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Hammerting Beginners guide

Hammerting is a simulation game where you get to build your dwarfs a place they can truly call home. Hammerting also has some RPG elements like leveling each individual dwarf’s skills while fighting cave creatures for experience and gathering loot. As you can expect with such a wide variety of features, there will be some complexity to accompany it. In this beginners guide we shed some light on things we struggled with when progressing in Hammerting.

How to get granite in Hammerting?

One of the most valuable resources in Hammerting is granite. Granite is used to build all buildings. You might need granite chunks, granite slabs, or even granite pillars to build certain buildings. You might think to yourself, surely you cannot mine a granite slab? You would be right, you need to construct a small quarry as soon as the game starts, to gain some momentum with your granite supply. As soon as you have constructed the small quarry, you see that you have only one item that you can craft and that is a granite chunk. As soon as you craft the granite, all the other craft items at the small quarry are unlocked.

Hammerting granite small quarry

How to get lumber in Hammerting?

Lumber is an elusive item in Hammerting, I guess it is partly because no trees really grow in caves. A shortage of lumber is the first issue you will run into when you create housing for your dwarfs. You start the game with three dwarfs and when you build homes for them, notice that you only have enough lumber to complete two homes. Having one homeless dwarf, your top priority should be to get some lumber to build one more house. We have found two ways to find lumber in Hammerting. The first one is by exploring your cave and coming across abandoned mining carts, you can order your dwarfs to loot them. Abandoned mine carts have a chance to drop pieces of wood, among other things. The other option is to keep a close eye on the overworld for work orders that give you lumber as a reward. We can make a pretty solid conclusion that both methods are up to RNG, but the contracts have proven to be the most reliable option.

How to order dwarfs in Hammerting?

Just because you can individually select every dwarf and queue orders does not mean they will be the ones to complete those orders. To save yourself some time, forget about individually selecting dwarfs to get certain tasks done. You can queue up different tasks and the first idle dwarf will jump right in.

How to revive dwarfs in Hammerting?

Unfortunately your dwarfs can permanently die in Hammerting. Nothing breaks your morale more than losing a dwarf that was level 20 and to make things worse you gave him his own name! Not all hope is lost, when your dwarf dies in a fight against the undead and you manage to clear out the skeleton graveyard, your other dwarfs will look for any healing items to revive their fallen ally. In my case I discovered a sacred water fountain that heals 500 hitpoints upon consumption. Of course you have to select the sacred fountain and craft the water first. My dwarfs immediately went there to grab some sacred water and took it to my fallen dwarf to get him back on his feet. This was the best case scenario, worst case was when I did not have any items with healing properties and my dwarfs had to watch their friend permanently die.

Hammerting revive

How to gain mountain lore in Hammerting?

One of the primary objectives of Hammerting is to reach new tiers of lore unlocks. With these unlocks you can build more advanced buildings and learn better recipes. One of the types of lore you need to unlock new tiers is called mountain lore. At first we could not figure out how to get more mountain lore, but really it is in the name. You gather lore about the mountain by exploring the mountain. In Hammerting you have a huge cave system to explore, and the more you explore, the more mountain lore you will get.

How to gain ancient lore in Hammerting

The other type of lore you need to unlock more advanced tiers is ancient lore. You can obtain ancient lore by completing cave missions, but the best way to gain ancient lore is by completing work order quests from the overworld. Overworld quests become available frequently so be sure to check in on the overworld every now and again.

How to manage your dwarf’s needs in Hammerting

Your dwarfs have three main needs that keep them performing optimally and these are morale, energy and greed. 

How do you maintain your dwarf’s energy?

While it might feel like your dwarfs are working around the clock, it is important to build each dwarf a house where they can rest and stash their riches. By supplying your dwarfs with homes, it will have a positive impact on their energy levels.

Hammerting dwarf housing

How do you maintain your dwarf’s greed?

Dwarfs are known for hoarding riches and being greedy, and it is no different in Hammerting. Your dwarfs want their cut, otherwise their greed counter will start to decline. Once their greed drops too low, it will have a negative impact on their morale. At the top of your screen, where you find your mountain and ancient lore, you will see how much money you have as a civilisation. Your dwarfs will take their cut every once in a while and take it to their homes. How do you make money in Hammerting, you might wonder? There are two major methods that worked for us. The first one is to sell every item lying around on the floor, from ore to remains of fallen creatures. The second method is less time-consuming and yields better results, and it is by completing work orders in the overworld.

How do you maintain your dwarf’s morale?

The simple answer is, give them beer! As you progress through the tiers, one of the unlocks is a tavern. You can build a tavern to quench your dwarves’s thirst. Don’t make the mistake we made, we thought once you build the tavern, beer is served automatically. Turns out you have to manually craft beer. Making beer is buggy though, in the sense that although we had the right ingredients to craft beer, the beer was never created or taken to the tavern. We noticed that our morale never dropped either, so it’s safe to say that having a tavern does the trick for now.

How to supply buildings with the raw material needed to craft?

This was an interesting mechanic to us. Let’s say you need to fulfill a work order from the overworld that requires 5 copper ingots to complete. You will need to smelt some raw copper to create ingots. But where do you find copper ore? During your exploration, you will find many raw materials in the walls of the cave. When there is an order to fulfill that requires raw materials your dwarfs won’t automatically mine the ore from the walls. You will have to manually order them to mine ore. Once it has been mined it will drop to the floor until there is a need for it. We have had instances where we were deep into a cave and busy mining for ore, when we had an order come in, the poor dwarfs travelled all that way to pick up the ore on the floor. 

That is it for our Hammerting beginners guide, we hope it helps answer some of your questions when playing this amazing game!