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How to play Sage on the Ascent map in bronze league

Sage is a Sentinel and Sentinels are defensive experts who can lock areas and watch flanks, both on attacker and defender rounds.

In this guide I will show you what tactics and play styles worked well on the Bind map to progress through the bronze ranking. These tips are by no means the only way to play Sage on Ascent, these are the tips we have found useful on our journey.

How can you support your carry as Sage in Valorant?

I have been playing with the Marshal sniper, it’s cheap and if you can land headshots, it really boosts your econ rating. My first aim would be to build up some credits to buy our carry a gun they are comfortable with on those rounds where we are struggling to break through. If you are comfortable playing with a cheaper gun and getting kills that way, doing so is a tremendous help for the team.

When playing Sage, don’t play like you are the carry in the team, I usually stay close to players to support them by either joining in the gun fight or healing them when they are in trouble. When you choose to rush out into the open and get killed, your team is left with no healer.

Playing Sage on attack A

When playing in the bronze ranks, communication is spotty at best, rather than going on your own mission and thinking you will kill their whole team, stick with your team. 

Slow Orb on attack A

If your team pushes A Main, throw Slow Orbs onto A Rafters to slow their long range defenders. If your team pushes A through Mid, throw a Slow orb on either A Rafters if you get an angle or A Garden to slow the push from the defenders rotating from B.

Ice Wall on attack A

If you get to the bomb site, use your Ice Wall to block off A Rafters, forcing the defenders rotating from B to look for a different way to the bomb site. Once you have planted, you can either Wall off A Main or A Rafters with your Ice Wall. 


Play Sage on attack B

Slow Orb when attacking on B

If your team is aggressive and pushes right through B Main, you can provide support by throwing a Slow Orb inside Mid Market, slowing the rotation of the A defenders. If you took too long to rush B, throw a Slow Orb at the back of B, slowing down their rotation from A.


Ice Wall when attacking on B

Another great way to secure a spike plant is to place an Ice Wall to block vision from Mid Market, enabling your team to quickly pass through and secure the B site. If your team did not need the Ice Wall to get onto the site, use your Ice Wall to block off one angle when they come rushing towards the site.


Playing Sage on defense A

Depending on the gun you chose, you will either be on A Rafters when you have a weapon with more range or more towards the A Main if you have a short-range weapon. 

Slow Orb defense A

When the enemy team has a more aggressive play style and likes to push through A Main your best bet is to throw a Slow Orb on A Main, slowing down their push and giving your teammates time to rotate. If they decide to push A from both Mid and Main, close the door that goes to A Link and once they break it, throw a Slow Orb in there.


Ice Wall defense A

To stop their push you can follow up your Slow Orbs with an Ice Wall that you will place at the entrance of A Main. If you take a stance in A Rafters, getting the Ice Wall up in time is tricky, rather get a close range weapon and get close to the entrance of A Main. If they are pushing from Mid and Main it will be worth your while to close the door at A Tree and place an Ice Wall to force them elsewhere.

Playing Sage on defense B

If you are an excellent shot, you can stay all the way to the back and wait for the enemy team to push into B Main. When staying all the way back, you can also provide healing support for your team members that might engage first.

Slow Orb on B defense

Slowing B Main is a sure way to prevent an aggressive push. You can either throw the Slow Orb through the little windows or straight through the main entrance. Luckily Sage can throw the Slow Orbs quite far so you can still hang back to provide support. If the enemy pushes B from both Mid and Main, you can also slow down their attack by throwing a Slow Orb into Mid Market.

Ice Wall on B defense

To stop the push from B Main, move closer and place your Ice Wall in front of the B Main entrance. Don’t run straight to the door and place your Ice Wall, the enemy might peak around and shoot you while the animation for the Ice Wall is still going. Rather hug the wall, rotate your Ice Wall and place it down safely.

How to use your resurrection skill with Sage?

Sage can revive a fallen ally during combat. This is especially useful to even out the odds if you lose too many team members. It is important that you ensure the fallen ally’s location is safe because if you revive them while the enemy is still holding their position, they will get shot again. Creating an Ice Wall to block off enemy shots and then reviving your ally, is the correct way to ensure your ally can return to the fight.

These are just a few ways you can play Sage to help your team scoop up another victory. Good luck in ranking up!