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How to find your Riot ID in Valorant

With Valorant’s release, it is time to gather all your veteran Counter-Strike friends and form the ultimate death squad. That is exactly what we did, we gathered a group of four friends to see what all the Valorant hype is all about. We finished up the tutorials and were ready to roll, but we had one blocker, we were not all friends yet on the Riot platform. 

Adding each other as friends is a no-brainer right? Well not exactly in this case, we were unsure where to find our own Riot IDs within Valorant. After scouring different forums, with no clear answer, we found it. After we got it to work, it seemed obvious in retrospect but I think lots of new players will experience some difficulty and that is why we decided to write a quick guide on how to find your Riot ID in Valorant and add your friends.

How to find your Riot ID to share with your friends? 

  • Launch Valorant
  • On the right hand side of the social menu, you will see your name
  • With your mouse pointer, hover over your name, not your status or profile pic but your name
  • You will see a popup appear containing your Riot ID, and example will be Example #EUW
[Image Credit: Riot Games]

How to see what region you are signed in with?

It is important to be in the same region as your friends if you want to play together. Follow these simple steps to see if you are in the right region. There are multiple players with more than one Riot account so make sure you are signed in with the correct one.

  • Launch Valorant
  • Click on the Valorant menu expander in the top left corner
  • Navigate to the about page
  • Navigate to the game shard tab
  • There you will see which region you are signed in on

How to add your friends in Valorant using the Riot ID

Once you and your friends finally know what your Riot IDs are, it is time to punch them into the system.

  • Launch Valorant
  • On the right hand side of the social menu click on the add friend icon
  • You will be presented with two inputs, Riot ID and Tagline refer to figure 1
  • The Riot ID input requires only your name, for example if my Riot ID was “Example#EUW“, I would input “Example” as the Riot ID refer to figure 2
  • On the Tagline input box, insert anything after the # of your Riot ID, in my case it would be “EUWrefer to figure 2
figure 1 [Image Credit: Riot Games]
figure 2 [Image Credit: Riot Games]

There you have it, hope this helped to clear up some confusion around finding your Riot ID and adding your friends.