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Escape From Tarkov Search Mission

Search mission is a new quest that you will receive from Prapor. We believe this is the perfect quest that forces you to learn the new expansion of the Woods map. The story behind the quest is that Prapor lost contact with one of his groups that got ambushed by USEC, who set up camp close to the convoy’s route. You have to find out what happened at the scene by finding the USEC’s temporary camp and Prapor’s convoy.

How to complete the Search Mission quest in Escape From Tarkov

The first time when we received this quest, we hadn’t even played the new expansion of the Woods map, so we knew finding this convoy was going to be a challenge. We played the map a few times just to get our heads around the layout to orient ourselves properly. We went old school and even bought a map of Woods from Therapist to see if that would help us. Unfortunately, it does not seem that they have updated the Woods map and we had to revert to other sources.

It is critical that you familiarise yourself with the map before jumping into this quest, it will benefit you in future situations to know the map. In this guide we will show you the simple way to find Prapor’s cargo and the USEC’s temporary camp to complete the Search mission on Woods.

How to find Prapor’s Cargo when doing the Search Mission?

Step 1

First, let’s start at a location you should be familiar with by now, the lumberyard, located in the center of the Woods map. 

Step 2

From the lumberyard, move forward (use the direction of our screenshot) until you find a dirt road. If you remember where the vehicle extraction was before the map’s expansion, move in that direction.

Step 3

Once you hit the road, take a right and continue along the road, moving away from the lumberyard.

Step 4

Continue walking down the road, you will soon find a crossroad, take the road that branches out to the left.

Step 5

Continue down that road, you will once again find a crossroad, take the road that branches to the left.

Step 6

Continue along that road until you find a power-line pylon and a blue dumpster. This blue dumpster will be crucial to finding the USEC’s temporary camp. Once you are next to the blue dumpster, take a sharp right off the road and into the woods.

Step 7

Not long after heading into the woods you’ll find the USEC temporary camp. You will complete the first part of Prapor’s Search Mission once you have explored the USEC temporary camp.

Step 8

After you have ticked the USEC temporary camp off, it is now time to move toward Prapor’s convoy.

Step 9

Continue forward through the USEC temporary camp, maintaining the same direction you used to move into the woods from the blue dumpster. You should see a small lake in front of you, this means you are close.

Step 10

When you approach the lake, you will find another small lake next to it, cross in between those two lakes and keep moving forward.

Step 11

You will hit the road and find Prapor’s convoy right in front of you. The same as the USEC temporary camp, explore the convey until the mission gets ticked off.

Now that you have found both the USEC temporary camp and Prapor’s convoy, it is crucial that you extract to complete the mission. One thing that got us when we first did the quest is we thought you could do the Search Mission quest in segments, turns out you have to explore both areas in the same raid in order to complete the mission.

What do you get when you complete Prapor’s Search Mission?

You will receive +0.04 attitude with Prapor, 2000 Roubles, 2000 Experience points and most importantly a compass, to be specific an EYE MK2 professional hand-held compass.

How do you equip a compass in Escape from Tarkov?

After not playing for a while, we noticed a new inventory slot next to your pockets with a placeholder image of a compass. This slot is designated for a compass. Once you have received the compass as a reward from Prapor, drag it into that slot. You will have access to your new compass in your next raid. You can whip out the compass by pressing the “U” key on your keyboard to see where the hell you are going or to call out to your friends from where the shots are coming.

We hope this Search Mission guide helps you find the USEC temporary camp and Prapor’s convoy.