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How to not get kicked out of a dungeon in WoW

I will start off by saying I have been playing World of Warcraft since the Cataclysm expansion in 2012, and one thing I have always loved was dungeons. I have played as a  tank, dps and healer, and healing is where my heart is. If you don’t worry too much about the game’s campaign, dungeons are a great way for you to level, learn your class and meet other players.

For new players, a dungeon is an instance where 5 players, 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 dps characters work together to eliminate all the bosses in that instance. 

Now this all sounds amazing, but more often than not, players can be inpatient and just plain toxic, and in this guide we do our best to help you navigate your way through the noise and have a blast.

I got kicked out of a dungeon in World of Warcraft without reason? There probably was a reason, but unfortunately people just kicked you without letting you know what you did wrong. Do not despair when you get kicked out of a dungeon though, see it as a chance to improve.

Here is a list of things we have identified that will certainly decrease your chance to get kicked out of a dungeon in World of Warcraft,

Don’t Ninja pull

When you enter a dungeon for the first time, it will be no surprise that everything will be new to you. You will soon notice that the players will skip certain areas and even bosses to complete the dungeon quicker. Our advice here is to stay on the tank at all times. What do we mean when we say do not ninja pull? What we mean by do not ninja pull is, as you take shortcuts, it is extremely easy to aggravate enemies if you walk past them, so try to avoid that because the entire purpose of the shortcut is to save time. The problem with ninja pulling is that your team won’t be prepared to deal with a ninja pull and can sometimes wipe the entire group out. If you are the tank, we advise you play the dungeon as dps spec first to learn the shortcuts.

Don’t start fights if you’re not the tank

When you and your team are facing a boss, ready to engage, please wait for the tank to start the fight. When the tank starts the fight, he will keep the aggro of the boss better and the healer won’t have to freak out trying to heal a dps character that’s not supposed to tank a boss.

Don’t be afk without warning

This is just a rule: plan your time before entering a dungeon. Sure, life happens but try to set around 30-60mins aside for a dungeon. If you do plan on being afk during the instance, please let your teammates know by either engaging with them in the party chat /p or in the instance chat /i.

Come prepared

Before entering a dungeon ensure that you have repaired your equipment because nothing is worse than you suddenly noticing that you are doing absolutely no damage, and it won’t be long before someone in your party notices. Your equipment has durability, and the durability decreases when you die and fight in World of Warcraft. The problem with heading into a dungeon with broken equipment is that you will have to either summon the mammoth mount with a smithy on, ask someone to summon one, or teleport out of the dungeon and look for a place where you can repair your equipment. All of this arguably wastes the party’s time, and this might cause you to get kicked from the dungeon.

Know the dungeon

Every dungeon has different bosses, each with their own strategy that needs to be executed by your party to complete the dungeon. You might wonder, where can I get information that will teach or inform me how to handle the different bosses in World of Warcraft? Luckily there is a thing called the adventure guide, you can open the adventure guide by pressing shift+j. Navigate to the dungeon you are busy with, preferably do this before heading into the dungeon. The adventure guide gives you detail of what you should do in every fight, and it even provides strategies for tank, healer and dps players on each boss.

Don’t be a douche

This is a good tip in general. Seek to understand before jumping on the bandwagon of trash talk. At the end of the day you are still playing with other people and a little decency goes a long way. You might just  meet some of your future guild mates in a dungeon!

We hope this list helps you not only to get kicked out of dungeons less, but we hope it improves your overall World of Warcraft experience.