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Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist

What you’ll need to complete this quest

  • Unknown key
  • Collect the DOCS 0048 quest item
  • Successful extraction

Spawn into the Customs map to complete the The Extortionist quest. Your spawn location can also be a factor in how difficult it will be to complete this quest and if you will have to complete it in two different rounds. 

If you spawn on the Customs office side of the map, I would suggest that you complete the whole quest in one go. You can use this map as a reference to get to know your way around the Customs map, credit to Reddit user, u/Monsieur_dArtagnan. Head over to the dead scav in the bush close to the RUAF Roadblock extraction. On his body you will find the unknown key, this key has a 100% spawn rate, meaning it will be on his body every time, unless someone else nicked it. 

Dead scav in the bush

Once you have the key, continue heading toward the shipping yard. As always proceed with caution when doing quests, you never know who you’ll run into. As you get to the shipping yard you will find an unknown hut in the middle of the yard. Use the unknown key to unlock this hut.

Once you are inside the hut, do not expect to find any sweet loot, the only item that spawns in there will be the quest item, DOCS 0048. You can find the quest item underneath what looks like a jacket on the floor as you enter the shack. Crouch and pick up the item.

Unknown Hut
Quest item

You’re not out of the woods yet, you still have to extract. I would suggest you head to ZB-1011 extraction because you can hug the walls all the way there to avoid unnecessary engagements. A word of advice, keep the unknown key in your secure container, that way when you die you won’t have to collect the key again. If you die after you retrieved the quest item, you will have to fetch it again in your new run and extract because you cannot store this item in your secure container. 

If you didn’t spawn at the Customs office side, the quest will play out a bit differently. You will pass the unknown hut where you get the quest item without a key, so you will have to travel all the way to the dead guy in the bush to get the key first. Once you have the key, you must put yourself in danger again, heading back to the shack with the quest item. Once you get the DOCS 0048 item, head back to the extractions on the Customs office side of the map. You could always use one run to get the key, loot up as you would normally do and in your next run go for the unknown hut.

The rewards for this quest aren’t something to get excited about, but at least it’s a drop in the bucket. You get the following:

The Extortionist quest rewards

  1.  3200XP
  2. +0.08 Reputation with Skier
  3. 500 Dollars
  4. Vepr AKM / VPO-209 366TKM carbine
  5. 3 x Izhmash AK magazine

Like I always say, keep grinding these Escape From Tarkov quests, the experience ramps up nicely and it gives you the opportunity to explore what the game has to offer.