room 218

This room has a chance to spawn a weapon on the floor, it’s not the best room to loot but it can still yield some profit.

Room 218

Dorms two-story building

Escape From Tarkov key guide  two story dorms

Guard desk

This room is probably one of the more dangerous rooms to loot because players can easily peek through the window while you are busy looting. The guard desk has one gun crate and two ammo crates. The gun crate is less important than the ammo crates and I have found some high-end ammo in these crates which sells for way more than the gun would on the flea market. 

Escape From Tarkov key guide Guard Desk

Room 114

This is another high-value room. It has a medcase, pc and vault that you can loot. This room is not as risky to loot just be sure to check the hallway for any unannounced guests before heading out.

Room 114

Room 110

This is the room right across from room 114, it only has a vault that you can loot. As with most of the rooms in the dorms, check the hallway before continuing your loot spree.

Escape From Tarkov key guide Room 110

Room 104

This room has two jackets and one toolbox to loot. Always loot jackets, they have a chance to contain keys. If you find duplicate keys of high-value rooms you could turn a big profit.

Room 104

Room 105

This room sits across from room 104, this room only has a safe for you to loot. By the time you get to this room, you should be close to the end of your loot run. Be wary of any PMC’s lurking around the dorms area.

Room 105

Where can you find all these keys?

Room 314 or better known as the Marked room

This key spawns in scav’s backpacks and pockets as well as jackets.

Room 303

This key spawns in scav’s backpacks and pockets

Room 214

Spawns at garage 88 on the customs map, in between two stacked palettes

Escape From Tarkov key guide 214 Key
Room 214 Key

Room 218

This key spawns in cabinets and pockets and bags of scavs

Guard desk key

This key spawns inside the two-story dorms. Enter the building using the main entrance, turn left into the hallway and take the first door to your right. You will find yourself in a bathroom, there is a dead scav lying on the floor, the key spawns in his hand. 

Escape From Tarkov key guide Guard Desk Key

Room 114 Key

There is a blue car at the military base checkpoint, the blue car has a blue jacket in its boot. This jacket spawns the 114 keys. This key can also be found in pockets and bags of scavs.

Escape From Tarkov key guide Room 114 Key

Room 110 Key

Head into the container building opposite the military base checkpoint. In the back of the building you will find some blue lockers. One of the lockers has a little red box attached to it, the 110 key spawns inside this red box. This key can also be found in pockets and bags of scavs.

Escape From Tarkov key guide Room 110 Key

Room 104 Key

This key spawns inside the guard desk room inside the key cabinet against the wall. You will need to find the guard desk key to gain access to the room first. This key can also be found in pockets and bags of scavs.

Escape From Tarkov key guide Key Cabinet

Room 105 Key

This key spawns in cabinets,pockets and bags of scavs

Happy key farming

You need to have these keys on your character to unlock the rooms. To save some space in your gamma container you can make use of a docs case or a keybar to store multiple keys. 

Now that you know where to find these keys, why not jump straight into customs and start farming them. You can follow the same guide when playing with a scav to maximise your loot. Let us know if you found this Escape From Tarkov Customs key guide useful in your way to the top. Don’t forget to pray to the RNG gods, you’ll need it for some keys to spawn.

Happy farming