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How to get into the Niwa Resort in Medium

Shortly after you say goodbye to Jack at the funeral home, you receive a mysterious phone call requesting you to visit the abandoned Niwa Resort. After completing a short puzzle to get into the grounds of the resort, you are posed with another challenge, getting into the actual Niwa Resort building. Depending on your luck when choosing a direction to explore, it can take a while to get into the building. In this short guide we will help you get into the Niwa Resort in Medium and hasten your journey to embrace the fear. 

How to get into the Niwa Resort in Medium – the quick answer:

  1. Move to the middle of the big parking lot in front of the entrance;
  2. While facing the resort, head to your left;
  3. Move through the parking lot until you see a broken old car;
  4. Approach the car and pop the trunk from the inside using the handle;
  5. Take the screwdriver from the trunk;
  6. Head to the entrance of the resort and use the screwdriver on the doors to right of the main entrance;
  7. Enter this room and push the garbage dumpster until it is lodged against the main entrance;
  8. Climb onto the dumpster and then onto the roof. Enter the Niwa Resort through the broken window.

How to get into the Niwa Resort in Medium – the detailed answer:

When you arrive at the entrance to the resort, you will notice that both the main and side doors are locked. You will further notice that the small window above the main entrance is broken. Taking a peek through the windows of the side doors will reveal a dumpster which you will need to reach the broken window.

The side doors need a handle of some sort, and you find this in the parking lot. Walk back to the wide open parking lot and as you face the resort head to your left. It takes a while as you walk at a snail’s pace, but you will eventually see a broken and rusted old car (in my screenshot I already popped the trunk).

Approach the car and reach inside to open the trunk. You accomplish this by pulling the lever inside the vehicle (see the photo below). Inside the trunk will be a bunch of rubbish and a screwdriver which you can use to open the side doors to the Niwa Resort.

Head back to the entrance of the Niwa Resort and use the screwdriver on the missing door handle. This will allow you to open the doors and gain access to the dumpster. Move to the dumpster and interact with it to push it through the doors you just opened. Keep pushing until you can’t push anymore and the dumpster is lodged against the building next to the main entrance of the Niwa Resort.

All the hard work is done at this point and you simply hop onto the dumpster and onto the roof and a cutscene will take you through the broken window and into the building.

We hope this short guide helped you get into the Niwa Resort. You can now start to experience some of the wonderfully horrific experiences that Medium offers.