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Gold farming in WoW – old raids

Updated for Shadowlands patch 9.0.5

Greed is good, and we all prefer our bags to be filled with copious amounts of gold. There are many ways to make gold in World of Warcraft, but in this article we will specifically look at the viability of farming old raids (between Wrath of the Lich King and Legion) for raw gold. This means that we simply take whatever we loot and vendor it for its value in gold. 

Because this gold farming guide for old raids in WoW deals with raw gold value, we do not factor in the potential value of mounts, pets, BOE’s, and other cosmetics. It is very difficult to determine a consistent value-for-time-model, as the drop rate of especially mounts is very low and cannot reliably be predicted. In doing the research for this guide I got the Guldan mount on my first kill, including the potential gold gain from selling the mount would make this report very unbalanced. 

We also stuck to non-pvp raids and avoided one-boss raids as the travel time to the raids was just not worth the effort in the end. Raids from the Classic and Burning Crusade eras are also left out, as they are simply not worth running for raw gold. For instance, Karazhan took us an average of 35 minutes across our tests and only netted 250 gold. It should be obvious that this is not worth the time. Finally, we did all the raids on Heroic 25-man difficulty (where possible) to keep the report balanced.

With that said, let’s get into the stats. We start off with a list of all the tested raids from WotLK up until and including Tomb of Sargeras in Legion. If you just want to view a tier list without explanations, click here. After the complete list, we also offer a top 5 old raids for gold farming in WoW list for those that only want to know the top spots for raw gold farming. At the very end of this article we reflect on the question, “is it worth farming old raids in WoW for gold?”, and give our humble opinions on this important question. 

Gold farming in WoW guide – old raids for raw gold

The Wrath of the Lich King old raids gold farming

RaidAverage time to completeAverage raw gold incomeGold per minute
Naxxramus30-35 minutes1100 gold37 gold
Ulduar35-40 minutes1000 gold29 gold
Trial of the Crusader7-9 minutes300 gold42 gold
Ice Crown Citadel25-30 minutes1000 gold40 gold
Totals97-114 minutes3400 gold35 gold

Cataclysm old raids gold farming

RaidAverage time to completeAverage raw gold incomeGold per minute
Bastion of Twilight25-27 minutes600 gold24 gold
Blackwing Descent25-27 minutes550 gold22 gold
Throne of Winds4-5 minutes200 gold50 gold
Firelands25-30 minutes500 gold20 gold
Dragonsoul35-40 minutes1150 gold33 gold
Totals114-129300026 gold

Mists of Pandaria old raids gold farming

RaidAverage time to completeAverage raw gold incomeGold per minute
Mogushan Vaults10-15 minutes750 gold75 gold
Heart of Fear10-15 minutes1000 gold100 gold
Terrace of Endless Spring5-7 minutes715 gold143 gold
Throne of Thunder30-35 minutes1500 gold50 gold
Siege of Ogrimmar50-60 minutes1300 gold26 gold
Totals105-132526550 gold

Warlords of Draenor old raids gold farming

RaidAverage time to completeAverage raw gold incomeGold per minute
Highmaul12-17 minutes500 gold42 gold
Blackrock Foundry25-30 minutes1000 gold40 gold
Hellfire Citadel30-35 minutes800 gold27 gold
Totals67-82 minutes2300 gold34 gold

Legion old raids gold farming

RaidAverage time to completeAverage raw gold incomeGold per minute
The Emerald Nightmare20-25 minutes600 gold30 gold
Nighthold20-25 minutes900 gold45 gold
Tomb of Sargeras25-30 minutes900 gold36 gold
Totals65-80 minutes240037 gold

Top 5 old WoW raids to farm for gold

It should be pretty obvious that the Mists of Pandaria expansion is your go-to zone for the best raw gold farming from old raids. Travel time to these raids is also not exorbitant, so if you only have an hour or two available and want to farm some old raids, this is your best bet. Nighthold from the Legion expansion takes the fifth place and is also a good spot to farm some raw gold.

  1. Terrace of Endless Spring
  2. Mogushan Vaults
  3. Heart of Fear
  4. Throne of Thunder
  5. Nighthold

Is it worth farming old raids in WoW for gold?

This is probably the big question. Is it worth your time to farm old raids in WoW for gold? On a value for time basis and if you are just out for the gold, the answer is a resounding no. You can almost do anything else in WoW, and it will net you significantly more gold. But if that is not your singular goal, then it depends.


Many of the old raids in WoW drop awesome mounts which you can either add to your own collection or sell for lots of gold on the auction house. The price of these mounts depend on each server, but because of how rare they are, you are sure to make lots of gold in any case. If you get mount drops while farming, it can significantly improve the value for time spent as these mounts can easily be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of gold. 


The pet drops are much less rare, but you can still make some decent gold selling them on the auction house. Farming old raids are a headache for many people, and they will gladly pay decent amounts of gold to take the pets of your hands. You can also add them to your own collection if that is your thing.

Cosmetics and BOE’s

Many of the old raids also drop BOE’s, plans, and schematics that can be sold for large amounts of gold if they are used in transmogs. 


Maybe you have some very fond memories of a particular era of WoW and re-running the raids from that expansion is simply an enjoyable experience. I know I love doing Blackrock Foundry as that was probably some of my best years in WoW.

We hope this guide to WoW gold farming in old raids helps you decide whether it is worth your time to dive in. It was a lot of fun doing the research for this article, and we remembered many good memories from our WoW careers.