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Fall Guys round guide

Fall Guys is an absolute hit with over 13000 mostly positive reviews on Steam and 244k viewers watching it on Twitch at the time of writing. Fall Guys is a massive multiplayer party game that has the same winning condition as most popular battle royale games. Only one person walks away with the crown. We want to make sure you walk away with the crown. In this guide we will discuss the different rounds you can expect in Fall Guys, along with some tips on how to win those rounds.

Race Rounds

When you play a race round in Fall Guys your aim is simple, you have to cross the finish line and not be outside the range of qualifying spots. Keep an eye on how many players can qualify before the rest get eliminated. Usually with a race map the qualifying number is forgiving, but that does not mean a slight slip up won’t cost you the chance to win. When doing a race in Fall Guys it will be you against everyone else along with treacherous obstacles that can throw you back to the last checkpoint, making it difficult to qualify.

How do you win a race round in Fall Guys?

As you get familiar with the maps, you figure out the little twists and tricks every map has, giving you the winning advantage. If you just want to qualify in a race map, play it safe and do not take any chances.

Race Rounds [Image Credit: Mediatonic]
Race Rounds [Image Credit: Mediatonic]

Survival Rounds

At the start of a survival match, you will notice the counter shows how many people should be eliminated before the round ends. Survival matches really get the adrenaline pumping because these rounds usually consist of small areas and lots of players doing their best to not be eliminated.

How do you win a survival map in Fall Guys?

One tactic we found that works is to move away from most of the players and mind your own business until it is necessary to get back into the mosh pit. You can also play aggressively and force players off the map. Whichever way you choose, you must survive until enough players have been eliminated.

Survival Rounds Fall Guys
Survival Rounds [Image Credit: Mediatonic]

Team Rounds

The team rounds are loads of fun, but require teamwork. Fall Guys is one of the first games where you can actually see your team of random internet warriors working together to achieve a goal. At the end of a team round, all the players in the lowest scoring team will be eliminated.

How do you win a team game in Fall Guys?

We have seen one winning strategy here so far. When you see that your team has the lowest score and risk being eliminated, play dirty. Target the second weakest team and ensure that they score even less than your team.

Fall Guys Team Rounds
Team Rounds [Image Credit: Mediatonic]

Logic Rounds

We have only seen one logic map in Fall Guys. Logic rounds test your short-term memory and is one mode that does not rely on random luck.

How do you win a Logic round in Fall Guys?

In a logic round there are 12 tiles and for a couple of seconds images will flash on each tile which you will have to remember. After the flashing images have stopped, one image will be displayed on the monitors above the board, leaving you with just a few seconds to stand on the corresponding image tile.

All tiles that do not correlate to the image will fall away and leave players falling to their death. This continues until enough players have been eliminated. If you don’t go for the obvious route of remembering the tiles, here is another strategy that got us through the Logic rounds. It is a rather risky one but you can follow the crowd and hope that the hive mind chose the right tile.

Hunt Rounds

A hunt round in Fall guys is a round where there are  a few players that start with a tail on their character. Every player without a tail, when the timer runs out, loses. Chase down players and steal their tails.

How do you win a hunt round in Fall Guys?

Hunt rounds have a bit of luck involved, but there is a way to survive. You either spawn with a tail or you don’t. When you spawn with a tail, run like hell and try to maneuver over difficult obstacles to shake players and keep your tail as long as possible. If you either did not spawn with a tail or you lost yours, do not despair, you can still make it. Our advice would be to follow a player that has a tail and keep an eye on the time, when it reaches 20 seconds, go for the tail. Once you have secured the tail within that time frame, there will be little time left for players to out maneuver you and take what is yours.

Final Rounds

The Final rounds determine the winner of the show. We can definitely tell you it is no small feat reaching the final rounds in Fall Guys. We have claimed one crown thus far and our advice would be to not hold back in any of the final rounds. It is literally do or die. If you were the kind of player, playing it safe to get here, we are not sure that playing it safe will get you that crown. 

Final Rounds Fall Guys
Final Rounds [Image Credit: Mediatonic]

Good luck and let us know how you managed to secure a crown!