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How to unlock agents in Valorant

As you become familiar with Valorant, playing the same agent can become boring and switching between the different agents keeps things fresh. You could always head over to the practice range where you can select any agent to try them out, but we would rather test new characters in battle than on the range. The problem is that the majority of agents are locked, leaving you only two or three to choose from.

You might ask yourself, how do I unlock agents in Valorant? At first, we thought you have to open your wallet and cough up some cash. Turns out it is much easier than that, you can unlock agents in Valorant by simply playing the game and activating the contracts of the agents you want to unlock 

Follow these two easy steps to unlock agents in Valorant.

Step 1. Activate the contract

Every agent has a contract. A contract in Valorant is a series of unlockable content for every agent. You unlock the content when you gain experience by playing the game.

Once you have selected the agent you want to unlock, click on “Activate Contract”. Your chosen agent’s contract will now be active. Even if the agent remains locked, you can still complete the locked agent’s contract.It is  important to note that you can only have one contract active at any given time. 

Valorant unlock agents
Step 1, Activate the contract [Image Credit: Riot Games]

Step 2. Reach Level 5

It is rather hidden, but the content that you unlock when reaching level 5 with your agent contract, is the actual agent! To speed this process along, look at your daily mission, when you complete these they give huge chunks of experience that will help you complete the contract you have active.

Valorant unlock agents
Step 2, reach level 5 [Image Credit: Riot Games]