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How to make money in Craftopia

In Craftopia you will need money to progress through the ages and while we do not yet know what the upcoming content updates hold, we would rather have enough money in the bank to make any future purchases with ease. In this guide we will show you how to make money in Craftopia

Craftopia Cooking pot
Do you even cook bro?

Let’s start off with what you can do with money in Craftopia:

The main thing money is used for in Craftopia is to progress through the ages until you hit the cap at the Industrial age for the early access version. We will have to wait for content updates to explore the other ages in Craftopia. The other important thing that involves money is repairing your items and resetting your skills. While you won’t need enormous amounts of money, having a bit of money is necessary to repair your favourite weapons and tools. When it comes to resetting your skills, we thought it would be a small amount, turns out that it costs 100k to reset your skills, so choose those skills wisely.

What do you need to make money in Craftopia?

You will need to construct a market, and here is how the market works in Craftopia. Every 10 minutes an invisible merchant will collect the items you have placed on the market. You can see each item’s value once you have placed it into the market’s open slots. The market has a maximum of eight selling slots. If you need to make more money, build another market.

In Craftopia, you can sell almost anything, so we did some research to see what items have the most value-to-effort ratio. Here is a list of the items that have a high selling value in Craftopia. For us, the most lucrative avenue for making money was cooking.  

What you’ll need to get started with cooking:

Craft a Cooking pot (not the massive one)

  • 6 Stone
  • 6 Charcoal

Which foods sell well in Craftopia?

Fried Chicken

Craftopia Fried Chicken

  • 1x Any meat (We know it’s called fried chicken, but any meat will do)
  • 2x Cooking Oil
  • Value: 1279

Cactus Salad

Craftopia Cactus Salad

  • 1 Cactus – You can get cactus by travelling to a desert or lava world.
  • 1 Vinegar
  • 1 Cooking Oil
  • Value:1201

Whole Roast

Craftopia Roast

  • 10 Animal Flesh
  • 1 Pepper
  • Value: 1747


Craftopia Steak

  • 1 Animal Flesh
  • 1 Salt
  • 1 Pepper
  • 1 Cooking oil
  • Value: 1030

You will notice that most of these recipes all require either pepper, salt or vinegar. Where do you find pepper, salt or vinegar in Craftopia? There are two ways to gather these resources. The first would be to scour the island that you inhabit and break any boxes and jars that are lying around or washed up on shore. The second, more reliable option is to enter any dungeon. If you enter a low level dungeon on a low level island, it is even easier to collect these resources. When you have entered the dungeon, you will find jars and boxes which will drop these resources once you break them.

You could also sell the Vinegar (360) and Cooking Oil (360) separately if you are not in the mood for cooking.

Here is a list of other miscellaneous items that are easy to acquire and sell for decent money.

Miscellaneous selling items

  • Sheep wool – 500
  • Fangs – 300
  • Talon – 300
  • Luxury Fillet – 1000

We did not list ore as one of the major ways of making money yet because the amount of crafting you do in Craftopia is high and you need lots of ore.

While we are sure there are many other items to sell, we found gathering and selling these to be the best use of our time. We did however find it rather disappointing that the selling value of bioethanol was so low because we have automated our wheat farms to mass produce bioethanol. If you’d like to see how you can automate your wheat fields, check out our guide here. We hope this guide helps you make tons of money in Craftopia.