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How to get red dye in Wasteland 3

A few hours into the superb Wasteland 3, you are required to help a dye merchant make some red (blood-like) paint in order to enter the trading hub of the post-apocalypse, the Bizarre. No, that is not a typo, bazaars are for civilised pre-apocalypse people, the Bizarre is where you trade when humanity is at wit’s end. In this short guide, we will help you make the red dye you need to enter the Bizarre in Wasteland 3.

For those that prefer the short version, follow this recipe to make the red dye you need to enter the Bizarre in Wasteland 3.

Approach the alchemy station and add the following ingredients at each step:

  • Carbon 18
  • Hydrogen 14
  • Nitrogen 2
  • Sodium 2
  • Oxygen 8
  • Sulfide 2

For those who want to complete all the steps themselves to make the red dye in Wasteland 3, here is the longer version.

The first step in acquiring the formula or recipe for the red dye is a small little side-quest in Colorado Springs. After you complete the initial quests in the game such as the Garden of the God’s section, you will be notified via your radio that the landlady of the Sans Luxe apartments needs some help with a troublesome tenant. Make your way over to this location on the map (check screenshot below) in Downtown Colorado and speak to the landlady. The room you are looking for is at the end of the long hallway, behind a door with a 5 lockpick difficulty. This early in the game it is unlikely that you will have 5 lockpicking unless you focus on the skill. 

Wasteland 3 Sans Luxe Apartments

Luckily this isn’t an issue, and you can just smash the door and gain entry. Inside you will have to fight some tough robotic foes, so heal up before you kick the door down. A tip: keep your party stationed outside the room and lure the enemies through a tripwire on the floor just inside their room. The extra damage helps a lot in this battle. You can also try to detonate a barrel inside the room to damage them, but you will have to contend with a mounted turret if you fight inside.

Wasteland 3 Red dye recipe

Once you are victorious, loot everything in the room (hold down the left “Shift” button on your keyboard to see all the lootable objects) and in one of the containers, you will find a book on mixing paint for clown parties. Go inside your inventory and read the book, inside you will find the formula for the red paint. Write it down, or take a screenshot and head to the dye trader outside the Bizarre.

Wasteland 3 Red dye book

Interact with her and hear her story about the red dye they require her to produce to gain entry into the Bizarre. If you have some points into Weird Science, you can complete the formula, but we are assuming you don’t have the points. After chatting with the dye trader, head over to her chemical mixing table to create the red dye. You will be presented with a range of options you can add to the mix, follow the recipe in the book you found earlier, and bam, you will have created a red dye with a blood-like hue and gain entry into the Bizarre.

Hopefully, we helped you answer your question about how to create red dye in Wasteland 3. You can now explore one of the best environments the game has to offer. Say hi to Vlad, I mean Flab for us!