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Hellish Quart Beginner’s Guide

I love a good sports game, but I never thought I would enjoy a game all about fencing. Sure there is blood, ragdolls, and dismemberment, but at the core it’s all about the swordplay. In this Hellish Quart beginner’s guide, we will give you some tips and tricks to get into this addictive title by Kubold. 

Hellish Quart all characters

All the characters in Hellish Quart

Hellish Quart doesn’t have tons of content yet, but one of the first things you need to do is choose a character to play with. In this part of our Hellish Quart beginner’s guide, we give a quick overview of all the available characters to help you choose one to play as.

  1. Isabella 

Probably my favourite character from the currently available roster is Isabella, the two-handed vixen. I feel she is a well-balanced character, and her two-handed sword feels very solid in combat. She is also unique, as she is the only two-handed fighter currently in the game.

  1. Gedeon, Jacek, and Barabasz

I group these three together as they have very similar playstyles. All of them wield some form of saber, and therefore their attack patterns are almost the same. The devs are working on differentiating these guys from each other, but as it currently stands you choose the one you like best as they have no clear advantages over each other.

  1. Marie

Almost like Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, Marie is a small woman with a pointy sword. She is deadly in combat as any opening you give her is easily exploited with her pointy end. She is very fun to use in combat, especially if you prefer stabbing to slashing. 

This is all the characters currently in Hellish Quart, but don’t despair, more will be coming to the game as it moves through early access.

Hellish Quart combat tips

The second and final thing you can do in Hellish Quart is to engage in combat. I have to say; the combat is an absolute joy, but I highly suggest using a controller as the keyboard controls are clunky. In this part of our Hellish Quart beginner’s guide, I will provide some tips to help you win duels and push your survival score ever upwards. This is perhaps a good time to introduce the survival game mode. In this mode you face enemies and see how long you can survive, the game throws all the other characters at you with a variety of settings, from passive to aggressive. The aim is to win fights and avoid being hit, as you progress you can take fewer hits before you lose the round and have to start over. With that said, here are some combat tips for Hellish Quart survival mode.

hellish quart beginner's guide

Don’t move in too fast – it’s a good idea to have a look at the movement of your opponent before you try to land a few hits. If your enemy is aggressive, be slightly more defensive in your moves, and when your opponent is passive, you can risk a few lunges and stabs. From there, it is a dance to see who wins.

Focus on your opponent’s attacks – if you blindly attack your opponent you will probably only hit their weapon and they will follow-up and stab you in the gut. Bait attacks and when you have an opening, strike. It is important to react to your opponent and once you understand their movement you should have a greater chance at success.

Keep your guard up – using the left trigger on your controller, you take a long guard. It is useful to do this and counter some early attacks your opponent will make. Using this guard keeps them away from you. You can also initiate a few quick stabs and attacks from this stance that you can use to counter a failed attack from your opponent.

hellish quart tips

Avoid going into a frenzy – once you clash with an opponent, you can easily become entangled with them and spam your attack keys. Either back out of the fight and look for a new opening, or get in real close and press your bumpers for a dismemberment. Just be careful when you close in for a dismemberment, a stray sword can easily end you. 

hellish quart tips

Experiment with your moves – each character has different moves and combos. Don’t be afraid to lose a few fights while experimenting, you may just find the combo that takes you to the top.

That’s a wrap on our Hellish Quart beginner’s guide. We will add to this guide as more content becomes available, but for now this is all you need to enjoy some brutal fencing action.