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How To Find The Tie Pin In Medium

Medium is a brand new narrative-driven psychological horror game from Bloober Team, and true to the genre, you will solve a lot of puzzles. One of the first things you have to do in Medium is search for a tie pin that belonged to Jack. You may have yourself asking “how do I find the tie pin” or even “where do I find the tie pin”, for both of these questions we have you covered.

How to find the tie pin in Medium – the quick answer:

  • Exit the room you start in;
  • Once you enter the hallway, move away from the camera and enter the first door on the left;
  • Head to the mantelpiece and interact with the red box;
  • Use your insight (left control) to find the tie pin beneath the clock.

How to find the tie pin in Medium – the detailed answer:

The starting area of Medium has quite a few objects you can interact with, but the only one that matters for progress is finding the tie pin. To do this, exit the starting room by interacting with the closed doors to the right of the room.

How to find the tie pin in medium step 1

Once you move through these doors, you will find yourself in a hallway. There are many rooms to explore, and even a photo development room where you can develop a photo of Jack. To find the tie pin, though, move along the hallway that heads upwards (away from you) and enter the first door on the left. This is Jack’s office, where you will find the tie pin and some info about him.

How to find the tie pin in medium step 2

Face the mantelpiece to the left of the room and interact with it. You will see a bunch of items on it, but the most important ones are the red box and the clock. Interact with the red box and you will find it is empty. To find the missing tie pin, you must use your insight powers by pressing the left control button on your keyboard (the default options). When you use your insight, you will see the outline of the tie pin underneath the clock. Interact with the clock to move it away and pick up the tie pin. 

That is how and where you find the tie pin to solve your first puzzle in Medium. It really is an intriguing game, and we have more guides on some puzzles you may struggle with. Some of us just want to experience the narrative and care little for puzzles, and these guides are meant for you!

Happy gaming!