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Grounded beginner’s guide

Grounded is a survival game where you are shrunk down to a level where even ants look intimidating. Being that small, even a simple garden or backyard becomes a whole new world to explore with threats and challenges that never seemed possible. Because Grounded is a survival game, we will cover 8 tips in this beginner’s guide to help hold your own in this exciting adventure.

1. Pick a spot for your base in Grounded

When you spawn into the world of Grounded, everything will be new, so take the time to appreciate all the details of what it would be like to be this tiny. While you are busy doing some sightseeing around the map, we suggest you find a spot where you feel comfortable to build a base. We built our base next to the water, both for the view and having one flank of our base secured by the pond.

2. What to collect at the start of Grounded

As you make your way through the world, be sure to pick up everything.These items will become useful as you explore the crafting system. Here is a list of basic resource you can start collecting right away:

1. Plant Fiber

Plant Fiber can be found on the ground or when you chop down the remaining stump of an already chopped down piece of grass.

2. Sap

Sap can be found on branches and twigs throughout the world of Grounded. If you really want the jackpot for sap, head over to the massive acorn tree in the middle of the map. Be careful though, you might find some spiders there!

3. Pebblet

Other than crafting purposes, you can use a Pebblet as a basic weapon and you can scare away spiders. When you throw a spider in the face with a Pebblet, it will scurry away a couple of centimeters, allowing you to pass by or escape. 

4. Sprig

Sprigs is a basic material that is used in many crafting recipes throughout Grounded.

3. How do you change your spawn point in Grounded?

After you have decided where to set up shop and you gathered some basic supplies, it is time to settle down. The first thing you should build is a Lean-to, this not only allows you to sleep through the dark scary nights, but you can also make this your spawn point. Once you have built the Lean-to, interact with it and select the option that says “Set respawn point”. When you die in Grounded, you will respawn where you started your session if you do not have a new spawn point selected. You will need the following to build a Lean-To in Grounded:

  • 3 x Clover Leafs
  • 2 x Sprigs

4. Do you lose everything when you die in Grounded?

No, when you die in Grounded, you respawn and collect your lost loot. When you respawn, it will be with an empty backpack and you have to collect your loot from your corpse. Luckily there is a backpack UI element showing you where you died. Your backpack will still be on the spot where you died, and all your gathered loot won’t be lost! Quickly grab your loot before the Wolf Spider kills you again!

Grounded beginner's guide Death
Pete was ripped apart by an orb weaver [Image Credit: Obsidian Entertainment]

5. How to use resource analyzer stations in Grounded?

You might wonder what is a resource analyzer station? A resource analyzer station is a little hut where you can analyse up to three items on your inventory to learn new crafting recipes. These resource analyzer stations are scattered across the world of Grounded. These stations are always at the same location of the map.

Grounded beginner's guide resource analyzer station
Resource analyzer station! [Image Credit: Obsidian Entertainment]

6. Essential tools and weapons to craft early in Grounded

Pebblet Axe

The Pebblet axe is the basic chopping tool in Grounded, use it to chop down grass and anything else that needs chopping. The Pebblet axe is also useful as a basic weapon if you have not yet crafted yourself a weapon. You will need to following to craft the Pebblet axe:

  • 3 x Sprigs
  • 2 x Pebblets
  • 1 x Woven Fiber
Grounded beginner's guide Pebblet Axe
Crafted the Pebblet Axe [Image Credit: Obsidian Entertainment]

Pebblet Spear

One of the best things you can do early in Grounded, is to get yourself a spear to defend yourself! Spears are good for fighting off any threats, and you can also throw them at smaller critters that might climb up on top of a piece of grass. You’ll need the following materials to craft a spear. 

  • 2 x Sprigs
  • 3 x Plant Fibers
  • 1 x Pebblet

Sprig Bow

One of the more advanced weapons on my essential tool list is the Sprig Bow. You’ll need to do the following to craft a Sprig Bow:

As you start the game, pick up at least three Plant Fibers. Once you have the fiber, head over to one of the resource analyzer stations on the map. Analyse the Plant Fiber and once you have analysed it, you would have learned how to craft Woven Fiber. Use three of your Plant Fibres to craft 1 Woven Fiber. Once you have crafted Woven Fiber, analyse it to learn how to craft a Sprig Bow. The Sprig bow is by far one of the easiest ways to kill Aphid for an easy source of food.

You will also need to craft yourself some arrows to use the Sprig Bow. You’ll need Thistle Needles and Mite Fuzz. 

You’ll need the following materials to craft a Sprig Bow. 

  • 3 x Sprigs
  • 4 x Gnat Fuzz
  • 2 x Woven Fiber

You will need the following to craft yourself some basic Arrows:

  • 2 x Mite Fuzz
  • 5 x Thistle Needle

7. How to maintain your hunger and hydration levels in Grounded

You can gather some finger foods like mushrooms to maintain your hunger levels as you shuffle through the map until you find a place to call home. These little bites won’t last you forever and that is why you will need to build a Roasting Spit to cook yourself a proper meal. You’ll need the following to create a Roasting Spit:

  • 4 x Pebblets
  • 4 x Sprigs
  • 3 x Dry Grass Chunks

Once you have your Roasting Spit, you can cook all those Aphids you destroyed with your Sprig Bow. You can cook three pieces of meat at the same time on the Roasting Spit. Once your meals are ready, grab them off the fire and fill your tummy.

Grounded beginner's guide hunger and hydration
Bon appetit [Image Credit: Obsidian Entertainment]

Now that you have stuffed yourself, you need to find something to drink. You can find water droplets hanging off of grass. Hit the gras to make the water drop fall off. Once it hits the ground, you can slurp it up to quench your thirst. If you cannot find any droplets, you could always take a sip from a pond, but drinking dirty water will reduce your character’s hunger significantly. If you have to drink dirty water, have enough food so you don’t die of hunger.

8. How to craft and use a bandage in Grounded

As with any survival game, the point is to stay alive. You will get hurt during your travels through the world of Grounded and therefore you will need to heal every now and again. You can craft a bandage with the following materials:

  • 3 x Plant Fibers 
  • 2 x Sap

When I first used the bandage, I expected an immediate healing effect to take place. That is not the case in Grounded. Once you use a bandage, it will heal you over time. From what we have seen, a bandage gives you back three quarters of your health. Don’t be like me and spam 4 bandages, rather wait a couple of seconds until the regeneration kicks in.

We hope this Grounded Beginner’s guide will prove useful in your survival journey when you play this beautiful game. If you haven’t yet got your hands on Grounded and you are looking for a cheap way to experience the game, we suggest you get the Xbox Games Pass for PC.