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Is the Toaster Repair skill in Wasteland 3 worth taking?

For those new to the series you may wonder, how the hell is repairing toasters going to help me beat the harsh realities of Colorado in Wasteland 3? We are here to answer this question and give you some insight into whether you should invest in the Toaster Repair skill in Wasteland 3.

Is the Toaster Repair skill in Wasteland 3 worth taking – the short answer

Yes, it is. You will gain access to certain perks that greatly increase your fire damage, you recruit one of the coolest companions in the game, and you will receive one of the most badass sets of armor currently available in Wasteland 3. 

If you want to learn more about our reasons in our short answer, keep reading.

Is the Toaster Repair skill in Wasteland 3 worth taking – the longer answer

There are a few reasons why the Toaster Repair skill is worth taking in Wasteland 3, and we will shortly discuss the most important ones, and also one reason why it’s not worth it.

1. Extra fire damage

If you plan to have a pyro-type character in your squad, Toaster Repair gives you access to some of the strongest perks for fire damage. With 7 points invested you gain a flat 25% boost to all fire damage and with 10 (the maximum) skill points invested, you have a 100% to inflict burning on any attack that follows a kill. If you plan a flamethrower-wielding maniac in your team for Wasteland 3 (which isn’t a bad idea), Toaster Repair can make you 25% more scary.

2. The golden toaster companion

Throughout Wasteland 3, you will find parts in repaired toasters that will eventually be used to assemble the Golden Toaster. Once you have found all the parts for the toaster you unlock a special location on the map named the ‘Toaster Repair Academy’. You can find the 5 toasters with the parts for the Golden Toaster in the following locations:

  • Blackmoor Heights – the Wesson Estate
  • Knox Bison Ranch – in the central building
  • Hoon Family Ranch – In the main house
  • Aspen – Welcome Lodge
  • Paint Mines – in a passage to the left of the area
  • Aspen – in the locked vault you will find the Golden Hammer, not in a toaster but in a display case.

The academy is structured like a small chapel and in the front you will see a toaster altar that you can interact with. Interact with the altar to gain one of the most epic companions in Wasteland 3, the Golden Toaster. The Golden Toaster counts as a special companion, so you can still have 6 party members and your animal companions. 

The Golden Toaster is decent in combat and very tough. It shoots beams of burning toast toward enemies and inflicts fire damage and sometimes a burning effect if you are lucky. It also has a substantial range, so you can be sure combat will be exciting with this special companion by your side. 

3. The Verchitin armor set

Hidden inside the Toaster Repair Academy in Wasteland 3, you will find a complete set of Verchitin armor. This is one of the best armor sets in the game, and although it has a high strength requirement, it is well worth the investment. Apart from being good, the Verchitin armor also looks amazing. I gave my brawler the set and with a few mods installed he was extremely tanky. 

wasteland 3 toaster repair verchitin armor
There is no denying, this armor looks insane.

4. Toaster loot ain’t great

We gave you three important reasons why the Toaster Repair skill in Wasteland 3 is worth taking, but there is one reason that makes it a bit less important to take. That reason is loot. There aren’t a lot of toasters in the game so you would think dedicating an entire skill to just these few toasters would be more valuable loot-wise. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and loot you gain from the toasters are woeful, obviously apart from those you get in the Toaster Repair Academy. So if your primary motivation to take the skill is because you are afraid you will lose out on copious amounts of loot, rest assured that you won’t be losing out apart from the very final reward.

We hope this Wasteland 3 Toaster Repair guide helps you decide if you are going to invest in the skill either to min/max a fire build or to gain access to the companion and Verchitin armor set. Good luck out there, ranger.