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How to make money in Hydroneer

Hydroneer puts you in the shoes of a miner looking to make some serious cash and find his home in this beautiful world created by Max, the solo developer from Foulball Hangover studios. 

If you just started playing Hydroneer, don’t worry there is a tutorial video on YouTube showing you the basics of the game. You’ll start off with a shovel, a pan, a bucket and a brush. You will put these basic tools to use and start building up your wealth. As you slave away using these primitive starting tools, you will soon realise the need for making more money in less time.

Why do you need money?

There are multiple shops in this tranquil mining world and you’ll need money to purchase items to help build your mining empire. You can buy items that include construction items to build your factory to items that help with building an automated mining facility.

How quickly can you make money?

The answer is always not quick enough, but in Hydroneer you’ll start off slow and the rate at which you earn money will gradually increase if you tweak your mining process along the way. Luckily we found a way that really sped up the time it takes to make money in Hydroneer.

Our money making process in Hydroneer

It’s crucial for your time/value ratio that you get your hands on the improved shovel as soon as possible. The improved shovel only requires two scoops to fill the bucket compared to four scoops from the normal shovel. This saves you lots of time during the early stages of building up wealth. The quicker you can get to the items you need, the better. To replicate our way of really making money quickly, you will need the following to get started:

What you’ll need:

  • Pickaxe
  • 1143 Coins
  • Pipes
  • Blacksmithing Hammer
  • Bucket
  • Shovel
  • Brush
  • Small Furnace
  • Casting Mold
  • Crucible
  • Anvil
  • Grinding Wheel

How to start the process

Buy a pickaxe, a pickaxe is used to excavate and shape your mining area. Dig a neat(ish) hole into the ground, preferably close to a water source, thank me later. Keep picking away until you reach the bottom where you cannot go any deeper. Once you hit rock bottom, you can shovel the walls of the cave which will have a higher chance to yield larger pieces of ore. The deeper you go, the more valuable the resources.

How to make Money in Hydroneer
Create your mine next to water source

You need water in your mine

Ok, so now that you have a nice deep mine, the next step is to get water all the way down into the mine. The closer you are to the water, the fewer pipes you will need to use. You get the water down into your mine by buying and placing pipes all the way to the bottom. Remember to buy one pipe fitting with a valve to stop the water should the noise become unbearable. 

Dig in and reap the rewards

The next steps are easy. Get your pan and place it right under the dripping water, it will constantly fill with water. Take your shovel and put one unit of dirt gathered from the inside of your mine, into the water-filled bucket. Scrub the pan until you find ore. Rinse and repeat. You can see in this screenshot what just a couple of minutes of this brought me.

How to make Money in Hydroneer
A taste of wealth

You will see your ore pile up pretty quickly and once that happens, you have two options. Both options will make you money, but you can decide which one works best. 

Option 1 would be to put all the raw ore into your pan, yes you can fit all the ore into one pan. Take your ore-filled pan to the nearest Jeweler and sell it. This is the quick and nasty way to make money.

How to make Money in Hydroneer
Raw gold ore

Option 2 is the best way to make loads of money. Once you have, let’s say 20-30 pieces of gold or iron ore lying around, go get your crucible. Put every single piece of gold or iron into the crucible. Head to your small furnace with the ore-filled crucible, and place it in the fire. Once the ore has melted, pour the melted ore into your casting mold, you will now have one massive gold bar or iron ingot that is worth a lot because it was made of 20 large pieces of gold or iron depending which you chose.

Gold ingot Hydroneer
Massive gold ingot

To make this even more profitable, take any of the gems you found during your time spent digging, refine the gem at the grinding wheel, now you can combine one gold bar and your cut gem to craft jewelry at an anvil. The final tip is to sell the jewelry on the stock market and not directly to the jeweler. My biggest yield for a necklace was C7258!


What is the difference in price between raw ore and ingots?

While mining and selling we identified that ingots are worth about 20% more than raw ore. So if you don’t want to craft jewelry and rather want to sell your raw ore, keep in mind you will make less money.

How to make Money in Hydroneer
Off to sell all my gold ingots


We found that it was well worth our time to create jewelry, rather than selling ingots or raw ore. We can suggest you use this setup to fund any development you might do on different areas of the map. It’s good to have a fallback way where you can easily make a quick buck. We hope this guide helps you make more money and maximize your mining efforts.

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