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Is Shotgun play viable in Escape From Tarkov?

Do you want to build a shotgun?

Escape From Tarkov offers a huge array of weapons to choose from, including multiple shotguns. First off, I have never really been a huge fan of playing with a shotgun in multiplayer shooters. I always felt that if I wanted to get up close and personal I would rather opt for an SMG. However, the shotguns in Escape From Tarkov are an exception. Shotguns are actually fantastic weapons to use and might surprise you with their effectiveness. Not to mention how badass you feel when you roll out with a silenced shotgun. To help you get to grips with the shotguns in Escape From Tarkov, here is a quick guide on how and where to build the shotgun.

Shotgun Escape From TarkovMP-153 Shotgun Jaeger level 1/2 28590 Roubles
Sprut Escape From TarkovDelta-tek Sprut mount for pump-action shotguns Flea market 2500 Roubles
Laser pointer Escape From TarkovNcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-Module X 3 Skier level 1 5314 Roubles X 3
Muzzle Escape From TarkovME Cylinder muzzle adapter 12 ga Jaeger level 2 2193 Roubles
Rail Escape From TarkovKiba Arms International SPRM mount for pump-action shotguns Jaeger level 2 3351 Roubles
Scope Escape From TarkovBelomo PK-06 Reflex sight Jaeger level 2 16541 Roubles
Shotgun magazine Escape From Tarkov8-shell MP-133×8 12ga Magazine Jaeger level 2 2341 Roubles
Shotgun suppressor Escape From TarkovHexagon 12k sound suppressor Jaeger level 2 23960 Roubles
95418 Roubles

It is beneficial to have Jaeger at level 2 but you can always turn to the flea market to get most of the items. If you decide to go with the flea market prices might differ. The total amount of Roubles needed to build  the gun might scare you but unfortunately you have to spend money to make money. Get rid of that gear fear soldier!

But which ammo should you use?

There really are only two ammo options when playing with  shotguns. It’s going to be either the Flechette or AP-20 slugs. Pestily made a nice breakdown of how well these ammo types held up against different tiers of armor.

AP20 Escape From TarkovAP-20 are exponentially more expensive than the Flechette rounds and they are almost always sold out from Jaeger. They go for 500-550 Roubles per slug on the flea market. They pack a massive 165 damage punch with a 32 penetration value.
Flechette round Escape From TarkovFlechette rounds will cost you 104 Roubles per slug, inflicting 19 damage with a 28 penetration value. If you are strapped for cash this is not a bad choice at all.

Take your new shotty for a spin

If you have a shooting range in your hideout, it is a great place to test out the feel of a gun before you head into a raid. Get used to the feel and the recoil of your gun so you don’t have to worry about that when engaging in player combat. Missing one shot could mean the end of a run.

Hideout shooting range
Hideout shooting range Escape From Tarkov, Image Credit: Battlestate Games

Whenever you face an enemy, assume it takes 3-5 shots to kill him. Because the gun kicks quite a bit, you don’t want to wait for your recoil to stabilize and then be killed. Rather sink a couple of slugs into them first, when the dust settles claim your loot!

I discovered how awesome shotguns are when I was forced to play with the shotgun on the Shoreline map by Peacekeeper. He wanted me to get seven scav headshots with a shotgun. I figured, let’s put a silencer on this bad boy while we’re at it. By doing that I even scared off a high level player when shooting in his direction. Normally I would have engaged this player but I was focused on getting the mission done so I tried to minimize player encounters. I used the AP-20 rounds because it fires off only one slug and has the bonus of players not knowing it’s a shotgun when they hear the sound. The noise from a silenced shotgun intimidates players and scavs alike.

Even if you don’t have to do the quest with the shotgun I recommend you take this gun into Customs, it makes for a great medium to short range weapon. I have had some great success with it in the dorms area, killing off multiple players and even Reshala!

I have yet to try out the Saiga with a similar setup, but I plan on putting it together soon. Let us know in the comments if you had a similar experience with your shotgun.