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Escape From Tarkov South African servers

Escape From Tarkov Dorms
Image Credit: Battlestate Games

High Latency

Battlestate Games announced on their forums that they will add new servers in different locations around the globe. This is fantastic news for the game itself, as it highlights that more people are interested in this brilliant military simulator. If you had your eye on Battlestate Games’s social media platforms, you would have noticed a healthy growth in interest and hype concerning the game.

I started playing Escape From Tarkov in 2016 and I will be honest with you; I got used to high latency.

I still get anything from 170ms to 240ms latency on European servers. I know there are people that can relate, looking at one user on Twitter stating: “Can’t believe we are getting our own servers! Usually dealing with 180/200 ping”.

Escape from Tarkov new Server list

If you are like me and the gentleman from Twitter and you have been playing with high ping, the possibility of having local servers gets you hyped! On the 25th of January 2020, Battlestate games made an update on their official Twitter page. They stated that they have added 10 US servers, 2 in Japan, 1 in Spain, 2 in Russia, 2 in Singapore, 2 in Hong Kong, 1 in Italy, 1 in the Netherlands and 1 in Germany. That is 22 new servers in total. They also mentioned that more are coming, including servers in South Africa.

However, Battlestate adds and clarifies “Reminder: Escape from Tarkov is in its early access stage, as such, all the features and plans for the game development are subject to change, this also applies to this topic.”. Not to be all doom and gloom, but it is important to have patience with these sort of announcements.

In light of recent damages to the SAT-3 cable that connects South Africa to the rest of the world, local servers would be welcomed with open arms.

Jump right into Escape From Tarkov

If you are reading this and wondering whether you should wait for servers or start playing, start playing. I wrote a quick guide on how to maximise your scav run on the Customs map. This could prove helpful along your journey of becoming an unstoppable PMC killing machine.  

Even if we don’t get local servers, I will sure as hell not stop playing the game.