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Healthcare privacy part 1 quest

Therapist needs you to mark three ambulances for her people to collect the remaining medical supplies. Even though the world is in a struggle, the health industry still has to keep us alive. Thank you, Therapist.

What you need to know:

  • This quest needs to be completed on the Shoreline map;
  • You need to buy three markers from Prapor, 14480 Roubles a pop
  • You need to extract from Shoreline to complete the mission
  • Luck?

Healthcare privacy part 1 quest preparation

First phase before entering any raid in Escape From Tarkov would be to have an objective in mind. This can either be PvP, looting or in this case completing healthcare privacy part 1. Once you have identified what your objective will be for the raid, it’s time to kit out your PMC appropriately. When I go to Shoreline, I don’t take an SMG, I would rather choose an assault rifle. Because the map is so huge, you will probably find yourself in a long range battle or two. The exception would be when you go straight for the resort, which plays similar to the dorm on Customs. The resort is a huge section of the map, with lots of rooms to unlock and lots of loot. Yes, with lots of loot comes lots of players, you can bet your ass you will find yourself in a CQB situation. Talking about lots of rooms to unlock, you can check out our Customs key guide here to maximize your loot runs!

Before you read further, we have also created a video to guide you through this quest!

Video Guide

Ready up and get marking!

Once you load into Shoreline, it is important to know where you spawned on the map. I was lucky enough to spawn right next to two of the ambulances that needed to be marked. You might not be so lucky, here is a map where you can see the ambulance spawns. I marked my spawn as an extraction zone for you to get a sense of how the rotation works on this map.

Escape from tarkov healthcare privacy part 1 quest ambulance locations

How do you mark the first ambulance?

The first ambulance that you need to mark is close to the tunnels extraction (depending on your spawn). Once you get close enough to the ambulance, you will see a little UI element pop up, reading “Plant”. Press your action key, mine is bound to “F”. It is important to note that you need to have the markers in your inventory, otherwise you have nothing to mark the ambulances with. Once you have the marker and you pressed your action key, an animation will play and a timer of 30 seconds will start. Use this time to hide, don’t just sit next to the ambulance and wait for the 30 seconds to pass, this will get you killed, hide! Once you have survived for 30 seconds, you are good to go mark the next ambulance.

Escape from tarkov healthcare privacy part 1 quest ambulance locations

Mark the second ambulance

The second ambulance is a stone throw away from the first ambulance that you just marked. Marking this ambulance is rinse and repeat of the first ambulance. It is worth noting if you are marking these two ambulances in the same run, that you will have spent some time in the same area, making it easy for players to scan your movement or monitor you. Make sure you hide well when planting the markers and exercise caution when moving out of this area.

Escape from tarkov healthcare privacy part 1 quest ambulance locations

Mark the third ambulance

Marking ambulances are easy, right? The two ambulances that we already mentioned were the easy ones. You will find the third ambulance in the heart of this map. The resort. I would urge you to approach this area with caution. Your immediate threats would be players patiently making their way to the resort because of high loot and PvP opportunities, and players who rushed resort to be there first, waiting for the players who didn’t get the closest spawn. With this in mind, continue to make your way to the third ambulance, plant the marker and find a spot to hide. Every run is different, so my hiding spot won’t always be the best.

Escape from tarkov healthcare privacy part 1 quest ambulance locations

Three Ambulances marked, now what?

You have now marked all three ambulances like Therapist instructed, it’s time to extract out of Shoreline to complete the mission. Hit “O” twice to get a view of where you should extract. You can use this map to guide you to your closest extraction. Don’t rush to the extraction mindlessly, you still have to practice caution as it’s close to mid-game now, and other players might also look for their closest extraction.

You died before extracting?

I hope you don’t have to read this part, but if you do, first my condolences, second, I have some good news; you won’t need to mark the ambulances again. All you need to do now to complete this quest is to head back into Shoreline and extract. This makes the mission more forgiving. Imagine if you had to buy the markers again and mark the ambulances all over, it would have been a real pain in butt.

Is there a different way to complete healthcare privacy part 1?

You don’t have to plant all three markers in the same raid, alternatively you can take in only one marker at a time, place the marker and extract from the map. This will tick one ambulance off the list. You will however have to keep track of which ambulances you have already marked, so you don’t risk the trip into the great beyond for nothing.

Another alternative is to go into Shoreline with a cheap set of night vision goggles, minimizing your risk of being spotted by other players. This does not mean that other geared players will leave their night vision at home when going into a night run on Shoreline, though.

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work

You can finally reap the rewards for your effort to help Therapist run her shop. She hands you a wad of cash, some experience and two IFAK medical kits, not bad.

quest rewards

This is a quick guide with some tips and real scenarios to help you complete this quest as efficiently as possible. If this helped you, please be sure to tell us in the comments.

Stay safe out there,

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