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How to get into the KIBA store on Interchange

The KIBA Store is a high tier loot room with a large risk/reward factor, and you need a couple of things before you gain access to this room. This guide will show you what you need to enter the KIBA store on the Interchange map.

Find the first KIBA key

This key is like most keys in Escape from Tarkov, it has a random drop chance from looting pockets. When we last checked the KIBA store 1 key goes for around 550k Roubles on the Flea Market, which isn’t that bad. Alternatively, if you have Therapist maxed out you can trade in 10x Oats boxes and 60x condensed milk cans. In the current market, buying condensed milk will turn out more expensive than just buying the key.

Find the second KIBA key

Now that you have the first key, you probably thought to yourself, loot here we come! Hate to break it to you, but you will need a second key to open the grated door behind the door which is opened by the first key. This key is arguably more difficult to get because you will need to complete Mechanic’s Gunsmith part 12 quest. We found a useful guide on how to complete Gunsmith part 12 on Piranha’s channel

How do you power the KIBA door on Interchange?

Now that you have both KIBA store keys, there is one more thing that will prevent you from opening the store. The doors need power to open. On the outskirts of the Interchange map you will find a power station. Head inside this power station and flip the switch that will power the mall. The switch is located just before you head into the small office in the power station. As far as we can tell, the power cannot be turned off once you have flipped the switch, so no need to worry about a troll turning it off just before you reach the store.

Where is the KIBA store located?

Now that you have restored power to the mall, you can make your way to the KIBA store. The KIBA store is in the centre of the mall. It works the best if you look for the Mantis shop because it has pretty bright signage compared to the KIBA store. Once you have found the Mantis, the KIBA store is located just across from it, with what looks like bullet-proof windows.

How do you turn off the alarm?

Because you powered up the mall, it is no surprise that the alarms have power. As soon as you open the first door of the KIBA store, you will be greeted with a screeching alarm that will let everyone in the mall know that someone is entering the KIBA store. This is especially problematic because the KIBA store only has one entrance and exit so players can easily wait for you to finish looting and simply camp the door. There is some good news though, you can turn off the alarm. We recommend that you switch off the alarm for the KIBA store before unlocking the store.

Let’s start navigating from the KIBA store to the alarm room

Step 1

Facing away from the KIBA door, turn right and at the corner right again.

Step 2

Head straight through the tented area.

Step 3

Continue moving forward, on your right there will be a long aisle of cashiers, follow the aisle of cashiers down to the double doors.

Step 4

Once you enter the double doors, follow the hallway until you see a door to your left. Enter through that door.

Step 5

Once you entered the room, you will see a room to your right, this is the control room where you can turn off the KIBA store alarm on Interchange.

Step 6

Head over to the control panel and turn off the alarm.

Once the alarm has been deactivated you can safely go and open the KIBA store without letting the whole map know that you are about to enter a high loot room. We hope this guide helps you to successfully get in and out of the KIBA store safely.