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How to maximize your scav run on the Escape From Tarkov Customs map

Minimize risk, maximize loot

All of us playing Tarkov love making money and all of us playing Tarkov know how quickly you lose that money. When starting with the game you will get to spend a lot of time on the Escape From Tarkov Customs map. Some days you will find yourself in a position where you have limited success with your PMC runs. Therefore, it is important to maximize your scav runs. In this guide I share some tips on how and where you can find good loot and get out alive.

As the round starts, be sure to check the time you spawned in you can do this by pressing “O” twice. Its always good to know how much time you have to do your scav run. This will help you determine whether PMC players already started fighting and pushed through the map.

Reshala, a scav boss with bodyguards, has a chance to spawn when playing Customs. His bodyguards are dangerous and equipped with top to mid-tier gear. Seeing that you spawned in as a scav and assuming you have not yet gone ballistic and attacked other scavs they should view as one of their own. I don’t trust scavs because players can mimic scav behaviour and crush the little trust you had left. They only spawn at two locations, the three story dorm building and at the gas station. If you find yourself in the lucky position of being in an instance where Reshala spawned be sure to check the area around him for dead PMC’s.  If Reshala and his boys lost the fight, be sure to check the area for their loot!

Escape From Tarkov Gas Station on Customs map
Gas station Customs, Image credit: Battlestate Games
Escape From Tarkov Three story dorms building
Three story dorms, Image credit: Battlestate Games

Hidden Stashes

If dorms and gas station proves to be dry on loot and Reshala was too afraid to spawn, the safest bet would be to check the hidden stashes around the Customs play area. These hidden stashes are always on the same spot and they have a high chance for loot. Here are a few of the stashes with convenient spawns.

Stash 1

Factory far corner, close to PMC extraction ZB1011. I would suggest that you lie down in the bush while looting this one as standing up will leave you in a position where someone can land an easy headshot on you.

Factory Far corner hidden stash
Factory far corner, Image credit: Battlestate Games

Stash 2

This barrel also spawns close the ZB1011 extraction. There is a warehouse, also referred to as “smokestack” with an open door facing this stash. It’s not a bad idea to clear out the warehouse first before you attempt to loot this stash. Because this stash is so close to an extraction for PMC’s, someone might sneak about inside the warehouse. 

Hidden stash near smokestack warehouse
Hidden stash near smokestack warehouse, Image credit: Battlestate Games

Stash 3

The Admin gate stash. This is by far the scariest one of the three stashes mentioned to loot. It’s in the open and there are multiple dangerous angles, which makes you an open target with limited cover when looting this stash. I always try to clear the immediate area, run, lie down and loot, then make my way back to safety.

Admin gate hidden stash
Admin Gate stash, Image credit: Battlestate Games

This is not the only way to maximize your scav run, however I have found this to be efficient. Tarkov is unpredictable, and therefore you might find other valuable loot along the way. I would suggest you get familiar with your scav extraction zones. You can better plan your loot route if you know where you have to extract. When times are tough and I am on the verge of crippling debt, these scav runs have saved my ass multiple times. Here are some examples of the loot you can expect from these hidden caches.

Escape From Tarkov Loot Inventory Customs Stash
Stash 1
Escape From Tarkov Loot Inventory Customs Stash
Stash 2

Items in these examples that are highly valuable would be the electric motor, water filter and thermostat. You can easily sell these to the traders or you could try your hand at the black market. These three items alone would sell for approximately 145k Roubles. Roubles is one currency used in Escape From Tarkov. You can use the money you made from this scav run to create a budget kit for your next PMC run.

You probably have an injured PMC back home in your hideout after your last run. When doing your scav run on Customs, you know it will be a longer match compared to dropping into Factory with your scav. This has financial benefits because it gives your PMC time to heal in the hideout. As a result, you will save some Roubles because you don’t have to buy medical supplies.

If you engage in combat, remember there is always one more enemy. May your enemies be inaccurate and your loot plenty.