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Hatchlings, your reign is over in Escape From Tarkov

Decisions, decisions

We have all been there, you die five times in a row losing every bit in of loot that you hoarded. Do you enter your next raid fully geared and potentially losing everything for the sixth time, or do you go in as a hatchling?

What is a Hatchling?

A hatchling is a player that wants money or items in Escape From Tarkov by minimizing risk and maximizing rewards. The idea behind a hatch run is that you go in with no gear at all, only bringing your melee weapon. In other words, you have zero gear fear. Once loaded into the raid, players usually get a sense of where they have spawned on the map and immediately rush towards areas on the map where the best loot spawn. Some popular spawns are Kiba store, Marked room and resort. As a hatchling you will most likely get there first because geared players won’t be willing to mindlessly rush loot spawns. They would rather approach these locations with caution. If you are carrying 300k+ worth of gear rushing in  could cost you a lot. When hatchlings arrive at their destination, they regain their breath and start looting everything. Once they are done looting, they place the loot into their secure container to keep their gains even if they get caught and killed by either scavs or players. Sometimes it’s even preferable to be killed rather than extracting because when you die you can quickly load into another raid to rinse and repeat.

When you arrive at your destination, regain your breath and start looting everything! Once you’re done looting, place the loot into your secure container to keep the loot even if you get caught and killed by either scavs or players. Sometimes it’s better to be killed rather than extracting because when you die, you can quickly load into another raid to rinse and repeat. 

A side note about hatchlings I find funny: when a hatchling stares down the barrel of your fully decked out killing machine, ready to accept their fate, they will beg for mercy by wiggling from left to right, expecting you to spare them. What you do after that is your choice.

Love or hate hatchlings

Within the Escape From Tarkov community you will find a variety of opinions and feelings towards hatchlings. Some people find that hatchet runs take away from the intensity of the game. It is quite a let down when you finally land that 300 meter snipe shot only to find you killed a hatchling with nothing to loot. On the other side of the coin, sometimes you hit a frustrating losing streak and you need to change your gameplay up a bit. Doing a hatchet run could easily turn into a 30 minute epic match with an exceptional outcome, with Tarkov you never know. You kill a scav by sneaking up behind him, take his gun, kill a PMC with the scav’s gun, then take the PMC’s kit. You can see where this is going, it can snowball like this if you are lucky. These zero to hero runs always makes for a great story to tell your friends.

One tweet tells you a lot about the different opinions about hatchlings. Here is a tweet from what sounds like the lord of the hatchlings: “You can’t fight hatchlings, we don’t have anything to lose. We will rise again, more empty, more ready.”

Hatching run Customs Escape From Tarkov
Loot found at marked room on Customs

What does the Escape From Tarkov developers think about hatchlings?

Battlestate Games released a statement on twitter stating: “Yes, we applied experimental change that scavs will search and attack hatchlings first #EscapefromTarkov”. I tested this to see at what intensity the scavs will hunt me down for the dirty hatchling I am. I chose to head straight into the Customs map to rush the marked room. I got there first most of the time and found pretty decent loot. The downside was that I didn’t make it out alive once, I died twice due to player encounters and once because a scav rushed me at the start of the match. It definitely feels like the scavs hunt you down when you spawn into a map as a hatchling. Will they smell you from across the map? I am not sure, but I felt a change in their behaviour.

The fact that Battlestate Games specifically mentioned that it is experimental leads me to believe they are actively monitoring the community’s reaction  to see what effect it has on the overall experience.

On the fence about hatchlings?

Although it gets tougher doing hatchet runs, it remains a profitable way of gaining some loot with no risk in Escape From Tarkov. Scav runs is another effective way to make some Roubles with low risk and high rewards. Remember every hatchling you don’t kill is potentially a player with a gun that will kill when presented with the opportunity.