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How to craft a Motorcycle in Craftopia

Craftopia has lots to explore and as you progress through the game, you’ll need some transportation to cover more ground. Luckily there are multiple transportation devices that you can build and yes, the hoverboard is great, but how about we build a motorcycle? It was quite the journey getting everything ready to build the motorcycle, but in the end it was worth it.

Craftopia Climbing
Yes, there is a lot to explore [Image Credit: POCKET PAIR inc.]

You cannot build the motorcycle when you have not yet entered the Frontier age. Once you have reached Frontier age here is what you’ll need to do to get your hands on that beauty.

  • Generator
  • Monster Prism
  • Wheat Fields
  • Well
  • Cooking Pot
  • Ripening chamber
  • Stone workbench

In this motorcycle building guide we can also help with the following questions:

  • How to create Bioethanol in Craftopia
  • How to create energy cells in Craftopia
  • How to Cogwheels in Craftopia
  • How to build a motorcycle in Craftopia
  • How to create charcoal in Craftopia

How to create Bioethanol in Craftopia

1. How to create Wheat Fields in Craftopia

You will need the following materials:

  • 5 Logs
  • 5 Straw

Wheat is used for many things in Craftopia but in this instance we will use it to create wheat flour which will be a critical ingredient to create Bioethanol. Luckily the wheat fields give you instant gratification because it barely takes any time for them to reach a stage where you can start harvesting. 

Craftopia harvesting wheat
Wheat fields [Image Credit: POCKET PAIR inc.]

Once you have built the wheat field, it is time to water it, which brings us to the next piece of the puzzle for creating Bioethanol in Craftopia. You will need a well to water your wheat fields. Once you have watered your fields and they have fully grown, equip any weapon and attack the fields to harvest the wheat.

2. How to create a Well in Craftopia

You will need the following materials:

  • 25 Stone
  • 5 Logs
  • 5 Iron Ingots

A well in Craftopia generates buckets of water used to water crops. A well can hold a maximum of 10 buckets at a time, so be sure to collect the water every now and again. Once you have collected the water from the well, equip the bucket of water and head over to your wheat fields. With the bucket of water equipped, left click to send water flying. Remember to aim towards the fields before you start slinging water. 1 water bucket is enough to satisfy 1 wheat field.

3. How to create a Cooking pot in Craftopia

You will need the following materials:

  • 6 Stone
  • 6 Charcoal. You might ask, how do you create charcoal in Craftopia? Put wooden logs into your campfire like you have done to cook meat. They will burn out and become charcoal.

Next up we will need a cooking pot to create wheat flour. Placing 2 pieces of wheat into the pot will give you 1 bag of wheat flour. There is nothing fancy to the cooking pot in Craftopia, just put the raw ingredients into the pot and wait for the results.

Craftopia Cooking pot
Wheat Flour [Image Credit: POCKET PAIR inc.]

4. How to create a Ripening Chamber in Craftopia

You will need the following materials:

  • 5 Iron Ingots
  • 5 Stone
  • 2 Bone

The last step to create Bioethanol in Craftopia is fermenting the wheat flour that you created in the ripening chamber. You will need to put 10 wheat flour bags into the ripening chamber to create 1 can of Bioethanol. And there you have it. All it took to create Bioethanol in Craftopia was:

  • Wheat fields
  • Well
  • Cooking Pot
  • Ripening Chamber

How to create a battery in Craftopia

Next up we will show you what it takes to create batteries in Craftopia. 

1. How to create a generator in Craftopia

You will need the following materials:

  • 1 Steel Ingot
  • 1 Cogwheel
  • 5 Logs

First you need to build a generator, when this generator is built and operating it will gradually fill up batteries. As with most generators, they need fuel and guess what fuel this hamster-wheel looking generator requires? It requires an animal to run on the wheel until its HP reaches 0 and it ascends to animal heaven. How do you capture an animal in Craftopia to put in the generator? That is where the monster prism comes in handy. We will explain what the Monster prism is in the next section and show you exactly how to use it.

2. How to create a Monster Prism in Craftopia

You will need the following materials:

  • 3 Iron Ingots
  • 2 Sand

The closest reference to the monster prism we can think of is a Pokeball, and even the mechanic is like a Pokeball.  We suggest you craft a couple because these monster prisms are bouncy, so when you miss it will be hard to retrieve them. Ok, let’s get into how you capture an animal with the monster prism in Craftopia.

First, weaken the animal that you want to capture, we suggest putting away your favourite weapon that you use to slay anything that stands in your way and either go bare fist or with a simple hatchet. Head over to a cow or sheep and attack them! Try not to kill them, and leave a tiny bit of health left. 

Second, once you have weakened your target, equip the monster prism. With your monster prism equipped, aim towards the weakened animal and throw the monster prism. If the monster prism just bounces off, it might mean that the animal was not weak enough or luck didn’t have a part for you this time. In the event where it successfully hits, you will be greeted with a nice shiny effect to show that you have captured the animal. Pick up the occupied monster prism and head over to your generator.

Craftopia how to capture animal with Monster prism
Got em! [Image Credit: POCKET PAIR inc.]

How to start a generator in Craftopia

Equip the filled monster prism, just like you did when capturing the animals. Just to be sure you do not miss the shot. Step inside the hamster wheel before throwing the monster prism. Once you throw the prism and it hits the hamster wheel of the generator, you will see whichever creature you captured start running on the wheel. The creature’s health will drain as the batteries are produced until there is no more animal left.

Craftopia How to start a generator
Run cow, run! [Image Credit: POCKET PAIR inc.]

How to craft a cog wheel in Craftopia

Cog wheels have nothing special about them and can be crafted at the stone workbench. You will require 2 Iron Ingots for 1 cog wheel.

Now we can get to crafting that damn motorcycle we spoke about at the start of the post! At this point you should have the following materials required to build the motorcycle in Craftopia:

  • 2 Batteries
  • 5 Cog Wheels
  • 5 Bioethanol

Once you have all these materials, head over to your stone workbench and build that motorcycle. One word of caution. If at any point your character gets hungry during this process, we created a fishing guide to help you catch some fish! Once you summon the motorcycle, it will be bound to that specific island until destroyed. If you want to have a bike on one of the other islands, craft the motorcycle, teleport to the desired island and then summon the bike. Lastly, the motorcycle isn’t exactly what we will call durable, and it does not do too well in water either, so steer clear of lakes and oceans.

Good luck, send us some screenshots of your bikes on our Twitter!