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Escape From Tarkov Tigr Safari

Getting started with the quest

Completing quests in Escape From Tarkov is an efficient way to level up your character. You might wonder why you need to level your character. Having a higher level means that you can unlock the different trader tiers. This is handy because the higher tier the trader the better items you can buy from them. I am on the second mission that Peacekeeper gives, Tigr Safari. He needs me to mark 3 vehicles on the Customs map. I might add that unlike Prapor, Peacekeeper does not give you the markers and you will have to buy them from Prapor before heading into the raid. I would suggest you keep the markers safe in your gamma, as the go for about 15k Roubles a marker.

Escape From Tarkov Customs Map quests
Markers Image Credit: Battlestate Games

Purchasing all three of them would cost you 43440 Roubles from Prapor level 1.

Marking the first Tigr Vehicle

Feeling brave, I decided to face my gear fear and take the best kit that I have in my stash. So I kitted out with tier 4 armour, tricked out M4A and a decent helmet. I am not too familiar playing with the 1x/4x times scopes that my gun’s previous owner had on his M4A. The combo of the modded gun and the heavy gear made me play extra cautious.

In the distance I see two players approaching, it’s time to get involved. To my surprise, I took them down with little effort. I looted them bone dry and continued making my way to the first vehicle. Getting two kills that early in the match definitely gave me a confidence boost, “I am the captain now” kind of feeling. Marking the first vehicle was effortless, since I have neutralized all immediate threats.

Escape From Tarkov Customs Map Tigr quests
Tigr Vehicle 1 Image credit: Battlestate Games

Once you plant the marker you have to defend the objective for 30 seconds. At least you have enough space to hide without going out of range of the objective. Without hesitation, I combat roll into the nearest bush to stay hidden while defending the objective.

Escape From Tarkov Customs Map quests
Hiding in a bush Image Credit: Battlestate Games

After securing the first, I am on my way to the next two cars. The route I took forced me to jump a fence, making my cautious behaviour irrelevant. When your character’s feet scrape the barbed wire, it makes a loud noise. It’s a dinner bell for players listening. I clear the gap and hide in a bush to see if I lured in some players. Nothing. On my way to mark the second vehicle, I drop another PMC that was unaware of my location. Once the dust settled, I knew it was no longer safe and my attempt to mark the vehicle will have to wait until I clear the immediate area. Scanning the area for threats, I came across a player scav and he took me down with two well-placed shots using an SKS.

Lets try again, two Tigr vehicles left

Loading into round two of trying to complete the mission at hand. This time I went with my trusty loadout, a kitted out ADAR-2. I feel at ease because this is a load out I am familiar with. Heading straight to where I died the previous round. This time I took a route where I did not have to vault over a fence. I made my way to the second vehicle, quickly marking it. After I planted the marker I was engaged by a player. We had a short dogfight and then he got the best of me. Dead again.

Escape From Tarkov Customs Map quests
Tigr Vehicle 3 Image credit: Battlestate Games

One vehicle left to mark. This time I am loading in with a much lighter kit, determined to plant the last marker with no hiccups. I start to make my way to the last vehicle. I marked the third vehicle, all I need to do now is extract, knowing that upon my return peacekeeper will reward me for my valorous efforts. Heading straight to extraction, I drop my guard as I start sprinting towards the exit. This recklessness cost me my life as a player was waiting for someone to sprint by. This is fine, all I need to do now is play the Customs map and extract. My progress is saved and I have marked all 3 vehicles.

Escape From Tarkov Customs Map quests
Tigr Vehicle 2 Image credit: Battlestate Games

Get the job done

Several attempts later I finally extract from the Customs map. I am excited to bring Peacekeeper the news. We exchange a couple words and he awards me with a big chunk of experience, shoves a couple of hundred dollars in my hand asking me if I am ready for the next task.

Escape From Tarkov quest Complete
Quest details and rewards, Image Credit: Battlestate Games

I have found that when playing Escape From Tarkov, focusing on a certain goal when entering a raid is crucial. Your aim can be to do a loot only run, pvp only or even completing quests. With the early quests you receive a small amount of XP when completing them. If you persevere, the rewards increase as you complete more quests. Completing the Escape From Tarkov Tigr Safari Quest has been quite a roller-coaster but well worth the progress

Do yourself a favour and get familiar with the quests so you can with more ease slice through them when the next wipe hits.